5 Blogs Worth Your Precious Time

I love to find great blogs that really speak to me in a way that inspires, inform and motivates me.

With so many blogs out there, it’s easy to find the big blogs but it’s hard to find a diamond in the rough. However they’re out there. Not all blogs resonate with me after I’m done reading them. Sometimes they really do.

I’ve found these blogs through a comment on another site, a guest post, or a RT on Twitter. I’m thankful for being able to find some awesome people.

Here’s a list of great bloggers and a post that I’ve enjoyed so far and will in the future and believe you should too.

El Thompson @ask_el

She retweeted an @reply I made to another blogger. I wondered who this person was. I read her profile and just saw the words “dreamcatcher” and “not working for the man” and knew this is the type of person I want to know better!

I found out she’s also made the list of Problogger’s 40 bloggers to watch in 2011, which is a huge accomplishment!

She writes at Truthpassionjoy.com.Β A recent post of hers really spoke to me about stay inspired to keep writing even when I think my writing isn’t good enough at times.

The Curse of Comparison

I’ve spoken with her briefly on Twitter and email and she’s very friendly you can feel she’s writing you with a smile on her face.

Ana Hoffman @Webtrafficcafe

She came on my radar when Pat Flynn said he did a guest post on her website. His blog is massive so her blog must be great to get him to write a guest post. I was correct.

Her website, Traffic Generation Cafe, helps you increase traffic to your blog through SEO, social media, list building, and get them coming back for more. I found her posts to be so full of information but easy to read. She obviously knows what she’s doing cause her blog has become a place to go to for blog traffic optimization.

She has so many great posts that I’ve read and still have yet to read but the one post that I’m focusing on is getting more targeted Twitter followers. She said in 2-3 months after using Twitter, it became the largest source of traffic.

How Twitter Traffic Became my Largest Source of Referral Traffic: Lessons to Share

I’ve had Twitter for years but never learned how to really use it. However it’s a powerful way to reach an audience and get traffic as she has proved. So I’m taking her suggestions and using it now to gain followers, find great people to follow, and bring traffic to my website.

Also just sharing a couple messages back and forth made me feel how genuine a person she is. Be sure to check out her blog.

Onibalusi Bamidele @youngprepro

Obi is a 17 year old blogger living in Nigeria. He blogs at YoungPrePro He makes a over $5000 a month online. Amazing and just 17 years old! He’s doing something most dream about for their whole lives.

I learned more about him when I read his guest post at another blog.Β He is a master at guest posting having done 300 year last year! To even write 300 posts is impressive enough for your own blog.

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

I believe you can learn from him about how to make money online and his definitive guide to guest posting. I’ve re-read it again and will definitely follow it it when I begin to find guest posting opportunities.

Corbett Barr @Corbettbarr

He’s traded million dollar startups for blogging and making money online. Is he crazy? Some would say but he’s happier than he’s ever been. He took a six month sabbatical with his wife to Mexico that forever changed his life. Now he can work any world in the world with an internet connection.

His writing is phenomenal. You would think he’s been a writer all his life but his blog is only about 2 years old.

I really enjoyed his manifesto he wrote called 18 months, 2 blogs, six figures. Great title and he tells you how he did it. That gave me motivation to know that work and love can co-exists

His latest post talks about his business plan from the beginning and looking ahead towards the future. This is a great business plan for any internet entrepreneur.

7 Phase Plan for Total Internet Domination

Pat Flynn @PatFlynn

You’ve most likely have been to his blog. If you haven’t, it’s worth visiting.

Reading his blog really got me back into blogging. I found his blog through a guest post on Entrepreneur’s Journey. After reading his blog, The Smart Passive Income, and reading his success, it was inspirational. He got laid off from his job and turned into a huge blessing in disguise.

His monthly income numbers are staggering.In January he made $35,000+. However he’s earned it because of the killer content he puts out. It’s all free too. When I first found his blog I tried to read as much as I could because all of it was so good.

And he produces really nice podcasts that are worth listening to.

Because of his blog and success with iPhone apps, I’m a month in to my own app being developed. It’s something I’ve dreamt about doing but learning how he did it gave me the confidence to actually get started! I hope to share more about it when it’s released.


This is a small list now but each of those blogs really packs a powerful punch. They’re having success blogging and making an income online. If you’re not a reader please take the time to see what they’re saying.

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22 responses to 5 Blogs Worth Your Precious Time

  1. Great list here, Benny. El’s blog is new to me, so thanks for pointing me in her direction. I’ve guest posted on Ana’s blog several times and yeah, both she and her blog are great!

    Maybe my blog can make your next list of blogs to read? πŸ™‚ Anyway, thanks for the Twitter follow. Post thoroughly enjoyed and retweeted.

    • Thank you Tristan for reading and the retweet!! I found your latest post somehow. I don’t remember exactly. Just going from one blog to another and read your experience. I thought this guy is someone I definitely want to follow on Twitter and learn from. Then you pop in over here. So truly appreciate saying hello.

      Most definitely your blog has a great chance to make the next list. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Benny

    Cool post – all great blogs and sites.

    Some other ones that are cool too that your readers might like:

    Tristan Higbee at Blogging Bookshelf
    Marcus Sheridan at The Sales Lion
    Ingrid Abboud at The Nitty Gritty


    • Thanks for reading and thanks for the tips. I enjoy finding people who are positive and passionate about what they do. As you can see Tristan posted a few minutes before you. He does have great stuff and just found out about him today. The others I will have to read as well as your blog. Thanks Paul!

  3. Hey Benny, Pat is my favorite too. I don’t know El and Corbett but love to check out their blogs as well. Nice meeting a positive and passionate due like yourself online. Keep up!

    • Thanks Kent! I really do enjoy meeting people like you online. I’ve followed you on Twitter to keep in touch.

      And yes check out both their blogs. They both have great stuff.

  4. Hey Benny!

    Good stuff. The only one that I currently follow right now is the SPI blog, but I’ve been thinking alot recently about how to grow traffic to my own site. How to guestblog and using social media to maximize new traffic sound like essential reads for me. Going to check them out today.

    • From what I’ve read, guest blogging is huge in terms of getting your name out there, traffic and backlinks. Did you read Glen’s free ebook “How to Build a Blog with 10K Subscribers?” Just read it last night. Great info in it. I definitely want to get into guest blogging. Check out Ana’s blog for traffic tips. Also Corrbet’s got another website called thinktraffic.net. Read the post about writing epic shit. It’ll make you want to write awesome content. I left a comment on your blog with some questions!

  5. Hey Benny,
    Thanks so much for including me on your list (and with such illustrious company too!) It’s been great to meet you and connect on Twitter.

  6. Nice, a few i have not heard of. I’m really starting to dig Corbett’s site. He has a practical way about him I really like.

  7. Stop by the Yakezie one day!

  8. Great list, I would also add ViperChill and Entrepreneurs-Journey

    For anyone who’s serious about internet entrepreneurship – these are must reads in my book.

    • Ah yes. I think I learned about Viper Chill after that post. He’s got some crazy stuff there. Crazy in a good way. And yes Yaro’s page is a must read too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Benny,

    This is a cool list. The first one on the list – Truth Passion Joy – is the only blog from your list that I haven’t seen. Thank you for putting this together.

  10. Hi Benny,
    Nice post and all nice blogs listed.
    Onibalusi Bamidele’s blog is new to me, thanks for pointing out. Although today was my first visit to his blog but i really liked it…….

    • You’re welcome. You will find lots of great content on Oni’s and all the other’s blog. Thanks for coming and hope you’ll come back. πŸ™‚

  11. Wow, Benny! I am impressed. I think I know of only one of these blogging giants. They sound really impressive. I’ll have to check out their blogs.

    • Thanks Allyson. I posted that when I first started my blog. Since then I’ve found many more great blogs! I may have to do another post like this in the future.