011 : Stop Your Limiting Beliefs

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In Oxford, England, 25-year-old medical student Roger Bannister cracks track and field’s most notorious barrier: the four-minute mile. Bannister won the mile race with a time of 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

For years, so many athletes had tried and failed to run a mile in less than four minutes that people made it out to be a physical impossibility. The world record for a mile was 4 minutes and 1.3 seconds, set by Gunder Hagg of Sweden in 1945. Nine years later Roger finally broke it. Within a year, 30 runner ran a mile under four minutes. The year after that 300 did.

What was the difference? The power of beliefs.

Before runners believed it was impossible. They tried and they failed. After it had proven it could be done, hundreds of runners were able to do it. Physically they were the same runner. What changed was their beliefs.

I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now talking with you, if I didn’t believe that I was truly going to turn my life around. I tried many times before, but I always lacked belief that it was possible for me. I just hoped that it was, but hope wasn’t enough.

What was different this time was my unwavering belief that I was going to change. No matter what. I was willing to do what it took. Even when that initial excitement wore off, I was still determined. It was that determination that changed my life and has led me to this point. Even when I felt down and had doubts, belief that I was going to make it, lifted me up and kept me moving forward.

If we are going to be successful in achieving our goals , we have to believe that we are capable of making it happen. we have to believe we’ve got what it takes, and that we are able to pull it off. We have to believe in ourself.

Where do our beliefs come from? Do they come from what we watch on TV? Do they come from the conversations we hear all day long? They can. They can also come from our parents and the people we spend the most time with. If we want to succeed, we have to start to choose our beliefs wisely rather than being a sponge and just soaking up whatever belief comes our way.

What I cover in this episode:
  • What feeling stuck really means
  • What happens when you start off with the mindset of failure
  • The story of Steve Jobs and the first iPod
  • How lifting a car changed a grandmother’s beliefs
  • Four sources where our beliefs come from
  • How to shape our beliefs deliberatly
  • An unbelievable story about not knowing something is impossible

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3 responses to 011 : Stop Your Limiting Beliefs

  1. Awesome episode, Benny! Big fan of all your podcasts and posts! Main take away.. that I struggle with sometimes.. and I know many people do , too… “We have to believe in ourself.” Bingo, my friend. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring!!!!

  2. It is on our mind that gives limits… Think beyond on it and you’ll have what you’ve thought even the impossible one.