004: The Power Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

Power of mini habits

In the very first interview for The Get Busy Living podcast, I have a topic that will help many of you in 2014.

I have Stephen Guise who writes at Deep Existence and is now author of Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

I love Stephen’s story because he’s a regular guy who’s struggled so long to form positive habits. One of his big one was exercise. For many years, he’d be motivated to exercise consistently, and always failed.

Frustrated by his failure, he accidentally stared his first mini habit by just doing one push-up. Just one push-up a day! How simple is that? He figured he could not fail by setting a goal of one push-up a day.

From this tiny beginning, he’s now consistently exercise. It’s a part of him. He doesn’t have to wait to be in the mood, or find motivation to go.

He’s also done this with other areas in life like writing. His mini-habit helped him write his first book.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why motivation is a horrible strategy.
  • How one pushup a day turned into a regular habit exercise.
  • Why willpower is more powerful than motivation.
  • The benefits of mini habits vs one big habit.
  • The reason 21 days does not make a habit.
  • Why stupid small habits is how you should start.
  • How mini habits can overcome your fears.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:


Call to Action!

What is ONE mini-habit you will begin after listening to this episode? Make it as simple as possible. Share in the comments below.

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7 responses to 004: The Power Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

  1. Not sure if this is the same guy who gave a TEDx talk on this, but it’s so much easier to do two push-ups (or whatever) than 100. This idea of doing only two or three and then adding two or three more each time is great. I love it!

    • I believe you’re thinking of BJ Fogg. His method is called Tiny Habits. It’s a similar premise, but there are some key differences. I suggest you keep your target small and he suggests you scale the behavior up for one. The reason I keep it small is because it never holds me back and it guarantees that I’ll form the habit, whereas scaling up runs the risk of outrunning your willpower ability.

      We do share the same view where it matters most—start very small!

      • Thanks for the clarification, but the whole idea is basically the same, as you said: start small!

        Starting small makes the actions more doable, for sure. For some people, this is the only way to do things; in baby steps!

  2. This was an excellent listen. I had thought about breaking stuff down to smaller increments, but admit once I got down to the silly levels, I thought I was being ridiculous. I’m going to give a couple of these a go.

    • I know what you mean about the silly levels. I had to get over that when I realized how well it worked. I like to say we all have a choice—have impressive goals or impressive results. 🙂

  3. Liked the interview. Haven’t been here for a while. Really like what you have done with the place. I also like the logo for the APP academy. Had not seen that before.