40 Rising Bloggers Who are Heating Up This Summer

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If you’re looking for great up-and-coming bloggers to know, you’re going to enjoy my list I’ve put together.

We would all love for the A-list bloggers to RT our stuff, recognize us, answer our questions, and join our network but the fact is most of them are too busy. We are just a blip on their radar.

Instead a cue from my friend and co-founder of Blogcast FM, Srini Rao, who has spent the last 18 months studying how online relationships are formed.

As Srini wrote in his guide to Relationship Marketing, which I have had the pleasure of reading…

“the power of people at your same level is far greater than you probably realize now.”

The power of your network is huge. Srini is living for free in Costa Rica and surfing everyday due to the relationships he built online. Dino Dogan, co-founder of Triberr, even bought him a free suit to wear for his presentation at Blog World recently. All due to the relationships he’s built online.


Since I have started my blog I’ve read so many blogs and have formed many relationships online. Many I am thankful to call my friends.

Others I’ve just gotten to know through their blogs and look forward to learning more about them.

All the biggest blogs out there started where we are now. The people I have mentioned below won’t be small for forever. Get to know them now before they get big.

One piece of advice. If you find someone that interests you and you want them to notice you, read one of their posts and leave a great comment. They do respond!

The List of 40 Bloggers Heating it Up


Adrienne Smith

Adrienne is one of my first friends on the internet. She’s also one of the nicest, hardest working, focused person I know. A visitor came to my blog once from the search term “Adrienne Smith Zest”. Perfect way to describe her.

She not only writes helpful articles on productivity, affiliate marketing, and blogging, but knows how to build community. Just look at her guest post on Ending the Grind where there are a total of 157 comments! Those are some dedicated fans!

I love her video tutorials because she teaches us in a way a real friend would with a Texas accent thrown into it. If you don’t know her or haven’t said hi, stop by her blog and leave her a comment. You’ll be glad to call her a friend.

See her at her blog, Adrienne Smith.

Annie Andre

Annie calls me her brother from another mother.

In her old life she and her husband were both making six-figure incomes in Silicon Valley. They had anything money could buy. Then they were laid off.

Now she’s much happier as a nomadic family living on the road between Montreal, Maryland and hopefully France later this year.

She has a business selling unique handmade sleeping masks. She’s working on building up more online businesses to become a digital nomad through the Hustle Project like I am.

It’s been great to see her blog and community grow since I first met her. I’m glad to have gotten to know her thus far and looking forward to her achieving her goals and saying “I knew Annie when…”

She also can scream really loud and has $25 that proves it.

You can follow her journey at Practical Ad-ven-tur-o-logy


Marlee Ward

Marlee ended up saying hi to me one day on Twitter. I had noticed her comments on other blogs before. We quickly found out we live only 2.5 hours from each other in Florida.

She is a former attorney who now blogs about helping passionate people build their online businesses.

If you want to see how to do video for your blog, check her out. A natural in front of the camera.

Also one time on Twitter, due to local forest fires and smoke in the air, I asked her to do the rain dance and it rained later in the day. Don’t doubt her powers.

See more of her super powers at Marlee Ward.


Steve Roy

Through Steve’s blog I’ve met a few of the bloggers I’ve listed here. He features guest posts from people who have ended the grind or are trying to end the grind. I’ve been fortunate enough to share my story, Everyone has a Breaking Point.

Steve hates his job like many of us. He’s determined and working hard to free himself from the grind to do what he loves and spend more time with is family.

He’s started a service where he helps bloggers build a better blog, get more traffic and more readers.

If you’ve never been, go and read stories from the grinders, and listen to his podcast of the biggest bloggers, including how he got Seth Godin, at Ending the Grind.


Christian Hollingsworth

I wish I was like Christian before I turned 21…smart and good looking. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and provides value through writing about blogging, social media.

Though he’s been blogging for awhile I know his stuff is getting better and better. He does web design and social media consulting for businesses, loves the outdoors, sings opera and can dog sled. What can’t he do?

Most importantly, he’s an all around great guy. If you haven’t been to his blog or joined his community, do it now. He’s one to get to know.

See him at Smart Boy Designs.


JK Allen

JK is a man who talks the talk and walks the walk. I’ve been fortunate to get to know JK through blogging and he’s always offered his help in anyway possible. I know he’s done the same with other bloggers in this list. That shows you his character.

As he says in his bio, he is obsessed with giving value and building community. He’s done phenomenal in both areas. Not only that but he’s an amazing husband and father to three beautiful kids. You’ll love his writing about personal development. Trust me.

Go see for yourself at The Hustler’s Notebook.


Kevin Douglas

Kevin came to me on Twitter when I first started blogging and asked if I wanted to be in his tribe on Triberr. Coincidently I had looked into Triberr so his invite came at a great time. Since then I’ve learned more about Kevin and his quest to build income online. He’s introduced me to other great bloggers which I appreciate.

He’s traveling to Medillin, Columbia in December but no he’s not a drug dealer. It’s actually a beautiful place now.

He’s an awesome guy to get to know. See him at the Smart Income Blog.



I found Cordelia one day and loved her blog and invited her to join my tribe on Triberr. She’s in a 9-5 job like most of us and she’s had enough. She’s taking action. She describes herself as “a conformity-hating, challenge-loving, fight-the-power writer stuck in an office worker’s body.

Read more of her awesome writing at Cordelia Calls it Quits.


Caleb Wojcik

Caleb writes about personal financial and being debt free for twenty somethings. In a month he’s getting married and he says we’re all invited.

He is looking forward to a new chapter of adventure in his life. He’s lived the textbook life but knows life is much more than that. He’s a smart and a hard working guy so I know he will achieve all his goals. Fellow member of the Hustle Project. I look forward to celebrating his successes.

Learn more from him at Pocket Changed.


Kathy Ver Eecke

In Kathy’s old life she traveled the world, dined in Paris, had a week long meeting on a 120 yacht, met with Hollywood studios and read scripts years before the film was released. Though it seemed like she had it all, it brought stress and a big psychiatric bill as she said on her guest post at Ending the Grind.

Now she’s doing more fulfilling work helping people survive working for entrepreneurs.

She’s convinced me to try chocolate covered potato chips. I told her I’ll be sending her my gym membership bill then.

Read more about Kathy at Working for Wonka.


Jon Knep

Jon is the only person on this list that doesn’t have a blog. I know his blog would rock based on the emails I’ve exchanged with him. I’ve asked him simple questions and he went into so much detail.

I got to know him through Twitter. Don’t be fooled by his simple bio on Twitter. He’s insanely intelligent about marketing and building niche sites. He’s’ on a mission to build online income streams to enjoy life with his little daughter, Mea, and I know he will do what he sets his mind to cause he puts in the hard work.

Follow Jon on Twitter at @jonknep until he gets a blog.


Stella Szeto

Stella is someone who I’ve gotten to know since I started blogging. I love her outlook on life.

I had a 2 hour chat with her on Skype and it could have been 4 hours easily. She’s a former lawyer who didn’t like the grind and wants to do work she’s passionate about that benefits others.

She’s going to Ghana this summer to volunteer. Now she’s creating a new website coming out soon that I know will inspire people to live passionate lives.

I learned she has way more books than shoes so that shows you how intelligent she is.

Get to know her more at Bucket 360.


Julia Tarquinio

Julia just started blogging recently but is quickly building up momentum. Her story is she left her life in NYC to move to Costa Rica to teach, learn spanish, and soak up the sun. You can read more of her back story.

Her blog is a collection of her thoughts and ideas of her life. Her dream is to become a writer so be on the lookout for it one day.

Get to know her more at her blog.

Frank Dickinson

When Frank says he’s a world famous sushi eater, he’s not joking. He loves it. We bonded over a love of sushi after we were introduced through Kevin @Smartincomeblog.

Frank allowed me to guest post on his blog. He writes about internet and affiliate marketing, social media and personal development.

Even better than his blog is his friendliness.

Read more about him at his blog, Frank Dickinson.

Robert Fernandes

Robert is only 22 but understands that life is very precious after losing a friend who was the same age. He just started blogging this year.

He writes about business, personal development and blogging. I love his passion for the subjects and the relationships he’s built online with other bloggers.

He’s done some great interviews with Mark Harai and JK Allen that you should check out.

You can read more at Belief and Action.


Brad Holland

Brad is a family man looking to get out of the 9-5 rat race. He’s one of the funniest guys I know on Twitter. Who knows..he might say I’m one of the unfunniest guys he knows on Twitter.

His writing style is definitely unique and not for everyone. I enjoy it though.

He’s also an insanely talented graphic designer. If you ever need a header made for your blog, contact Brad. If you want to see his work go to Unlock the Door to see the header there. For a limited time he’s doing it for free. Go to his design header graphic page to find out more info and see his portfolio.

Connect with Brad at his blog, Hollandz.

Everyday Language Learner

Aaron got on my radar after he sent a sincere email to me about my writing. He blogs about helping others learn a new language.

An amazing thing he did was write future letters to himself that his mom would mail to him when he turns a certain age. I asked him to write about it and will share his story here soon. His writing is beautiful and full of wisdom.

Read more at Everyday Language Learner.


Lindsay Hunt

The breaking point in Lindsay’s desire to leave the corporate world was when she was going through the Boston airport with her boss when he unleashed hell at TSA for not letting them skip the security line. Hard to believe but it’s true.

She’s now trying to find her dream job and writing about it and helping others. I noticed she’s got a service for writing resumes, job searching, and using Linkedin. Based on her corporate background, she can help.

Follow her at The Boomerang Kid.

Bernardo Mendez

Bernardo is the man when it comes to video blogging. His style is cool, friendly, and caring. Everyday he delivers inspiring messages to living a better life. While reading his tweets, you can’t help but have his positivity rub off on you. A wonderful man you should say hi to.

You can see his videos at Your Great Life TV.


James Clear



I enjoy the Passive Panda from the memorable name (who doesn’t like pandas?) to the the coolest logo I’ve seen on any blog.

The best part is his content provides so much value if you’re looking to freelance or earn more money. If you’re interested in either, you should head over there to read his archive, sign up for his newsletters, check out his products and follow his future posts.

See more at the Passive Panda.

Lori Gosselin

As Lori says she “has always enjoyed talking about, thinking about, analyzing and writing about life and loves community building so for her Life,for instance is a true labor of love.”

Reading her writing and seeing the comments she gets you can see she truly attracts a wonderful community there.

If you haven’t yet, go by say hi and join the discussion at Life, For Instance.


Paul Wu

Paul has come a long way since I first saw his blog. He’s redesigned and gone with a look more aligned to his personal brand. He’s going to grad school for his MBA this fall in Chicago and looking for ways to generate income to help pay for it. When he says he likes to talk about entrepreneurship, he means it. I know he’s going to do big things in the future. Oh and he grows a mean moustache.

See him at I’m a Money Grubber.


Lily Leung

Lily left her job in April 2010 and took off on a one year solo trip around the world. She’s still going. Many dream of doing it but never do. She is now traveling through Europe by rail. I’ve enjoyed following her travel stories and lessons she’s learned along the way.

Follow her at Explore for a Year.


Torrey McGraw

Torrey runs a great website talking to successful entrepreneurs about their grind in hopes of helping your business thrive. His unique features are his video interviews. Well delivered with great questions that will help you in your business. I look forward to seeing his website grow every month. A great guy as well.

See more of the interviews at Grind and Thrive.


Chris Barba

Chris writes about living an extraordinary life through our thoughts, choices, and actions. You can get the sense he enjoys writing and his insights will expand your mind for the better.

You can see him at Think Choose Live


Armand Cruz

Armand has followed what his parents expected from him. He excelled in school. Went to the best university in the Philippines. Now he want to stop that and live his own life. I commend him on discovering now instead of ten years later. His mom may not understand his dreams but he’s still doing what he knows will make him happy.

Follow him at the Lifestyle Scientist.


Stuart Mills

Stuart just finished up his 12 part series called Value 101 where he asked bloggers “How do you provide value?” So many bloggers contributed and his readers loved it. His writing is insightful and draws in a great community of readers.

See more of his content at Unlock the Door


I just found Cara’s blog but I’ve noticed her profile pic for awhile. How can you not like her smile? She’s working on building her ideal life and working at it every day. I look forward to learning more about her and her journey.

You can see her at 17000Days.com


Graham Lutz



Graham has a direct goal. Make $1000 a month and he wants to help others do it as well.

His bigger goal is get into med school to “be instrumental in the advancement of neurological medical technology”. He doesn’t want to put his wife and three kids in a financial hole nor take out loans to do that. So he’s forsaking sleeping now to working on generating income streams online.

See him at One Thousand a Month.


Matt R

Matt started by doing a 30+ day challenge to vanquish his fear of strangers. He decided to keep going and eliminate as many constraints off his constraint list by the age of 30. He blogs his journey and want to help you to remove any physical or mental barrier for a better life.

Follow him at 30 Vanquish


Danny Iny



I’ve noticed Danny all over the internet. He’s a guest posting machine. I think I saw him do a guest post on a knitting blog but I’m not sure!

In all seriousness, if you read his Twitter bio, that completely gives you a great intro to Danny. He runs the red hot Firepole Marketing that is geared towards small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-marketers. He’s getting married this year (congrats!)

Read more about Danny and say hi to him at Firepole Marketing.


Aaron Socci

Aaron describes his blog as “Finding ways to cut unnecessary expenses, figuring out the difference between a “want” and a “need” and living lives that go beyond existing.” He blogs about upgrading his life beyond material reasons.

Follow along on his journey at Upgrade on Life.


Caroline Leon

Caroline is a new blogger and I can relate to her wanting to leave the 9-5, have a life of adventure, live without fear, and help others. Maybe that’s why I’ve enjoyed her writing so far.

She’s also a part of the Hustle Project so I know she’s serious about building an online business to give her financial freedom.

Visit her newly redesigned blog at Life is Limitless.

Steve Bloom

If you want to know about Steve just look at the Twitter handle, “Do Something Cool”. That’s what he does. He is making his life interesting through experiences. He writes about traveling, self improvement and gets you to think outside of the box.

Read more of his writing at Do Something Cool.

Karianna Dillabough

Kaarina is also newer on my radar but I like her inspirational stories, lessons on business and blogging. Judging by the comments she gets, she’s drawn a group of avid readers with her words and personality. I love her smile in her profile. I definitely look forward to more of what Kaarina offers.

Read more at Decide 2 Do.


David Damron



David has accomplished many goals due to sheer determination and a desire to live life to the fullest. He writes to help you achieve your goals from someone who has been there and done that.

He wrote a guide based on his experiences called Destination X which is a guide to accomplish anything.

He recently jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at World Domination Summit.

Learn more about David at Life Excursion.


Eugene Farber


Eugene is all about breaking his own reality through the internet. Eugene took life into his own hands and quit his job on in April because life is too short to be unhappy. He took a leap of faith without a backup job. His co-workers thought he was crazy but to stay longer would be crazier.

Get to know Eugene more at Reality Bursts.


Marianne Worley

I’ve just started following Marianne recently but have enjoyed her comments here and her blog. She writes about marketing, social media, and life lessons. A fun fact about Marianne is that she can recite all the US presidents in order. Very impressive!

Get to know her more at Marketing Matters.

Mind of Allan

Allan has been a reader here and that’s how I’ve gotten to know him. He’s all about living an unorthodox life and helping people along the way. I look forward to keeping up wit his progress.

Read more about him at Mind of Allan

Srini Rao

I have to mention Srini though he’s been blogging for 2+ years. He’s even spoke at Blog World in NY (link to video) recently and is now living in Costa Rica so he can surf everyday. Sounds like a dream life for many. He’s not relaxing yet. He’s only getting started.

He’s not a newbie but he’s got bigger visions for his future. I’m talking media empire. Don’t bet against him.

If you don’t know, he is co-founder of Blogcast FM, which is a must if you’re a serious blogger. Tons of valuable interviews.

He writes about personal development at The Skool of Life.

He’s always looking for up and coming bloggers so be sure to stop by and leave a comment.

See him at The Skool of Life.

Get To Know Them Today

There is my list of bloggers who are heating up this summer!

It took countless hours to compile but I enjoyed every minute of it and they deserve to be featured.

Do stop by their blog, leave a comment and follow them on Twitter. They are all outstanding people doing amazing things!

If you enjoyed this list, please retweet it to let others know about it.

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  1. Hey Benny,

    Just want to say thanks so much for featuring me on this great list! I’m glad you enjoyed the interviews. I know many of the awesome guys you’ve listed on here, but thanks for providing this extensive list, going to check them out and connect. Wow, this must have been mucho work; as usual you showed you care about your readers and take time to produce excellent posts.

    Thanks again bro!

    Tweeting it now…Speak soon 🙂

    • Yes do check them out and connect. All great people!

      Yeah it took easily over 6+ hours to put together, write and edit. I enjoyed doing it though!

      Thanks Robert!

  2. Benny, I am so honored to be featured on this list, especially because the more I read your blog, the more I really respect and admire your mission and your attitude. I’m really glad we found each other!

    This is a fantastic resource for your readers and a really sweet way to get the word out about your fave bloggers. I might do something like this myself. And I’m definitely going to check out the others on this list; it looks like you really found a treasure trove of great writers.

    Thanks again, it really means a lot to me. 🙂

    • Hi Cordelia!

      I had a lot of fun actually putting together this list. I definitely wanted a way to feature great bloggers that I enjoy. All are great people doing great things like yourself.

      Glad we connected too!

      Thanks so much!

  3. Woot woot! Thanks for including me! I can’t wait to check out everyone else that I haven’t connected with yet.

  4. Thanks so much for including me! It was fun to read through the list and see so many familiar faces that I’ve connected with on Twitter or through their blogs. I’m excited to check out the blogs of those I haven’t see yet, too!

    Great post and thanks for taking the time to write it!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad I found your blog too. I’ve enjoyed your writing so definitely wanted to add you.

      Definitely connect with people on this list. They are great people to know and add to your network!

      Thanks Lindsay!

  5. What a great idea for a post–I love finding new blogs. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks Amy. Definitely check out the people that interest you. Read their posts and connect with them. You’ll be happy to get to know any of these people.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Amy!

  6. Benny, wow man, I’m surprised this post only took you 6 hours, as I can just see the amount of time and effort you put into this thoughtful list. I was amazed actually of how many of these folks I hadn’t heard of, and will be sure to check a few out. Huge props that to people like JK, Stu, Kaarina, Srini, Robert, Marlee, and many other great folks that I appreciate from this list.

    Continued excellence Benny,


    • Hi Marcus!

      I was trying to guess how long it took. At least six hours. I noticed my eyes seeing double after awhile from looking at the screen so long. LOL. But I enjoyed it so much. All these people I’ve gotten to know in some capacity and they deserved to be featured! Too often the A list bloggers get all the questions, and make it to the list posts. These bloggers will get big one day.

      Thank you Marcus!

  7. Benny,

    Thank you soo much for including me in the list as the only guy without a blog haha. I wish you including yourself because it’s been awesome watching Get Busy Living grow! And I owe you a reply!


    • Yes you’re unique in that sense! Next time get a blog and I can mention your blog! And please no more dropping iPhones. Ok?

  8. WOW thank you and I am deeply honored to be included on your list! Will definitely be taking advantage of this opportunity to connect with all of these future superstars.

    • Hi Paul,

      I’m glad we have connected! You definitely deserve a place in my list of 40. You’ve come a long way too since I first saw your blog. Love the progress. Keep it up!

      Thanks Paul!

  9. Wow, Benny, what a list – and how cool is it that you included me on it?! 😀

    Seriously, man, I can’t imagine how long this must have taken you, and kudos to you for putting it all together – this is a really great way of getting the summer going. 🙂

    P.S. I don’t recall ever guest posting on a knitting blog… no knitters ever asked me… 😉

    • Hi Danny!!

      You typed “Eugene” but I assumed you meant my name. 🙂 I edited for you. I guess that’s what I get for saying you guest posted on a knitting blog. 🙂

      The list took more hours than I can count. I started going cross eyed from looking at my screen. But I loved every minute of being able to feature great bloggers in one post.

      Thanks for coming by Danny!

    • Don’t deny it Danny. I saw the knitting post! 😛

  10. Thanks for including me in this list of amazing people, Benny. I believe I’m following just about everyone on this list. So, at least I know I’m on the right track!

    I think the biggest superstar on this list you, brother. Get Busy Living has been a great read week in and week out. Continued success, man and thanks for including me with this A list.

    • Man I had to! You reached out to me way back with that Triberr invite. I don’t know what you saw in me back then but thanks!

      That’s great you follow most everyone. You probably know most everyone on the internet anyways. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words Kevin! Now let’s hope for some NFL this fall.

      • Dude, you said it! I’m trying to decide if we should do the league in ESPN or Yahoo.

        And if any other bloggers out there are interested in joining a bloggers only, fantasy football league (if there is a full season this year), let myself or Benny know!

  11. Dammit Benny, now people will see my blog and think – “This guy is a fucking designer…for what?… public restrooms..”

    Yes people, I design the toilet stalls that you frequently urinate on since the two and a half foot porcelain circumference is too small to hit.

    I will say this, THANK YOU Benny for including me in this list of kick ass peeps (not the marshmallow treats). I’m glad that we’ve met and hope to rise to the top with you.

    • …not that the marshmallow treats don’t kick ass…

    • Hahahaha…there might be a market for designing public restrooms. It might be your way out of your 9-5 job!

      Thanks for making me part of the “Kingdom” where only millionaires are allowed in. That should be the new tagline for it! Hahaha!

      Keep up the good work too Brad.

  12. wow awesome to see some of my bloggy friends on here.. way to go 30vanquish!

    Another favorite I love is puttylike.com

    • Hi Janet!

      Oh yes Puttylike. I like that blog!

      I’m glad you follow many of the people here. All great people to know.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and reading Janet!

  13. Thanks for including me Benny.

    While everyone on the internet was possibly “invited” no one RSVP’d, so… no soup for you!

    • Hi Caleb,

      I’m glad I found you and your blog when I first started. Your writing is phenomenal and love the passion you put into it.

      I think the “confirm” button wasn’t working on those invites! Send again?

  14. Thanks for the sweet mention here and thanks for introducing me to a slew of new motivation, inspiration and fabulous writing. Have a great, great week – everybody!


    • You’re welcome Aaron. Thanks for being a long time reader here. I really appreciate that!

      You’re doing great work on your blog. I can tell you’re trying hard to make it an excellent place for language learners.

      Yes do connect with others! All great people.

  15. Wow, I have mixed feelings about being on this list. I don’t know that I deserve it!

    Anyways – you’re already an A-list blogger in my mind Benny. You deserve a whole lot. Your blog is successful because you care about others first, and that’s so very important. When here at your blog, you feel loved, because it’s true. Care and love for others would be some of your most incredibly qualities – if you were to ask of my opinion.

    Thank you for your continued support and dedication. It means more than just text.

  16. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. That’s literally what my dogs just heard as I bounced up and down in my chair. I’m soooo flattered to have made your list Benny. Really. You just made my week!! Thanks so, so much!

    • Kathy that is a great reaction!! I’m glad I made your week! Wow!!

      I’m glad we connected. I know I’m better off having met you. Thanks!

  17. Benny,

    Awe man, what a surprise to be on this list. You made a hustler feel special with this one man. I appreciate that. And when you added:

    “he’s an amazing husband and father to three beautiful kids.”

    …I smiled big time…because to me, that’s what life is about. Thanks man!

    I love that there are a BUNCH of bloggers that I’m unfamiliar with on here…because if you’ve put them the radar – then I know they must be solid.

    Thanks for adding me to the list Benny – I appreciate!

    • Hey JK,

      Yes now the pressure is on those other bloggers to don’t make me look bad now. LOL.

      But many of them I’ve gotten to know here and there and find myself always going back to their blogs. I hope they do go to your blog and join the community there because it’s a great place to be!

      Of course I had to add family man because that’s part of your brand and you live and breath that part. Your recent pics to Disney certainly proved it!

      Thanks JK!

  18. Holy Heck my brother from another mother,

    I thought you were kidding about the write up. This is such an honour. I loved reading through the descriptions of everyone here. OMG, i do not feel worthy. You left out the part of you stalking me online and showing up everywhere i do. LOL…

    Thank you so much for including me in this. You have lots of good Karma coming your way. Well, you already had good karma, now you have extra karma. Can i borrow some. I seem to be short a few.

    Now you have inspired me to return in kindness my own list of awesome people except i don’t think i know this many people. But i’ll try. I honestly don’t know how you think of these creative ways to weave life into your articles. I think you have a true gift Benny…

    one of my favorite write ups was about Christian. I wish i was as wise as him when i was under 21 too.

    • My cheeks are literally going to catch on fire with all this blushing! You guys better stop before I turn into the human torch! 😉

    • You guys are literally going to make me catch on fire – judging by how much I’m blushing right now. You better stop before I get burned away and can’t blog anymore! 😉

    • I wasn’t kidding about the write up! I’m glad you enjoyed the descriptions. That took the longest but I had the most fun on that part. Thinking about what I’ve learned from each person. The ones I knew a little more I wanted to share something unique about them.

      Like I said, the stalking part was a last minute edit. I thought “I better not make Annie look crazy”. Imagine if they read you stalked me and then read you screamed your husbands name to win $25. Hahaha.

      I didn’t realize I had gotten to know this many people till I started adding people. Most I’ve met from them leaving comments here. The others from other people or through Twitter. All are really doing great jobs with their blogs.

      I definitely wanted to add you to thank you for listening to my lame jokes, putting up with me, and constantly making sure I’m not slacking off. 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the write up about Christian. Hahaha. Imagine if we were as wise as he was before we turned 21.

  19. Benny,

    What an honor and surprise to be on your list! I really appreciate it and love all the great content you’re putting out there. You rock!

    • Hi Stella!

      Thank you very much! I hope I represented you well. You’re doing great things too and just wanted to let others know how much YOU rock! We’ll talk soon!

  20. Benny,
    I love lists like these because we get introduced to a whole slew of new bloggers. I’m familiar with a number of these folks but it’s always good to find new, like minded ones.

    Thanks for the inclusion, I appreciate it!

    • You’re welcome Steve! I’m sure there are some here that would be great upcoming ETG guest writers. You’re doing great things on your blog and just wanted people to know that.

      Thanks Steve!

  21. Benny

    All I can say is you are going to be a relationship marketing rockstar and it looks one of the very first assignments in the e-book has worked quite well based on the comments here :). But more importantly what I love about lists like these is discovering a bunch new people that I didn’t know about before. I’m looking forward to going through the list and checking out some of the blogs you mentioned that I didn’t already know about.

    • I know you’re always looking for new rising stars. Lots of gems here. Definitely some future Blogcast FM guests. 🙂

      Thank you for all you’ve done to help me so far!

  22. This is AWESOME! Can’t imagine how much time this took you. Great job with this post Benny!

    It’s quite an honor to be included…thank you!

    I’ve run across a good amount of these great people on the old interwebs already but there are some new faces here. I’ll have to check them out.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Eugene! It took me awhile that’s for sure but I enjoyed it so much! I had a good time writing about the people I’ve gotten to know and what they’re doing.

      Keep up the good work you’re doing! Danny loves to keep calling me “Eugene” for some reason. LOL!

  23. Thanks for the love Benny! Honored to be associated with such awesome people! I got a lot of new peeps to follow. You the man!

    • You’re welcome Torrey. I love the work you put into Grind and Thrive and definitely wanted to feature you. More people should know about it!

  24. Hey Benny, would you mind if I just kept posting comment after comment to make this your most commented post? 😉

  25. Benny,

    Thanks for including me on this list, it’s quite awesome to see people recognize your passion.

    I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone here and continuing along with the journey.

    It’s great to see so many people who want the most out of life!

    Keep up the great work,


    • You’re welcome! I definitely wanted to give people recognition that usually don’t but have great blogs. I see you’ve already connected with Lindsay @theboomerangkid. That’s great!

      Keep up the good work as well.

  26. Wow Benny, you included me into this awesomeness? I’m honored. Time to follow the other 39 people unless I already have!

    • Yes Matt! You blog to help people live a better life. That’s a great thing! So keep up the good work.

  27. wow, Benny! You are seriously the coolest person I know! I was reading this thinking, “awesome! I am on his list!” and then I kept reading to the end and saw Srini’s book and thought “This guy is seriously the coolest dude out there!!”

    I love how you are so motivated in getting what you want out of this! You are working so hard and doing so many things. I am so happy we met because you seem like such a good, smart person and I can learn a lot just by keeping up with what you are doing (hehe). There is NO DOUBT in my mind that whatever your dreams may be, they will come true! Keep doing amazing things 🙂

    • Your comment made me laugh! Thanks so much for what you said! That’s

      Well I’m glad to have met you cause what you’re doing now is really inspiring. You’re off to a great start and I know you’re building momentum every week. I look forward to seeing what you do in the near future!

      Thanks so much Julia!

  28. DUDE! I’m so late to the party, and what a party indeed!
    Thanks for the inclusion with so many great peeps. I’m familiar with most on the list, but for those I don’t know, I’ve got to get in touch with.

    I love what you’re doing here, Benny. It’s clear that Srini is dead on about you and relationship marketing. You’ve got this.

    • No worries Marlee! The party never starts until you show up anyways! 🙂

      I’m glad you said hi to me that one day on Twitter cause I’ve truly enjoyed your content and your videos since then.

      I hope I’ve introduced more people to you because they should definitely go to your blog!

      Thanks Marlee!

  29. I am a former 9 to Fiver who now resides in Guatemala City (most of the time). Great list… Looking forward to checking everybody out… Hope to make the next one!


  30. Wow Benny, that was an amazing tribute, thanks for featuring me amongst such fine people!

    40 bloggers! You’re right, countless hours went into this, but it looks like you’re reaping the benefits – when I did my “20 commenters who you want to have comment on your blog”, that took many hours, but it paid off handsomely.

    Take care Benny, and thanks again! I’m looking forward to meeting so many new bloggers here 🙂

    • You’re welcome Stuart. You’re doing a great job on your blog and deserved to be featured in my list.

      This post took me the longest but it was the most enjoyable for sure.

      Thanks sharing it Stuart!

  31. That’s a real treasure-chest! Now thanks to you, I am going to have many many wonderful hours checking these bloggers out. I am familiar with a few – and really look forward to “knowing” the others. I came by via Stuart’s (http://unlockthedoor.net/) tweet. So happy I did!

    (And also, thanks for making it easy to tweet this :-D)

    • Hello Vidya!

      I’m glad you found me through Stuart’s tweet! Do take your time and go to the bloggers that interest you. All of them are great people and you can find value in what they offer.

      I”m glad it was easy to RT for you! Thank you for that!

  32. Whoa! What a jammed packed powerful post with some amazing bloggers!

    So stoked to have made your list my friend – thank you.

    This post – with all it’s comments and responses is a perfect example of what I preach about “advocating for our advocates.” We when are willing to take the light off of us and advocate for othersw – good things happen.

    Kevin did that for you with me – your awesome guest post on my blog was the result!

    When we advocate – we are doing what Srini talks about it Relationship Marketing – building long-lasting and powerful relationships. Those relationship lead to so many opportunities – proven fact!

    Thanks again Benny – much appreciated.

    Now go snag me some sushi 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words Frank!

      You’re right it’s about featuring other people and that’s what I wanted to do here. These are bloggers who I’ve gotten to know and read their blogs. It’s not every great blog out there of course but just who is on my radar. They deserve to get recognition for the great work they are doing on their blog. Like Srini said, all big bloggers were once where we are now. So there’s going to be a handful of these bloggers who get big and if we want to build a network and lasting relationships, it’s easier to do at this level.

      Hope that sushi was good today!

  33. Awesome post my friend! I’m already following ALMOST everyone here but I’m excited to meet some new peeps.
    Oh yea, and I hope you liked Srini’s ebook! How’s you like the design? Because, well, I did it! 😛

    – Laur

    • Thanks!

      Yes you did a great job on the design. I’ve heard and read Srini rave about it many times. 🙂 Nice!

      Saw some of the video from the FOX road trip. Seems like you had a great time!

      Thanks for coming by!

  34. Awesome list of people to connect with.

    I really like these sort of post, because it’s horrible difficult to find quality people to connect with either in the blogosphere or twitter.

    Although I actually already follow a lot of these people on the list, I’ve only connected with a few of them. That too shall change now, especially after getting the Benny-approval-stamp.

    Thanks for the list Benny and also thanks for adding me to it 😉

    • You’re right Allan. It’s hard to find good bloggers. Recently I’ve found two blogs who are really great but I had no idea about. Later I find out that many people I follow on Twitter, follow these bloggers! So I’ve been missing out for awhile. Lists like this can be great. I just wanted to share their Twitter bio and then share what I’ve learned about them so people can decide if that person is someone they want to know more.

      Glad you follow many of them. Definitely reach out. Read their content. Leave a comment. Share their work. It’s great to build up a network of your people.

  35. Why thank you SO much Benny for mentioning me here in your post. I’m so sorry I haven’t been by earlier. Shame on me! After you said so many nice things about me too! You are SO sweet.

    You’ve definitely given me some homework now my friend. I see some other familiar faces among the crowd but some I’ve never met before. Will be sure to introduce myself and let them definitely know it’s because of you.

    What a fabulous list and I’m sure this did take a lot of time but I also know it was well worth every minute. We all appreciate you sharing with your readers who you have come in contact with and hopefully they will want to drop by and say Hi as well. Thanks again Benny, what a wonderful job on this post. How will we ever top that one?


    • Hi Adrienne!

      Did you notice I put you #1? That was intentional because you have been a supporter of me from the earliest days!

      I know you’re busy commenting on blogs so hope I don’t overload you with so many great bloggers!

      I’ve seen some connections going on in my Twitter streams so I’m so happy about that. Seeing new people connect with each other is the best.

      Thanks Adrienne!

      • I DID notice that my friend and I’m so touched. I’m impressed and so honored that you think of me so highly. I’m just smiling from ear to ear.

        I’ve had a pretty hectic week with other things going on as well so am really behind with my commenting this week which is why I’m so late arriving over here. Playing catch up is hard! 🙂 But I do enjoy meeting new people and reading new blogs so I’ll be anxious to put some time aside and visit some potential new friends.

        Thanks for sharing this with me Benny! I really appreciate it and Twitter is a fabulous way to connect with others too. Glad you are seeing some positive activity happening there.

        The best to you my friend!


  36. Glad to be interacting with a lot of these folks. Definitely a solid list to keep in check!

  37. Cool list! I always love discovering new bloggers.

    Best, Sam

  38. Benny, I can’t tell you how honored I feel to be included on your list. I really appreciate all the work you put into it. Since I’m a total blog-reading junkie, I hit the jackpot with your detailed descriptions. Uh-oh, now my Google Reader is up to 337! Next step–follow everyone on Twitter. 🙂 Thank you.

    • You’re welcome Marianne! I didn’t mean to overload you with more great blogs to follow. LOL. However, some great ones and great people behind them.

  39. Hi Benny,

    It’s a privilege to be included on this list. Thank you. I love finding new people to connect with online and this is a great round-up of people in different interesting areas! Love the high quality of your posts, by the way.

    – Lily

    • Hi Lily!

      I had to add you cause I love what you’re doing and more people should know about it. Keep up the good work and hope your traveling continues to go well!

      Thanks Lily!

  40. Benny,

    Just a quick Thank You for doing this! I spent far too much time checking them out this week and found some great new bloggers to follow 🙂

    • Hi Julie!

      Saw your comment about this post at Cordelia’s blog. Thanks so much! All the long hours I put into this blog post was worth every minute if it helps the bloggers get attention and for others to find great new blogs!

      Thanks so much Julie!

  41. Wonderful List of bloggers you have here. A continuation of people who choose to express themselves through there work. Very neat.

    • Hello!

      Thank you so much. I saw on your blog you mentioned some on this list already. That’s great you already know them.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  42. I follow a lot of these people already and I LOVE them. I can’t wait to check out the few that fell through he cracks. I am sure I will highly enjoy them as well. Thanks for doing the research and finding them for me! You are the best!

    • Hi Meg!

      You’re welcome. It took so long my eyes were going crazy from looking at the screen. But I enjoyed every minute of it and the exposure for these bloggers has been worth it. Plus I’ve seen on my Twitter stream people saying hi to each other. That’s so cool.

      Thanks Meg for your comment, enjoying the list and the RT!

  43. That’s quite the round up.

    I haven’t seen a lot of these, so you gave me a bunch new paths to explore and I thank you for that.

    • Hey J.D., yeah 40 is a lot but I wanted to make it extensive. Take your time and take a look at some of these bloggers and connect with them for sure!

      Thanks for coming by J.D.

  44. Wow, that’s a lot of people. I know some of them and they are definitely great to know. You’ve given me even more blogs to read, Benny. Thanks for that. I love checking out what others have to say. You’re so in-depth!

    • I tried to be as in depth as I could! It’s great you know some of them already. When it comes to blogging different networks definitely overlap. Do take a look at their blogs and connect with them!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Allyson. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  45. Thank you very much for mentioning me in your post. It really made jump for joy.

    • You’re welcome Armand! Now you’ve gotta pressure to keep up the good work. 🙂

  46. I can imagine it took hours to compile! I’m SO honored to be counted among these amazing bloggers Benny, and to be included by you!
    You just made my summer brighter!

    • Hi Lori! i’m happy to have you on the list. You’ve built a wonderful community there full of insight and discussion and more people should know about it!

  47. Benny,

    I love lists. I have found a couple lately and plan on putting all of the people on these lists, on my list of peoples blogs to visit.

    I usually go though comments on blogs and find new blogs there that I have not been to before but this makes it easy.

    Great post and great list.


    Dee Ann

  48. Wow, Benny! Thanks for including me in your list! I’m so late to the party–I don’t know how I missed this before now. But way to go, and I think you make a great point about networking with people early in the game. I look forward to working with you and folks from your list. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Cara! You’r fashionably late so no problem! I have learned to network with people on the same level or who just started. Those are the people really looking for tribes. It’s harder to get into an established tribe.

      Thanks for coming by!

  49. Hi Benny,

    I’m glad I visited your blog today. And what a great list you’ve put out~ I know some of the names and couldn’t agree more, but there are several names here I don’t know. Thanks for giving them the recognition they deserve!


    • Thanks Peggy so much! They all deserve the spotlight for sure! I had so much fun putting this together. Read the reactions of people who have seen it is well worth the time and effort.

      Thanks for stopping by Peggy!

  50. Hey Benny,

    That’s some list! Got some summer reading to do now. Thanks for putting this together!

    • Hey Buck!

      Enjoyed your post over at ProBlogger.

      It is a long list so I know it’ll keep you busy. Thanks for stopping by!

  51. Thanks for including me on this list. You have some great people on here. I’ve been following many of them, but some are new to me so I have to check them out.

    I can imagine how long this list must have taken to make. That just shows that you put a lot of effort into making your posts. Keep up the good work.

    • The list certainly took awhile but I had fun putting it together and writing bios for everyone. I’m glad it got such a great response. Way bigger than I had imagined. I’m glad to be feature bloggers who may not get the attention because we’re all still trying to rise to the top. One day there will be a handful of these people who will be considered A listers for sure. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by Steve and leaving a comment!

  52. Hey Benny, this is my first time on your blog, it’s fantastic! This is an awesome list of blogs – I’ve been looking for some new ones to follow and this should definitely keep me busy for a while 🙂

    • Thank you so much Andrew! I’m glad you my blog. Yes it’s a great list of bloggers there. Definitely get to know as many as you can.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  53. Hey Benny!

    Just stumbled on your blog, am im glad :)!

    Excellent post, just when i needed to find new blogs, ideas and people to connect and learn from!

    Great Job, highly appreciate the time and the effort you put in!

    Cheers Mate,


    • Hi Hasan!

      Thanks for stumbling upon my blog. I’m glad you did as well! Those are some really cool people I’ve met and you should definitely connect with ones that interest you.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  54. Linda Secretan July 29, 2011 at 12:22 am

    This is so much fun, Benny! (…and I would have missed it if not for today’s #ab2011 mastermind!)

    You’d better make it 41. You forgot yourself!

    • Thanks Linda! I had so much fun putting it together. Those 40 people I’ve gotten to know in the five months I’ve been blogging. I missed the mastermind so am waiting for the video replay!

      Thanks for adding me to #41!

  55. Benny, I can’t believe I just found this post today! Someone dropped by my blog that I didn’t know, and I always ask how they found me. They pointed me in this direction, and lo and behold, you’d honoured me with inclusion in this great list. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I really appreciate this great tip of the hat, and delighted to be included among such great company. All I can say is WOW…double WOW and THANKS! Cheers! Kaarina

    • Hey Kaarina! I just went to your blog to see who found you here. I’m happy that Bryce did go to your blog and said hi. That’s what I wanted to with that post. I wanted to feature up and comers and you certainly are one.

      You have a wonderful outlook on life and radiate positive energy. You deserve to be included in that wonderful list!

  56. Heh.. I am a real, live human who breathes oxygen even. 😉 I totally love how you brought in their Twitter bios, clickable too.. such a cool trick I will have to learn. I read and follow many of these folks on a quasi-regular basis, this is quite a list of impressive company. H/T to everyone. FWIW.

    • Hi Davina!

      Thanks for coming by! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Those are some great people on the list and would be worth saying hello to them.

  57. Benny great stuff you put together here. We all can learn from each other and the 40 list is definitely people can enjoy checking out.

  58. Nice intro to the 40 bloggers. Following some of them will surely help the amateur bloggers.

  59. Hey Benny,

    this looks like a great list & nice idea to go for up and coming bloggers – I’ll certainly check some of these guys out (some of whom I know already),

    just when I thought I was tired of ’round-up’ posts, I actually really liked this one 😉

    nice work my friend,

    • Thanks Alan. Welcome to GBL. Thanks for your first comment here! Some of those people are great. Unfortunately some of them have slowed down their blogging efforts. I guess that’s common since the average life os a blog is only three months. Still some of them have grown so much since I created that post. Look forward to hearing more from you!

      • You too Benny,

        I’ll certainly be back here. Part of my problem is there is actually so much great content on the web these days – as you rightly testify to here – that there’s unfortunately more great content than I have the time to digest. Having said that, I’m going to make the effort to have a look around ‘your place’ a little more. I certainly have this oone bookmarked,

        take care,

        • Thanks Alan. I appreciate that. I know I get caught up in consuming content. If I read an article, I can easily spend an hour going from link to link. Too many interesting things to read about. 🙂

  60. Wow…this post is great, and inspiring. I can totally relate too almost blogger you mentioned. We’re all searching for something greater.

    Also, I love this site. This will definitely be one of my daily reads. I get a good vibe from yourself and your readers. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks again! Lots of great bloggers out there and since you just started definitely get to know as many as you can. Thanks for being a part of the community here. Lots of smart friendly people and all working on great things.

  61. Adrienne Smith, Caleb and Rao are my pals. I’ve learnt from them in time past and I continue to. Adrienne is down to earth and always answers when you call her!

    Some other guys here are great as well, seen them some couples of time online too.

    I’m coming up man!


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