013: Life’s Too Short to Settle for Average Love

Get Busy Living podcast 13

We’re going to have a lot of average things in our life, but love shouldn’t be one of them.

Just because we get along with someone so well doesn’t mean they are the best for us. Sometimes true love isn’t simple, but in many ways, it’s always worth it. I know it’s hard to do most times, because when there’s nothing really wrong with our relationship there’s no reason to break up, but there is.

If your heart has been telling you something else for awhile, then maybe it’s time to listen to it.

Because we need to and deserve love that leaves us feeling thankful everyday.

If that’s what you want, don’t settle till you have it.

I’m lucky I found extraordinary love, but it wasn’t easy. To meet my wife, I had to go through tough times and uncertainty. I didn’t just meet my wife and knew immediately I was going to marry her. I wish it was that easy. I had to break someone’s heart first, trust my gut, and then take risks I’ve never taken before.

Hope you enjoy episode 13!


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8 responses to 013: Life’s Too Short to Settle for Average Love

  1. Wow!! This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been in what most would consider
    an unhealthy relationship for almost 10 years. After years of being
    unhappy, I finally found the courage to ends things last summer. You’re
    probably asking why 10 years? There really aren’t any good excuses, but
    there are children involved, so that made my decision a lot more
    difficult itself. And even though I wasn’t truly happy I became
    comfortable with being uncomfortable. I contemplated ending things but
    was ultimately too scared to face the “break-up”, and the emotions and
    feelings and as you stated, the uncertainty. But inside I knew that I
    wasn’t in love with him, and that wasn’t fair to either of us. Recently I
    found myself pondering the idea of working it out for the sake of the kids and because truthfully it’s more convenient, and
    he does have some great qualities. But that’s just not enough. I have
    others who tell me I should work it out, or that the grass isn’t always
    greener on the other side. But I’m no longer willing to go against my
    gut and my heart, or allow fear to dictate my decisions. I truly believe that I’ll find that extraordinary love one day!

    • Thanks for sharing your story! I think you made the right choice going with your gut feeling. I’m sure it’s tougher with kids, but you can still be a great mom without having to be together with someone who isn’t right for you. I hope you find that man of your dreams!

  2. Benny, holy cow dude. I could relate to this episode completely, man! SO awesome to hear the whole run-down and story of how you met your wife!
    I was in a previous relationship that was pretty horrific but I did not see it while I was involved.. finally after being cheated on and left with a broken heart, I was able to see that it was bad… and family and friends had said it all along..

    Anyways, a few weeks later… I met my (now) fiancee.. (wife to be in May!) and have never been happier!!!… So awesome, Benny. Keep the great content and stories coming!!!!!!!!

  3. Learning a lot of things from your love… Keep going and have faith!

  4. Great post! Mediocre love is not worth dedicating one’s life to. So glad you found something extraordinary!