A Flowchart to Get Things Done

Do it

Is that flowchart talking to you?

Is there something you should be doing? Yes. Do it. No? Don’t f****** lie. <—-Click to tweet

You know there is something you should be doing, but you’re not. Or you are just kind of doing it.

Yes it’s easier to go to your favorite time wasting websites. It’s easier to eat out instead of cook at home. It’s easier to snooze instead of waking up an hour early. It’s easier to not exercise. It’s easier to avoid doing the thing you should be doing.

It’s easier to be in your comfort zone instead of doing something outside of it.

What should you be doing, but you’re not?

In my younger days, guess when my house would be the cleanest? When I had something I should be doing! That was my way to procrastinate.

This flowchart has been in my head because I get tempted to do nothing. It’s just easier! However, doing the easy thing will get me nowhere.

I need that reminder because I’ve been working on a project. Probably the biggest project I’ve ever worked on so far. I want to deliver tons of value and help others achieve a goal that I’ve been able to accomplish.

I’ve spent weekends and any free moment working on it. I’ve had to be slower to reply to emails. I know I haven’t given as much attention to the blog as I would like. I have lots of cool projects I want to do, but it’s not a priority for me right now. I’ve had to tell myself not now.

Sure I’d love to have a lazy day, watch a movie, and be a couch potato, but I can’t afford to waste time now. That flowchart is reminds me when I need it.

What group are you in?

It’s October. There are two groups of people at this moment.. One group that realizes it’s October and only three months left in the year. They should be starting something, but they’ll start in January. That’s what January is for. Next year will be their best year yet!

Another group should be doing something and does it. They want to start something now. Maybe it’s a goal. A goal that could change their life. They don’t want to wait till next year. They’ll get a three month head start on that first group.

The first group has lots of people who will live same old comfortable life the rest of the year. January always signals a fresh start, but every January seems to be like a broken record. The same resolutions and the same goals. This time next year, they’ll be in the same situation waiting another three months to start over again.

The other group is much smaller, but has the ones who want it real bad. They know now is the best time to start. They may have been in that first group before, but now are wiser and smarter. When January comes, they’ve already built some momentum while the first group is just getting ready to start. They also want next year to be their best year yet, but know there’s still time to do something this year.

What group are you in? What group do you want to be in?

Three months left in 2012

That is a lot of time to start something or do something life changing. Don’t waste time doing nothing. You could develop an iPhone app. Start your blog. Write your first book. Lose weight and look great. Do three 30 day challenges. Start new habits. Eliminate bad ones.

If you read 10 pages a day, that’d be 900 pages. That’s 4-6 really great books. Books that could teach you a new skill or inspire you. I’m talking non-fiction books. Sorry no Fifty Shades of Gray.

In 2010, I trained for my first half marathon in three months. I went from overweight and out of shape to the best shape of my life and achieving something I always thought wasn’t possible for me.

I’ll finish this big project in about three months at this rate.

There’s so much you can do in three months! Don’t underestimate what you can achieve in three months.

Is there something you should be doing? If it’s no, you know what the answer likely is. Don’t lie to yourself. Use that flowchart to guide you.

What do you want to achieve before the end of the year? Share with us in the comments and let us help you stay accountable.


P.S. You may be wondering what the big project I’m working on. 

It’s a full course on how to develop an iPhone app through outsourcing. I get so many emails about it, I figure it was time to create a course about it. I’m going to share everything I know about it. For me, outsourcing apps has changed my life and I want to help you develop your first iPhone/iPad app. 

If you want to be in the first class and get started now and not next year, head to App Academy and sign up. It’ll be launching soon!

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(Photo credit: Found it on Reddit)

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39 responses to A Flowchart to Get Things Done

  1. lol! I was expecting this longer, complicated chart and here it is – in your face. Love it! I’ll keep this in mind next time I procrastinate. Simple, easy to remember, and difficult to argue with.

  2. There is no time to waste, time is limited. Keep doing stuff, whatever brings production or aims towards production. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Benny I love this one, there is nothing like being direct and to the point !

  4. it is funny that house would be the cleanest when I had something I should be doing! It happen to me too. You always have nice article and really love and enjoying your blog. keep it up bro.

    • Thanks Ricky! Yeah housework would always be on my mind when I had more important things to do. Now I just try to keep the house clean all the time so it won’t bother me. 🙂

  5. Hey Benny,

    Funny but absolutely true! This is what separates conditional from unconditional entrepreneurs…taking action and then when you’re done taking more action.


  6. I can agree 100% about procrastination but I do think efficiency is more important than just doing. Sometimes I try to sit and work through writers block for hours when I could have better spent that time doing site maintenance or going to the gym and than come back to writing.

    Your post is timely for me because I just launched a 30 day challenge to Flying Free in First Class and I am excited to see the results my readers have at the end of it.

    Good luck with the App Academy and I hope to hear more details about it in the weeks ahead.

    • You’re right Zach. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re getting stuff done. Work hard, but work smart. Hope your 30 day challenge does well!

  7. thanks Benny, this looks simple but that it puts the point way forward.

  8. I laughed until I had tears after seeing the flowchart. This is the most truthful flow chart I think I’d ever see.

  9. I often use the term ‘Perfect = Not Done’ with clients who procrastinate. I think this flow chart is much more effective! Great post and I too laughed very hard when I saw the chart!

    • That’s great advice to your clients. I know I try too much for perfection, but have learned that it’s better to be done than make it perfect. If I try, I’ll never get done! Glad the flowchart made you laugh!

  10. I always find myself fighting the procrastination bug when it comes to executing my projects. I do find that sometimes it is better to think about effeciency of your time and knowing when to take a step back from my project and go to the gym or do some reading.
    This happens a lot when I am trying to make videos for my travel academy or writing the next blog post but nothing is flowing, no pun intended, and I should just step away.

    In good timing with your post I just started a 30-Day challenge to fly in first class anywhere in the world and I am posting all the details on my blog to prove it can be done.

    Thanks for the extra push Benny!

  11. Love it!
    And you are *so* right..It’s amazing how the dust bunnies come out when I want to procrastinate..

    Thanks for the reminder and going to finish off the year strong!

    • I bet there’s a bunch of people who do the same as we do when we want to procrastinate! Now I TRY to keep things clean so it doesn’t tempt me.

  12. That chart is possibly one of the best visuals I have ever seen, period. Really, though, it’s all to easy to jump on the procrastination band wagon and constantly file away things to do, wait for an “appropriate time”, get discouraged. Breaking down the remaining three months of the year into three 30-day challenges was an amazing way to put it. This was a very direct AND very inspirational post.

  13. Thanks for keeping us remind.

    There is few months left in 2012 with lot of things to do. You are right, just do your best, stick to the plan and don’t procrastinate.

    Good luck for your new project my friend

  14. Just chiming in to say the image is amazing. Got my attention!

  15. I’m right in there.

    I am a starter,but stop a lot.

    Got a lot I need to get done. I’m also good at pushing people!!!

  16. Hey Benny,

    i’ve noticed that i’m super busy all the time between working on the blog, freelancing, kids, family and then just living. In my workonline, i noticed that i was doing all this work but it was more like busy work. work that needs to get done, but not necessarily right now and they don’t contribute to the bottom line.
    For the past month, I’ve been writing down 3 high value things to get done everyday that MUST get done before anything else and I’ve definitely noticed a more efficient and productive day.
    There’s nothing worse than working your tail off but having very little to show for it. And honestly, i cannot believe it’s already October. Feels like the year just flew by didn’t it?

    i think your class is going to be a hit.

    • The year has flown by Annie for sure! I can relate exactly to what you’re saying. I’ll feel busy during the day, but get nothing important done. I’ve wanted to do my course for awhile, but something else would come up and I’d work on that. Things just kept coming and I realized it was July-August and my big goal for the year hadn’t even begun! So I’ve been devoting time to it, but it’s tough cause I can’t just drop everything else like this blog, apps, or replying to email. But other smaller things I want to do, like start a podcast, has had to wait for now.

      Always great to read your comments sister!

  17. In 3 months i will review all my college lectures from 1st year to 3rd year, hows that.. hhahahaahha fighting!!!

  18. The chart is very simple, yet its message is not. This is really one of my everyday problems, to get things done. I always end up with excuses rather making things done. And in the end, I regret every single minute I wasted.

  19. Did you create that flow chart? It’s brilliant!!

    I admit I could be way more productive and I’ve been hearing about this get shit done stuff a lot from people who know more than me. I’m dedicated to growing my blog!

    • I wish I can take credit for it Janet, but I found it on Reddit. Made me laugh so hard when I read it cause it’s so true. There is a method called GTD or Get Things Done. Maybe you can learn more about it as a productivity system.

  20. Hi Benny,

    I found you via Adrienne’s blog by the way. Great post, and of course you’re right – and great links! I never realised what an accomplished public speaker Matt Cutts was, I was truly impressed with his Ted speech and that’s besides the content which was also eye-opening, he really shaped up didn’t he?!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts now I’m here.


    • Thanks for coming over from Adrienne’s blog! I love Matt’s speech as well. A 30 day challenge is long enough to try something and make it a habit if we enjoy it.

  21. Benny,

    I really fund the chart genius!

    The question to be asked (not pleasant): what are you doing when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing? This is the problem to be solved. How? Motivate the part that keeps watching TV to do the job suggested by the other part, that wants to build your business (for instance).

  22. Neil Butterfield October 29, 2012 at 4:50 am

    Great post Bennie. It is amazing what can be achieved by chunking projects down to bite size pieces and then applying the daily disciplines. On their own, 10 pages a day is nothing, however over 90 days, 900 is surely significant. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I really fund the chart genius!

    The question to be asked (not pleasant): what are you doing when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing? This is the problem to be solved.

  24. Benny, would you make another flowchart, but one that’s Rated G, please? Would love to tweet or pin it to my kids! Thank you.