A Manifesto Worth Reading to Kick Start Your Life

I really love to find blogs that really connect with my goal of combining work and love. There are many bloggers out there that do it but do it in so many different ways. Finding these bloggers is like a treasure map leading me from one clue to another on the way to everything I want.

I was listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast while on an elliptical machine while vacationing in Taipei, he was talking to Corbett Barr who has created two blogs that is generating six figures. His first blog was Freepursuits.com, which started when he was burned out with his office job and went on a six month sabbatical with his wife to Mexico. He turned that blog and his other venture, Think Traffic, into a mobile lifestyle that brings him a six figure income, freedom to work anywhere, and happiness. It’s where I want to be.

On his blog I saw a post titled “18 months, 2 blogs, six figures”. How can I resist such a title? From his success he decided to create a manifesto to pay back what he has learned. It’s completely free and a gold mine of information.

His free report talks about how he got started and the lessons he has learned on this journey. It’s an easy read. Instructional and motivational. I just keep thinking to myself that freedom to be your own boss, be able to work from anywhere and make more money than my old job is possible when I learn about people like Corbett. Our parents and friends might not think it’s possible or typical but it’s possible to have the work and life balance I am looking for.

So take the time to read his report. I know I’m grateful I came across it and his blog.

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7 responses to A Manifesto Worth Reading to Kick Start Your Life

  1. Hey Benny! Glad you enjoyed the report. It was really fun to write it and share the journey I’ve been on over the past couple of years. Like you mentioned, I really wanted to open up and “pay forward” the generosity that other entrepreneurs showed me when I was first starting. Cheers and good luck!


  2. I read it a while back also…great stuff. I’m really interested to see how far Corbett can go with ThinkTraffic. It really looks like it’s gaining steam lately.

    • ThinkTraffic is a great site as well. It’s definitely worth reading all the time. Sounds like you live an adventurous life Tim! Look forward to seeing your blog up and running. Sounds like you would have a lot to offer.

  3. Yo Benny – I read Corbett’s Manifesto a while ago. I better re-read it since he knows what the hell he’s doing..

    Thanks for the reminder..

    • Hey Brad,

      You reminded me I should take a look at it again too. The first time I read it, it blew my mind man. They guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

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