18 Achievers Talk the Power of Goal Setting

Bambi vs Godzilla

Goals might seem big and scary, but they can be beaten.

If you don’t set goals in life, what is the reason?

Is it because you don’t know how, don’t believe in it, or are anti-goals?

We were never taught this in school, so you may not know how. If you don’t believe in it, it’s probably because you’ve tried and failed many times.

Some are anti-goals. Leo Babauta at Zen Habits says he doesn’t set goals anymore. He feels more liberated. He lets his passion guide him.

Is this a growing trend?

Just as there’s countless ways to exercise, and different ways to get to your destination, there’s different ways to live your life. If you don’t want to set goals, that’s up to you. It’s your life.

But I believe you feel stuck or want to achieve more in life, goal setting can benefit you. It’ll give you something to aim for instead of wandering through life. It’ll weed out the not so important goals with the ones that really matter.

I’m a on Team Goal Setting. My 2011 would not be the same if I didn’t have a system to start and finish my goals.

I knew what it had done for me, but I wanted to find other people who are Team Goal Setting. Where could I find them?

I went to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and posted my question. This is what I wrote.

I’m working on a post on the power of goal setting. There seems to be a movement where people don’t believe in goal setting. However, I believe in it and want to find others who have consistently used goal setting to achieve their personal and professional goals. How long have you been using goal setting? Why do you believe goal setting works? What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved because of goal setting? If I use your story, I’ll be happy to mention a link to your business or product if you’d like.

I got nearly 50 replies! Way more than I expected. It took so long to sort though them. I couldn’t list every single answer, so I’m sharing eighteen of them.

I really enjoyed reading what they were able to accomplish. Goal setting has helped people start their own business, become a CEO, author books, quit their corporate jobs, travel, work for Playboy and more.

After reading their stories, it convinced me goal setting is a powerful tool for life.

If you want advice on how to do it properly, learn from those who’ve done it with success.

Let’s get started.

I’ve always set goals, but I’ve been extremely proactive about my goal setting in the last year since starting my new health and wellness business (while still working full time!!). I quickly learned to set my goals, create actionable next steps and look at everything “5 at a time;” My 5 most important Goals for the year, my 5 most important goals for the quarter, my 5 most important goals for the month and my 5 most important goals for the day. It sounds tedious, but by breaking it down and only picking the 5 MOST important things for the year, quarter, month and day has helped my business grow hugely and kept me on track.

Goal setting is important because it gives you an outline for your overall “painted picture.” My first step was to create my painted picture which I learned from Cameron Herold, author of Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less, which is basically the vision of your business. Once you have that, it’s important to set goals to push yourself to reach your painted picture. Goal setting is like a map. Without the map, you can’t get to your end destination.

I started a health and wellness business last summer and it has grown exactly into the business I’ve dreamed it would be. It actually grew faster than I was prepared for, but goal setting will allow me to have my dream job in three short years (the original plan was five) and to leave my corporate job. To me, that’s successful goal setting!

Paula Burton, Founder, Urban Girl Wellness

There is a simple formula for success. You have to decide exactly what it is that you want. You set the goal(s), and write it down, post it up where you’ll see it every day.

Then you make the plan – getting help if/when you need it – write it out. Then you work the plan, staying open to opportunity along the way. Then you have to do what it takes to reach the goal, keeping yourself motivated to be able to persevere through the ups and downs.

It’s simple, but not always easy. And most importantly, realizing that you are already successful as soon as you begin to pursue what it is that you really want. It’s not just the achievement that makes a person a success, it’s in the pursuit of their worthy ideal when the success begins.

Wendy Kay, Life Coach

For the last two years, I’ve sat down at the beginning of each year and set 2-3 goals for that year, as well as one goal to achieve over the next five years. I’ve had huge success with it.

But prior to this, for years I would make a list of many goals or “resolutions” I’d like to achieve. It doesn’t work unless you are focused on just a couple goals and they are truly important to you. If you don’t really care about losing 10 lbs, don’t bother including it.

I keep my goals in an excel spreadsheet and at the end of the year rate my success with each one. I try to revisit them quarterly. Since starting this, I’ve achieved each goal, one of which was a life-long dream of starting my own business. I’m sure that 100% is not sustainable, but I’ll take it for now.

Jordan Linville, Founder of Buzzreferrals.com

There are some important elements in setting goals. Here are a few: You cannot control outcomes-only your choices on productivity and direction. You can set measurable goals. It’s good to identify your brand/direction so you can set appropriate goals and have a target to aim at.

Karen H Whiting, Author and speaker

The reason why some people don’t like goals is that they neglect to have a PURPOSE, which is how you benefit, how you grow and transform and become a better person through the accomplishment.

With a strong purpose, the goal-setting and achieving is fulfilling.

Without purpose, goals can be intimidating. People don’t like to fail. If you don’t set a goal, then you don’t risk failure!

We teach that the only failure is a failure to learn. So, with a purpose, the goal gives you DIRECTION. Goals are very important so that you know where you are going and you also know when you have arrived!

I have accomplished many things from setting goals: writing books, teaching, giving lectures, “breaking in” to the corporate world to bring metaphysics to business people, learning skills such as playing the piano, writing proposals which have been accepted at many conferences.

Without goals, I can do a lot of activity and never get anywhere.

Laurel Clark, President, School of Metaphysics

I attribute a large part of my success to goal setting. The majority of the benefit is in setting high, big, lofty goals for one’s self that seem almost impossible.

If I had not written, lofty goals, I would probably be working in a lab as a chemist instead of having started a successful business selling a product of my own invention or had the opportunity to move back to NC to be closer to my family. That is not to say that being a chemist is at all bad, but I feel I have truly accomplished great things in the past 2 years that have taken me off the traditional career path for a PhD Chemist.

Goal setting works for me because it makes me define my dreams and visions for myself. Setting written goals makes me focus on big goals I have for myself, my business, my family etc.

Sharing written goals with other, like-minded people who will support you is also an important piece because it ads an element of accountability. Setting goals and defining your vision makes you a good leader.

Why would anyone follow someone who doesn’t know where they’re going and what they want?

Katie Hughes, PhD, former chemist turned CEO/Founder, Slip-On Dancers: Dance In Your Running Shoes!

Ever since I started setting goals 18 months ago, I decided to resign from my cushy job in banking to pursue my purpose to coach creative professionals and be involved in philanthropy, I’ve lost almost 15 pounds, and wrote my book Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece which was released a few months ago (also available as a kindle ebook on Amazon).

My 3 biggest tips for setting and achieving goals are:

1. Write your goals down and make sure to review your goals at least once every day
2. Create a Plan for Action of major goals along with deadlines for major tasks
3. Find “accountability partners” for support (mentor, friend, Master Mind group of colleagues, spouse or family members)

Alexandra F. Figueredo, Motivation & Success Coach

Goal setting is key for me as it keeps my eyes on the prize and helps me focus on what needs to get done to accomplish my major and intermediate goals.  When you have a small business, it is easy to keep yourself busy and get bogged down with the administrative aspects of running the business. However that work will get done, taxes will be dealt with, 1099s will get filed, the printer will get fixed. The bottom line is that finding and keeping customers is key for our success.  So while I have a To-Do list that I swear by, the tasks that affect my intermediate goals take priority.

Jen Portland, Founder of Excel Rain Man (Excel outsourcing, customization and education)

I believe goal setting should be taught early and implemented at every age level. Having goals helps you:

  1. Identify what you want
  2. Visualize (key element of success!)
  3. Determine what it’ll take to get there
  4. Determine what obstacles will need to be overcome
  5. Measure success.

Without goals, in my opinion, you simply wander through life without direction.

Through the use of goal setting and visualization, I obtained the relationship of my dreams, a VP position of a profitable and growing legal service and the salary I wanted, have improved relationships with my family, and truly become the woman I want to be.

Life is short, so why not go after everything you desire?

Sara Schoonover VP of Ticket Kick (Get rid of traffic tickets in California)

I don’t think just setting a goal is good enough. You need a plan and you need action. When you have all three of those components, you’re more likely to achieve your goal. Figure out what you want to achieve through whatever methods you need to use. Set challenging yet attainable goals. Create a plan. How will you make sure you achieve the goals? Accountability works for me. I’m in a mastermind group.

I tell people about my goals, even if its just informally. Also, this year, some of my goals have inspired a handful of my friends to create similar goals, which is cool in and of itself. But that means, we’re all kind of unofficially checking in and seeing how the other person is doing. Knowing that someone is going to ask gives you that extra nudge to get things done.

Also helpful for me is writing the goals down in some sort of tracker. For a while, I was using the “Get Clients Now” tracker for business goals. Recently a friend gave me a Zig Ziglar inspired journal that I have to track my top goals in every day. Things like that help me stay focused.

[Through goal setting] I got a job. I traveled more in one year than I ever have before. I attended a slew of concerts, which was really terrific for me, because I’m passionate about music. I made a group of great new friends. I produced my first one-day conference, and I coordinated some of the largest networking events in Los Angeles. It’s pretty exhilarating to look back and think about all of those things.

Alaia Williams, Founder One Organized Business

Hello, I have used goals since I was 19 years old, you see I was convicted of a felony when i was 17 (1992) and was pretty much told I would never amount to anything.

However, by using goals I have been able to graduate with three degrees (no one in my family has a college education), I have been able to travel, my jobs have always been based through goals I wanted to achieve, and I have faced many fears also like skydiving and flying.

Now to top it all, I have opened my first small business and I have just finished a manuscript that I’m looking to have published.

Goal setting gives you a direction to go, a timeline to aim for and a prospective on what you might want your life to look like. The key is to realize that a goal need to be flexible, for example I wanted to have my manuscript completed on the 1st of January 2012, but I hope to have the last edit done actually this week now, its OK to be a little behind.

Lance Dzintars-Member, owner of Zaria & Bella’s a small gift and collectibles shop

I have been using goal setting for the last ten years quite successfully! Goal setting works because it causes us to focus in on what’s important in our lives and to look towards the life we want and who we want to be. We are all perfect just the way we are but we all have limitless potential that just remains untapped if we don’t strive to better ourselves.

Through goal setting I have lost over 90lbs, started a business, finished university and even ran a half-marathon.

Therese Lean, Personal health coach & goal-setting maven

I work with women to help them to launch or expand their business. I can’t imagine them not having goals. If you don’t know where you are going you will waste a tremendous amount of time and get nothing done.

I do find that people make “lists”. Perhaps the people who are against goal setting are thinking that a list is a goal?

I work with my ladies to have them develop lists that move their business forward. Just doing tactic list won’t get them very far. I also work with them to develop a vision statement. This helps them to think big and really have a clear set of goals.

Kathy McShane, http://ladieswholaunch.com/southwestct

I have used goal-setting in virtually everything I’ve done since the age of 14 (I’m now 37). Every major success that is “big” has come
from properly setting goals. Some of these accomplishments are:

Athletics – At age 14, I used goal-setting to accomplish my goal of becoming one of the best tennis players in the country scholastically, attending a major university for tennis, and then becoming an ATP Tour tennis professional with a world ranking.

Executive/Business – I used goal-setting to become and thrive at Playboy Enterprises, and then again when I became the Chief Marketing Officer for one of the largest online marketing companies in the world. I’ve just set a bunch of goals recently now, too, because I just launched my own marketing agency.

Author – It had always been a goal of mine to publish. I used goal-setting to get that done, and even wrote a whole chapter about it in The Greatness Gap.

Goal-setting works, quite simply, because it focuses you and keeps you on track. It also works because I happen to use a bunch of short-term goals, which gives me several benchmarks along the way to my long-term goal.

Mike Sprouse, President & CEO, Sprouse Marketing Group, Author of The Greatness Gap and Marketing Muscle

In the fall of 2008 I decided to pursue my jewelry businesses. I had been making jewelry since I was young, but wanted to take it to the next level. Everyone told me how difficult this was going to be, and reminded me how awful my timing was, since it was the start of the recession, so I knew I would have to be incredibly strategic, and that included mapping out all of my goals. My ultimate goal, to sell stock to stores, I knew wasn’t the easiest thing, so I broke those goals down into smaller, more attainable goals, and within 3 weeks I had 3 stores!

It’s of course grown and grown from there, but the biggest lesson I learned when it came to my goals was to break them down into more digestible morsels, and they were that much more attainable.

I’ve always used goal setting, and I believe it works because it creates focus and helps with visualizing the end result. But, like I said, I believe taking each goal and breaking it down into smaller, more attainable ones.

Liza Jayne, Founder of Liza Jayne Jewelry

I too believe in Goal Setting! I am a Personal Trainer, Club Owner, NLP practitioner etc and this request is right up my alley.

In January many decide to join a gym. But research shows that more than half the people will not make it to swimsuit season. Why? Because their goal was to join a gym, and once they signed up- they met their goal!

The clients I have seen get the best results spend time creating pictures of a new result. They write down their goals and they monitor what they are thinking about. They are the director of their own movie- the trick is to formulate, imagine and practice what this looks and feels like. Then, and not until then (at least long term) will the person take the appropriate actions to get there.

Marc Lebert, Founder of Lebert Fitness

I actually formed a goal group while I was in the corporate world and currently have a Mastermind Group for my current business. I talk about the importance of balance and setting goals with a “balance wheel” technique when I do my public speaking workshops for adults.

I have seen the results [from goal setting]. There is the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you are not clear on what is important, or what it is you need to focus on, it will be very easy to be pulled in many different directions and become totally out of balance.

[What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved because of goal setting?]
1. I became the author of an award-winning children’s book.
2. I started my own company.
3. I travelled to Africa and went on a safari.
4. I have taken time out to focus on my health and put myself first to keep that balance.
5. Raised fund in my Climb for a Cause . Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this past summer with the goal of raising $5,895 for Sharing to Learn. I reached 88% of my goal which was $5,185. Although the actual goal itself was not reached, I am happy with the results that occurred.
6. My goal was to “Make a difference, not just a living”. I have raised over $20,000 through the sales of my books to worthy causes. I have had teachers say that “Susanne is a true ambassador of goodwill.”

Susanne Alexander-Heaton, CEO, Motivated by Nature

The longest goal I have set was five years. I became financially free at 33.  I was just three months off my target date. But had I not made, reviewed, adjusted and kept diligent track of that goal there is NO way I would have achieved it.

A goal is just like a road map (or GPS): without your course clearly defined you’ll wander around and maybe never to where you want to be. Alternatively, you can accurately write down your goals thoughtfully, decide how to best reach them, and have an extremely high probability of reaching your goals.

I believe the better you know your target, the easier it will be to hit it. That is why I hone in on the ‘how’ we are planning on reaching our goals. Once we do that, we can then determine a realistic time-frame on achieving them.   Our personal goals are a lot like a business plan for companies: what are you going to do? When? If it doesn’t work out what’s Plan B?

When I consult with people and businesses about goals the biggest regret I hear is, “I wish I had started soon!”

BIG TIPS TO SUCCESS: Write out your TOP 5 goals on the back of a check in past tense; make the check payable to you dated 1 year from now; say those goals out loud five times a day.  Because most of my coaching students goal involve creating wealth, the check should be for five times their current yearly income.

An Accountability Partner: to really bend the nail in wall and make this work say the goals to someone as often as you can. And once you’ve hit your target once, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to hit it again and again and again.   What I have seen recently is because goal setting has falling out of favor some look to a ‘quick fix’ to get then where they want to be. It’s not surprising that were they NEED to be is spending the time wood-shedding their goals. I recommend unplug from everything and everyone daily for just 15 minutes to look deep at where you want to get; how you’re going to get there and what’s stopping  you right now from getting there.

Ya, its work. But so is a life of frustration because you know you’re better than what you’re getting.

Scott A. FladHammer, Personal Real Estate Coaching

Everyone has goals; just some are on purpose, a plan, are written down and have a completion date.

Other people’s goals may or may not include lunch.

I believe goal setting works simply because humans are wired to be goal setters. Watch a baby learn to walk or learn to talk they do it until they get it right because they want something, food, a toy, whatever the goal is at the moment.

Kids are natural goal setters.ask them what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll tell you, in great detail, exactly how they are going to be a firefighting police officer scientist president one day.

Goals allowed me to work with my wife from home in our own business, raise our kids together and amply provide for my family. That was probably my greatest goal and I accomplished the first step 18 years ago.

Everything else I’ve accomplished pales in comparison to the joy of being able to be with my family without being a slave to a corporation.

Goals don’t have to be about curing cancer or going to the moon, they need to be about you creating the life you want.

Michael Bremmer, CEO, Telecom Quotes

Use their stories to help you in 2012

I know many of you have big goals for 2012, and I hope reading their stories have given you some tips to finish those goals! Learn from those who have done it and have gotten results.

Starting is easy. Everyone does that. It’s getting through the rest and finishing that’s the toughest.

Haven’t written down any goals yet? It’s never too late to start.

Your turn!

How are your 2012 goals going so far?

Do you have any advice for others about achieving your goals?

In your experience, what’s the hardest part about goal achieving?


P.S. Want to know how I achieved my goals?

If you want to learn more about a system to help you start and achieve goals, my goal setting course starts soon.

Don’t want to miss out on it? The first class will only be for subscribers to my mailing list. Sign up below and you’ll get some content only for subscribers as well.

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40 responses to 18 Achievers Talk the Power of Goal Setting

  1. This is definitely one of those EPIC posts, Benny. I can tell you out Alot of work into this and Kaite Hughes’ steps are exactly what I follow when I set my goals. I’m pretty good at setting and achieving goals but I’d still love to be a part of your course to see what you’ve got up your sleeve. Great job, Benny.

    • Awesome Dwayne! I was so happy to hear so many of them reply. I learned so much from reading each of their stories! Will be happy to have you a part of the course! Make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list for the course or my regular email list to know about it.

  2. Hey Benny!
    I agree with Dwayne this post is Epic and it looks great. I think you will help a lot of people with content like this. I think setting a goals is important too. I think it’s like those New Years resolutions. When people DO se tehm and fail it feels like crap. So we don’t and shy away from doing it too often unless maybe we KNOW we can accomplish the task. I get it. It’s really a good boost to teh ego and doing that from time to time especially when you have had a few failures is really OK. But I think we have to set our goals a little, at least out of our immeadiate reach in order to grow, stretch our comfort zone and sometimes, become who we were meant to be. Like loosing 120 lbs. for me that skinny girl was inside but was it just a dream or just a wish? you have to dare to make those wishes and dreams reality to ever have them hold them in your hand and own them. But the fear of failure can be so crippling. God Bless every positive supportive person out there , hey, like you! They are the ones who will continue to show us we can, and should reach even higher than our imagination will allow. Thanks for such a terrfic job Benny! btw I want to give you the heads up… the featured image, the words on the bottom look blurred, If it’s my puter sorry, I just wanted you to know just in case! 🙂 Have a Super week Benny ;))

    • I hope this content does help people. I wanted to show different people doing different things and how goal setting has impacted them. I was one of those that used to set New Year’s resolutions and of course NEVER accomplished any of them. I didn’t realize it was more than just writing them down and hoping they come true.

      Again congrats on losing all that weight! That is so amazing. You definitely got out of your comfort zone to do that. Have a great week as well!

  3. This is one awesome post ! I like goals, but I tend to aim at the moon without putting in the small steps in between. I am learning to break it down into bite-sized pieces, but could always stand to improve. Will be interested to see what insights you share in your course.

  4. So far so good. I really just have two goals of this year: finish up school and grow my business. Both are a challenge, but they both get me up bright and early in the morning.


    • Vic, challenge is good right? It gets us out of our comfort zone and makes us feel alive. Great goals for the year. I hope you’ll be able to reach them this year!

  5. This kind of is such a really nice..If you are aiming some goal you have to do it..

  6. I think this is a great post. We can all learn to set goals and if we do set goals we need to get better at setting a striving to achieve goals. I liked the post about setting almost impossible goals to achieve, it’s a good way to stretch us to our own limits and beyond.

    • If we don’t set goal that stretch us a bit, we’ll never grow as a person. Easy goals don’t allow us to do great things in life. They’re too safe. Thanks for reading and your comment!

  7. Hey Benny, this post was packed with golden nuggets of wisdom – I took some notes on some new ideas.

    Thanks for sharing this – it was awesome!

  8. Hey Benny, great post and I am not only happy to be part of it… I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses and your other posts as well! Keep up the great/inspiring work! Cheers, Marc

  9. This means that most of the time, you’ll have to make a decision quickly based on whatever information you have at hand.

  10. You are becoming the master at epic posts Benny and yes, this is another one.

    What a great idea, to ask others their thoughts on this topic and see what they think. Up until about three years ago, I wasn’t a goal setter either. Had never been taught it, had never even been introduced to it, not until I entered the online world.

    I think it’s important for what you intend to accomplish with whatever you are aiming to achieve. I mean without a clear path you may not know the exact steps that need to be taken. You can always look back on what you’ve done to see if it helped or you need to go in a different direction.

    Sure was great reading what others are doing so they’ve given me even more inspiration.

    Thanks for yet another epic post Benny!


    • Thanks Adrienne! I so surprised that so many replied back! I really enjoyed reading their stories. It definitely helps to have a target to aim for instead of being unsure what we want. I know I used to have no goals and that got me nowhere in life! Thanks always for your comments!

  11. I think setting goals only work if it involves things that you HAVE to do, and things you are truly passionate about. For example, as a parent, I have to take care of my son. So going to the store to buy pampers or milk is a goal that I know I will accomplish, because I have to.

    But passionate goals are totally different, and this is what this post tackles. People say they want a popular and profitable blog, but are they willing to take it seriously, and chart out what they would like to do?

    Goal setting is something I’ve tried to take on a couple of times, only to fall back into my old poor habits. 2012 has to be different…and it will.

    Best of luck to all of you. Let’s keeping pushing each other.

    Good job once again Benny!

    • You’re right Naeem. People want a lot of things, but they don’t want to do what it takes. It’s a lot more work than they imagined. Old habits are hard to break, but they can be broken. I’ve gotten rid of some bad habits, but not all of them. Bad habits are like big trees. The roots are buried so deep into the ground. It’s hard to pull out that tree because it’s been growing for so long. But they can be broken. Hope you’ll be able to in 2012!

  12. Great article once again Benny! Amazing amount of work put into collating all the different opinions.

    I think for me, a lot of the time, my goals are rather short term. I always find myself thinking only a few months in advance.

    It’s been something I’ve been trying to work on, I need to constantly tell myself to look to and prepare for the future.

    Once again, thank you for the amazing motivational post! 🙂


    • Hey my friend! I just went to your blog and WOW it looks great! I like what you’ve done with it. Keep it up!

      Short terms goals are great, but you should also look further ahead. I would say every year have three big goals to aim for. Goals that if you accomplish would change your life. Then have weekly and monthly goals as well. It helps. Thanks reading and your comment!

      • Hey Benny! Thank you so much for the kind words! I thought I was going to be in for a nightmare when I made the switch to Standard Theme, but thanks to your advice months ago, I waited, and now that I’m ready and more familiar with how blogs function, everything went pretty smoothly. Just making several tweaks here and there.

        I do have a problem with traffic though, but that’s probably because I lack focus on my blog, still trying to find the right formula. :S

        Thank you so much for the advice! Your blog is really one of those sites that I visit everytime I’m having a bad day, or when I feel that I need a kick in the butt to get some work done. Keep writing Benny, awesome stuff! 🙂


        • You’ve done a nice job with the Standard Theme so far! Stay consistent and keep trying new ways to get traffic. You’ll get more. 🙂

  13. HI Benny and All:

    My 2012 goals are pretty emotional at the moment. I know what I need to do for business and for my personal development (I’m learning Spanish in Argentina), but it’s not the culture shock that’s getting me down.

    It’s more about me CHANGING some really important behaviors. I’m a naturally aggressive person, but it’s just because I care so deeply about what I’m passionate about: living out my dreams, making money online, having the life adventure I’m having in Argentina, etc.

    Anyone reading this blog and you, Benny, know that it’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. I keep myself accountable, but I would tell people to keep on flying and trying. You’ve got to push push push because the world is going to push push push you back if you’re not a fighter.

    I’m a lover and a fighter.

    I love my goals and I’ll fight for them.

    Talk soon!

    • Hey Mami! I believe it’s your first comment here? If so, welcome! Glad to hear you’re a fighter. I think my latest post sums up what you said well. How bad do you want it? You definitely need to fight for what you believe. Anything that is worth doing won’t come easy. It seems like you’re really passionate about it and that’s a great thing!

  14. Nice to see all the responses… In our office the goal is simple “failure is not an option!” We love to throw around things like we never say “Because it’s always been done that way”… Goals and manifesto’s are great things..

    • I like “failure is not an option” as well. I don’t know who started that but I know James Cameron has a version that says, “Failure is not an option. Hope is not a strategy. Luck is not a factor.” Sounds like you have a great atmosphere there in your office!

  15. hi Benny,
    i think in a way, Leo also sets goals. passions are goals. find your passion, and following it, pursuing it, isn’t that a goal we strive towards. it’s maybe just a matter of definition. however spontaneous we want to be, once we find that thing / place we want to do /be, it becomes the goal
    it might not take extensive goal setting, plans, excel spreadsheets etc, but we all need some sort of guiding light i think. otherwise we become too lost.
    but i can’t really speak for Leo
    just speaking for myself, my goals are my guiding lights, a direction, a star shining in the distance that i want to reach, but the challenge is, to remember to check out the scenery along the way and not just sprint along! (at least for me :))

    Noch Noch

    • Thanks Noch. My goals have becoming my guiding light as well. Something to aim for. I do make sure I try and relax and enjoy life along the way, but I still remain focused on my main goals so I’m not playing TOO much. Life shouldn’t be a sprint, but a nice leisurely ride. 🙂

  16. Goals are very important in every people life but you have to understand that not reaching your goals is not end of the world but the part of your journey. There are many people who gets upset if they can’t reach their goals and they can’t live their life happily and fully.
    So while goals are important they can’t be part that holds you back from enjoying your life.

    • Very true Steven.It’s not the end of the world, but sometimes something else better is waiting for them. Or they might just have to take a different route to get to their goal. I think though that people might be okay that they gave it their all. It’s better to try than to not try at all. At least that’s a good attitude to have when they don’t reach their goals. Very good point though.

  17. Many people full of great potential meander through life without a clear cut vision of what they want to achieve in life.

  18. As for me, its good to set goals in some areas and its bad in some areas. Depends on the type of person you are, setting goals ‘might’ work for you.

    As for me, when I set goals, I make sure i achieve them but the goal i will make public will be the ones that i already have the tools to accomplish.


  19. awesome post, you can see you put a lot of work into this, im good at setting and achieving goals, my problem is i am in too much of a hurry and don`t enjoy the journey (smell the roses along the way so to speak)

  20. Benny for me having no goals at all is like groping in the dark and looking for the door. But since it’s too dark and you don’t know what the place is, you seem to just roaming around, not knowing where to go. In any activity, goals are very important. It defines your direction and directs your action to success.

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    • Going through life not knowing what you want is a bad way to live. If you have no plans then you’ll let others plan your life for you.

  21. Audrey Farrar April 2, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Great!They are the ones who will continue to show us we can, and should reach even higher than our imagination will allow. Thanks for such a terrfic job. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Great post. These are examples which are beneficial to learn about and definitely demonstrate the power of goals. I have mixed feelings on the issue, and though I do use goals, I don’t think they are the best method to achieve what you want. I personally advocate living by principle, and structuring your principles to lead to the success you desire. Readers will be interested in a further breakdown of my analysis of goals: http://agaponzie.blogspot.com/2012/01/goal-setting.html