35 Photos to Inspire You to Get Busy Traveling

Do you have a dream of traveling and working anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection? Maybe you want to live overseas long term or bounce from country to country? Maybe you want to be  your own boss so you can travel whenever you want.

If being location independent, a digital nomad or a suitcase entrepreneur is your goal, then here are 35 photos to inspire you to make your goals a reality.

Each of these photos makes me want to get on a plane tomorrow and see the world! I hope these photos inspire you as well.

Planes landing on beach

(Yes it’s real) Watch planes land by the beach by Adrian Durst

Golden Gate Bridge

Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge by Stuck in Customs

London Eye View

London Eye by jurvetson

Bali komaneka at tanggayuda

Ubud, Bali pool villa by Benny Hsu


No worries in Maldives by notsogoodphotography

Pool in the sky

Pool in the sky in Singapore by green_kermit

Universal Studios the Hulk

Get crazy at Universal Studios Orlando by Benny Hsu

Eiffel Tower

Relax by the Eiffel Tower by Al lanni

Sydney Harbor

View Sydney Harbor by boat by Corey Leopold

Wave in Hawaii

Catch a wave in Hawaii by The Daily Omellas

Patagonia Glacier

Patagonia Glaciers by Stuck in Customs

Kuala Lumpar

Stunning Kuala Lumpar by Stuck in Customs

Taipei 101

See the best view of Taipei 101 by Fishtail@Taipei


Go to a museum by Stuck in Customs


Visit the pyramids by archer10

dubai seven star hotel

See the seven star hotel in Dubai by joy

Disney Cruise

Take a cruise by flickrized 

Hong Kong

Old and new Hong Kong by JoshDubya

Grand Canyon

The breathtaking Grand Canyon by chucklepix

Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights in Alaska by Trodel

British Parliament and Big Ben

British Parliament and Big Ben by Maurice

Terracotta warrior

Thousands of terracotta warriors in Xian, China by Bernt Rostad

Kuroshio aquarium

Visit an aquarium by jonrawlinson

Grand Canyon

Feel close nature by Wolfgang Staudt

Ferrari World

Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Dubai by Aziz J Hayat 

Bora Bora

Swim to your hotel room in Bora Bora by Benoit Mahe

Chicago Bean

See Chicago’s famous sculpture “The Bean” by rmlowe 


Unique architecture in Shanghai by Jakob


Funky cool designs in Seattle by Benny Hsu

Hills in San Francisco

Walk the hills in San Francisco by Benny Hsu

Window Seat

Grab a window seat by Benny Hsu

Sears Tower

View Chicago in a thrilling way by Benny Hsu

Vincent Van Gogh

Stand inches away from priceless art by Benny Hsu

Balancing Rock

See the balancing rock in Denver by Benny Hsu

Enjoying the sunset

Enjoy more sunsets anywhere by notsogoodphotography


What inspires you to travel? 

Do you have a favorite travel spot?

Where is one place you have always wanted to go to?  


P.S. This post was inspired by Corbett Barr’s post, 50 Photos to Inspire Life as a Digital Nomad.


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  • Haha niceeee I could go for that hut in Bora Bora. Maybe for a weekend, then back to work haha.

    Wonder how the internet is there.. hmmm.

    What’s your favorite Benny? You a tropical retreat person, mountains, forest, sightseer?

    • Alexander,

      I love the feeling of being in a big city. Last year I went to Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and loved it. So much to do, see, and eat. But I love that picture of Bora Bora! I’ve never been anywhere where the water is that clear. I love the idea of jumping from my room to the ocean. Looks so relaxing. I do wonder how the internet is there. Let me go there and I’ll report back. LOL.

      So to answer your question, I’m a sightseer but I love it all!

  • Great set of photos Benny! There are a lot of places I’d love to visit in those photos. I’ve always wanted to go to Maldives and Bora Bora plus places like Egypt and Xian. I really liked that shot of Taipei 101 too!

    Do you have a list of places that you’d like to vist? Something like a bucket list?

    – Matt

    • Matt! Did you ever go up to that spot in Taipei? I discovered it when I lived there.I felt like it was the best view I had ever seen of any city. It was so quiet up there and right in front was Taipei 101. It’s a short hike but pretty steep. That picture I found is the best one I’ve seen of it. I had to add it!

      I’m with you. I’d love to go to Maldives and Bora Bora. I’ve never seen an ocean that clear and blue before.

      Definitely go to Xian if you have the chance. The terracotta warriors are so amazing!!

      • I think I did go to that spot. I think it’s close to the Muza MRT line in the south of Taipei. I went at night and the view was great. I always wanted to get back there to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve but never did.

        – Matt

  • These are some incredible photos Benny. Wow! Especially loved all the places you’ve been to as well. You’ve got a lot of great traveling ahead of you. Keep it up!

    • I have been very lucky and been to many places! I want to do more of it. I know you do as well!

  • Awesome photoset Benny! I’ve recently picked up diving and it’s really amazing to be able to visit pristine beaches and that allow you to see the sea bed without dunking your head into the water.

    Love the photos, and more importantly, I love travelling. Really hoping to make some time for myself to travel out of the little island i’m from of Singapore.

    • Hey Daniel,

      There’s a lot of the world to see. Being in Singapore you’re in a great spot to see other countries in Asia and Australia. Definitely do come to the United States one day. Lots to see here. I know you’ll have more chances once you’re done with school.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Hey Benny,

        Definitely! Being in Singapore makes it really convenient to visit the South East Asian countries as well as Australia. I love the scenery in Australia, and have actually been there a couple of times.

        I love the United States as well! However, it’s really expensive to fly there, so I don’t really get to go to the States often. Have only been there once in fact. But the shopping in the States is simply awesome!

        Are you currently living in the States?

        • I would say the same about flying to SE Asia from here. It’s expensive! Yes I live in sunny Florida.

  • Those are SO cool Benny! Absolutely beautiful!

    I’m ready to go travel the world. Oh wait, I have to make enough money to be able to do that.

    So I’ve only done a few of these. Been to the Grand Canyon and to Alaska. Of course I’ve flown on a plane more times then I can ever remember and have been on three cruises; Bahamas, Alaska and Mexico. I’m ready to take on the world now!

    • Adrienne!

      You’ve done lots of traveling! I’ve never been on a cruise. I hope that’s something our family can do next year. My parents have said how great Alaska is as well. Around the world travel would be amazing. That would be a great goal to just fly around the world once in our lives. There’s also a cruise ship that travels around the world. It’s really expensive to rent a room on board but if I had all the money in the world, I’d have a room on there for sure.

      Let’s work hard so we can reap the rewards later!

  • Wow! Such beautiful sceneries! Would be so awesome being in those places lol I’ve been dreaming to travel the world one day. Definitely gonna make that happen! Esp after seeing pics like these. lol Thanks for sharing them! Keep it up! 😀

    • I wanted to show these pictures to inspire. If we want to enjoy our lives the way we want, we have to put in the work. We have to make time for travel. It’s well worth it after seeing pictures like that.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Amy

    Benny! I think my travel bug is now a travel VIRUS thanks to this post!

    I’m leaving for Costa Rica in a month for a surf camp with my best girlfriends, then to Paris in the winter!

    Culture shock as well as experiencing postcard-worthy sites inspires me to travel.

    My favorite travel spot so far is Hawaii, but I haven’t been abroad since I was 15, so that may change!

    My next big goal is Bali or Thailand or Fiji… maybe all at once ;). I’ve always wanted to go experience those amazing beaches! Gotta get some really interesting pictures going for my Photo 365 app!

    • Amy!

      Costa Rica in a month? Exciting? Where are you going exactly? I know another blogger who lived there for a year teaching and surfing. If you need some help, I could introduce you two! Paris in the winter sounds amazing as well.

      I want to go to Hawaii! It’s on the top of the list for honeymoon destination. Oohhhh Fiji is a place I want to go to as well. I went to Bali this year and enjoyed it. I know you’ll really enjoy it.

      Look forward to seeing some pics on your blog from your surfing trip!

  • This is an intensely impressive collection of inspiring and motivating sights!

    I am going to travel now! Wait.. I need ‘mo money’. Either way, I just RT’d this awesome post!

    -Gabriel Johansson

    • Thanks Gabriel for your comment the RT!

      Yes I’d love to drop everything and go right this money. It takes money to enjoy it. Maybe not as much as we may think but still needs money.

      Thanks again!

  • I love it! I used to travel for a living, between 22 and 25 and you just reminded me of all of the fun times (many places are the same as what you showed in the photos). Gosh I haven’t been anywhere in an age – I’m actually going on a 1 1/2 day ferry cruise to the Bahamas next week as LAST year’s anniversary present that we are finally using for THIS anniversary, Doh. Looking forward to it and I think I’d better start dreaming a little bigger, too. The kids haven’t been anywhere yet – perhaps a trip to see snow this year? Like we were saying last week, we need a little less work and a lot more excitement!

    • What did you do when you traveled for a living? I bet your kids would love seeing snow! Yes we do need to work less and have more excitement. I need a vacation as well!

  • Hi Benny,
    As if I didn’t want to travel again ANYWAY! Wow – have you been to all these places? They look amazing! My favourite place – I’ll have to say Greece, for now! It was amazing in every way!
    Thanks for this breath-taking tour!

    • Hey Lori!

      No I haven’t been to all these places. I wish! Many of the places I listed I want to go to. Some I have been to and used my own photos. I’ve never been to Greece but have heard the same thing you said about it. I need to make a trip over there sooner than later.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your favorite place!

  • Benny, I have a bias. The best places to visit is San Francisco, CA. The Golden Gate bridge isn’t the only thing marvel at… You have the people, the food (oh the food), and it’s a place of open people who are always willing to converse with you!

    Benny! I’ve been to Universal Studios (I don’t know when I’ll be back)…but visit me in San Francisco!! Please (:

    • I just went to San Francisco for the second time last year! The first time was way back. Last year I went for a few days by myself. I loved it. I loved riding the cable cars. I had an unlimited pass so I took full advantage of it. Haha. I did the touristy thing. I ate some good food but I’m sure I didn’t even scratch the surface since I dined alone. Next time I make it back to San Francisco, we’ll have to meet up for sure! Great city for sure.

  • These pics are beautiful dude. I’m proud to say that I’ve actually been to some of these places :). But not to all…time to get to work!

    • Many of those places I haven’t been to yet. Time to work for me as well so I can get there!

  • These photos are amazing, Benny! I’d love to see more of the ones you took in Taiwan.

    • Are you on Facebook Kevin? I have all my Taiwan photos there. If so look me up bhsu21 at aol dot com.

      Great to hear from you buddy!

  • Wow I’m honoured to be mentioned in this post amongst these breathtaking photos. Great to see I’ve visited several of these places and Ubud always has a special place in my heart but now there’s so many more places I want to go and will make it to. Thanks for this it’s made my day and I will be sharing it!

    • Hi Natalie,

      You were a no brainer to add. You’re living proof of living the travel lifestyle while still running a business! I know you do a great job inspiring others so they can do what you do.

      Thanks for sharing it!

  • Patagonia! So beautiful…would love to go there. Where was the first photo taken?

  • These are some amazing looking pictures Benny. This made me just want to travel today for no reason.

    • When I put it together, it made me want to travel right that moment. So many beautiful places to be experienced.

  • I’m inspired! Love all the beautiful shots. I’ve a few from Istanbul and parts east of this great metropolis, but none that compare to the beauty you’ve shared here. Thanks.


    • I bet Istanbul is a beautiful place as well, but lots of great places around the world to visit. Hope you can make it to many of those places one day!

  • Awesome pictures Benny.

    That first one is insane…I’m still trying to wrap my head around that’s possible!

    I’m inspired – really great find with all these shots. Have a great weekend Benny!

    • I love that picture so I had to put it first. It’s a real place. Here is one of many videos of that beach on Youtube. So crazy how low those planes fly. http://youtu.be/l8KjPNj2jgw

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Benny – these pics are radically cool. The thought of new adventures is also my inspiration to travel.Sadly, I’ve never been to Europe – so that is definitely on my to-do list.

    Thanks again for the post! Andi

    • Hey Andi!

      So many great places to go in Europe? Any particular place or everywhere? I’ve heard great things about Amsterdam and Greece. I want to go back to London and Paris as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Thanks so much for sharing, Benny. I love the pool hut in Bali and the view of the Grand Canyon. I must be pretty boring, If I travel it is usually to see family. These pictures make me want to become more adventurous.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


    • Hey Tammy!

      The villa in Bali was breathtaking. The Grand Canyon is even better in person than in pictures. Definitely be more adventurous! Even if you can’t leave the country, the US has wonderful cities. If you can make it internationally, that’s where I believe the real experiences are.

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Benny you’re killing me! How am I meant to work this weekend with images like that now invading my thoughts?! 😉
    Thanks for the motivation though… I’m gonna be taking me a few of those kinda photo’s very soon. Yeah!

    • Hi Michelle!

      Did you get any work done? LOL. When I put those pictures together I looked through so many. Made me want to travel right now! Where will you be traveling soon to?

  • It’s like you stole my bucket list and added photos.

    One day I’ll be around, taking pics and showing off my fashianable travel sense.

    I’m really intrigued to see the aurora borealis in Alaska. Looking up seeing the colors dance in the sky seems like a fantasy.

    • I’m sorry I stole your bucket list. I’ll be sure to compensate you.

      I want to see the aurora borealis as well. My fiance does even more than I do. Have to keep her happy right? So I’ll have to make that a reality for the both of us.

    • Several of these places are on my bucket list as well. I have done a decent amount of traveling. I love to travel. But dang, something tells me I have been traveling to the wrong places 🙂

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Hey Brock,

        I know what you mean! I’ve done lots of traveling but need to go to some of those places as well!

  • Paul

    You did a great job inspiring me. The photos of the destinations are amazing. It is also my dream to travel and see the world someday. Dreaming of the trip is already fun, much more if it becomes a reality.

    • Hey Paul,

      Yes it would be best if we were the ones showing off our travel photos instead of seeing others’ photos. Right? I wanted to inspire people to make time for travel. It takes money to travel so work hard on whatever they are doing now so they have money and freedom to travel as they wish.

      Thanks for your first comment here!

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  • A great set of photos!

    :What inspires you to travel?
    // Experiencing new things, meeting new people, understanding other cultures and better weather.

    Do you have a favorite travel spot?
    // I’m happiest when I’m on the road. I love so many places for different reasons, but I have a soft spot for Vietnam and Argentina at the moment.

    Where is one place you have always wanted to go to?
    // I want to visit every country in the world, so there are quite a few left. I’m over 30 in so far. Big places I haven’t been that I want to go include Cuba (planned next year), Russia, Norway (Northern Lights), China and India.

    • Chris,

      Thanks so much for sharing your answers. I can always count on your to do that. 🙂

      You’re a world class traveler! I know there are many more you want to get to. Your future list of countries are great. I don’t know about better weather as a reason for travel. Guess it all depends on where you go. 🙂

      • Dude, I live in the UK – the weather here is soooo frustrating! (because of inconsistency!).

  • Simply amazing, Benny. Makes me want to head to the airport right now!

    • Thanks John! Me too. It’s been awhile since I took a long flight. Really wouldn’t mind a 13 hour flight right now to somewhere besides here.

      Hope you’re doing well!

  • That first photo is absolutely unbelievable, Ive seen it a few times now and everytime it blows me away!

  • All stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Make me want to get on a plane right now and go see places I’ve never seen. I can’t wait to travel someday.

    • HI Rochelle,

      Thanks for checking out the pictures. It makes me want to travel to each of those places. I hope you get to travel sooner than later!

  • Amazing photos! Travel opens new worlds to you and also makes you appreciate what you left behind. I’ve visited Asia and just hit Europe last year. Visiting the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall would be cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey Buck!

      Travel is such a wonderful experience! I love the feeling of getting on a plane and going somewhere. If you go to the Great Wall, see if you can make a stop in Xian and see the terra cotta warriors. The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in person!

  • Very nice! If I decide to travel though, it will be in a car or on a boat. I don’t like to be molested or having my rights taken away in the name of security.

    • I understand your concern. TSA does need to improve for sure. By car or boat would be a great way. Train would be nice too!

  • Wow, thank you sharing the photos. They are truly incredible. I have been to 4 (Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai) of the 35 places mentioned here and have plans of visiting 3 places (Taipei, Dubai, Hongkong) in the coming months.

    • You’ll enjoy Taipei and Hong Kong. Great cities with great food. I want to go to Dubai one day!

  • What inspirational, wonderful photos. I LOVE the one of the Air France plane. That is just too cool!

    • Thank you Anne! I love that photo too. That’s why I had to put it first. I want to go there for just one night just to see planes land. Would be so cool.

  • These are some great photos! I love the feeling you get when you return home from your travels and you feel like you’ve truly conquered something! Of course, the travel bug is very real, and before you know it, you’ll be daydreaming of packing you bags and heading out again. A vacation is also great for inspiring hard work to pay for it and to reward yourself!

    • Hi Bruce,

      I do love that feeling too! Once I get home, I’m thinking of the next trip. I love the feeling of being in the airport and know I’m going somewhere exciting. Sounds like you’ve done lots of traveling as well.

      Thanks for your first comment here!

  • The first picture is hard to believe but it’s a real place. I hope you get to travel often in the future!

  • WOW! Stunning! These pictures definitely made me to think at the next holyday :X:X I can’t decide which is the best, but I think I love them all :X Your pictures demonstrate that our planet has many things to offer (even if they’re made by human hand), but I think that if you want to see them, you need to have at least two lifes :)))

    • Hi Bertha!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures! The world is so big and offers so many wonderful places to experience. I have a hard time deciding too! I think I’d want somewhere tropical for the next one. Then after that a big city! So many choices for sure.

      Thanks for reading and your comment!

  • Really a very cool and beautiful places to visit. I would love to travel all of these exciting places indeed. Mostly wanna have a ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Dubai..

    • That would be a really fun roller coaster to ride! Hope you can make it there one day. Thanks for your comment!

  • Adeel Sadiq

    You did a great job inspiring people who wish to travel various places of the world. The photos of the destinations are extraordinary. It is also my dream to travel and see the world someday. I wish my dream will also come true…..