012: What To Do With Your Life When You Have No Idea

What to do with your life when you have no idea

You’re ready to change your life. You’re motivated. You’re willing to work so hard to succeed, but there is one problem.

You have no idea what you want to do.

I completely understand. I’ve been in that situation and you’re not alone.

The topic came from a question that I got in an email from a podcast listener. Her question is very common. It’s something I experienced so I know there are others who feel the same way.

She asked me what she should do if she has no idea what to do. She wants to take action, but doesn’t know what to take action towards. She still doesn’t know what she wants, and even what she is good at.

She can’t figure out any action plan. She wants to do something and change the way things are now. She lacks a dream.

It is frustrating to be in a current life situation that you don’t want to be in. You want more and do more but just don’t know what. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job, or you’re unemployed. Either way you want a change. You feel that if you just knew what you wanted to do in life, you’d focus all your attention on it and work so hard at it.

But what is it?

In this episode, I talk about how I overcome the wall of being unable to find out that one thing I was meant to do.

Some topics I cover:

  • Why I felt like I wasted my 20’s
  • The different jobs that I thought I possibly wanted to do
  • When I decided to take massive action and change my life, what the first thing I focused on
  • The five things that I did to help me find my answers
  • and more…


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