Charlie Sheen: The Ultimate Life Coach for Winning

Unless you don’t watch television or read the news, then you know well the story of Charlie Sheen being fired from his show Two and a Half Men and his journey from just a television actor/tabloid headliner to Twitter sensation.

He was the highest paid sitcom actor on television ($1.8 million per episode) and made CBS and Warner Bros a plethora of money but drugs, booze, and violent outbursts led to his eventual firing.

Most celebrities would go hiding in their mansion and let their publicists clean up the mess. Instead he says he feels awaken and embracing his life. Charlie has been shot out of canon with so much force that no one expected.

Since then he’s become even more famous. He was the fastest person to ever amass one million followers on Twitter, spawned a series of unforgettable quotes that have gone viral such as “Duh, Winning”. His tour, “Violent Torpedo” is selling out everywhere including Canada. He’s full of tiger blood and making everyone wonder what the hell is tiger blood?

His honesty and free spirited nature is infectious. Some say he’s a train wreck. Others love the attitude of winning and loving life. He talks with the energy of a motivational speaker who’s banged seven gram rocks. Oh wait..he has.

Forget the drugs and the booze. Forget what violent things he’s done in the past. Take away the part of his life you shouldn’t be doing. He’s definitely not a role model. Behind all that and he turns into an unexpected life coach. Charlie Sheen? Yes. Here is a guy who’s high on life and loving it despite the bad press.

Acting wacky makes people wonder if he is still on drugs. He answers by saying:

“I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will be weeping over your exploded body.”

Well thank you Charlie for putting it ever so gently. As far as drug tests are concerned, he’s drug free.

I took all the Charlie Sheen quotes, sorted through the wacky ones, and there are some nuggets of wisdom in there. If you could harness a little bit of that Sheen attitude in a positive way, you could start living a “bitchin life” (his words. Not mine. You’ll see).

Here are Charlie Sheen, the ultimate life coach, giving tips on living your best life. Seriously.


“The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.”

This is something we all should be addicted to. Who doesn’t want to be a winner in life?  He’s spreading that attitude. He’s made #winning so popular on Twitter and in pop culture and fans love it.

Just had the best home cooked meal? Winning. Found $10 in the parking lot? Winning. Had a great night? Winning. Asked a girl for her phone number and got it? Winning. Got an empty seat next to you on the plane? Winning.

Think about things in your daily life that are winning moments. Everyday is full of those moments but too often neglected. Be happy and thankful for the little things in life. It’s like stopping to smell the roses as said Charlie Sheen style.


“Can’t is the cancer of can’t happen.”

I love this one. Just say that a few times to really let it soak in your mind. Charlie’s crazy but he’s absolutely right this time. Can’t is one word that you should never use. Using it brings you down instantly. As Edgar Albert Guest said,

“Can’t is the word that is foe to ambition.”

Some people hear they can’t do something and believe it. Others hear it and it motivates them. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do something. If you believe you can’t do something, then you’ve already lost.


“You make a choice to win and you win.”


Everything you want is attainable if you put your mind to it. Isn’t that what we tell kids? What happened when we got older? Oh you’re taught to think realistically.

Go back to thinking like a kid. You want success? Make a choice to have success. You want happiness? Make a choice to be happy. Want to travel the world? Make a choice to travel the world.

Forget for a moment how you will accomplish those things. They will come. Make up your mind to win and you will win. You must believe in yourself. There’s going to be people stopping you but if your why reason is so strong, you will always win at the end.


“I have one speed. I have one gear. Go”



Rick Vaughn

Ok sure he said this when he was talking about how he parties. However it’s a slogan you can use in life when it comes to getting things done.

Right now he’s living life as if it were his last day. That is how you’re taught to live life. It’s Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn throwing 100 mph fastballs. He could bottle some of that up attitude and sell it along with his t-shirts.

Since being fired, he seems more busy. He’s got a sold out comedy tour. He’s doing web video chats. He’s selling t-shirts. He’s on Twitter. He’s kissing Jimmy Kimmel. It’s go, go, go for him right now.


“Sorry my life has been more bitchin than yours. I planned it that way”

Any successful person could say the exact same thing. However they would have said it in a nicer way. This is just how some with tiger blood says it.

You have the power and resources to create the life you want. Your life isn’t predetermined. Life isn’t about sitting around and waiting for something to happen. As Charlie said, it’s about deliberately making your life how you want it to be. Successful people don’t achieve success because they are lucky. They are lucky because they have been preparing and working at what they want to achieve.

You want to plan a bitchin life? Go ahead. Who says you cannot. You want to plan a boring life? Fine by us too. No one lives in your shoes but you. Decide how bitchin you want your life to be.


“Faith is for winners. Hope is for losers.”


If you keep hoping for something to happen, it will never happen. Reminds me of a quote that I love by Oscar winner James Cameron:

“Hope is not a strategy. Luck is not an option. Fear is not a factor.”

Said from a successful man we’d listen to more than Charlie Sheen but both men are correct. Hoping alone will never get you anywhere. It takes action as well. Hoping for something without action will leading to your life being stagnant. You will never get what you hope for.

It’s like the man who prays everyday hoping to win the lottery. After a month of praying, God finally replies back and tells him to at least buy a lotto ticket!


“I’m still alive, which is pretty cool.”


Yes that is pretty damn cool considering how he has lived life. We all take life for granted sometimes. Moaning about problems large and small. Also thinking about what you don’t have and want you wish you had so you could be happy. How about just being thankful for being alive? That’s a huge gift.



If you’re stuck in a rut or need a little kick in your life,  you could just take some of the Charlie Sheen wisdom and attitude and harness it for yourself. Again, don’t lead his lifestyle of drugs and booze but take feel free to take some winning attitude with you.

If you’ve read this far then you deserve to be a #winner in my book.




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7 responses to Charlie Sheen: The Ultimate Life Coach for Winning

  1. Mr. Sheen has a hilarious talent. While others debate he acts. Perhaps being an actor helps 🙂

    “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.” is what I’m making a nice wallpaper of for myself!

    • I heard his first tour date bombed. People booed and walked out. I think he expected to just show up and do weird things and people would laugh their butts off. Nonetheless it was cause he was hilarious that caused people to buy tickets.

      That is a nice wallpaper to have! I saw your website is under construction. What the premise of it? Looks interesting.

      • I would not have booed and walked out 🙂

        As for my website: I’m currently working on the launch of a little art gallery of mine. It’s simple art and I don’t claim to be talented. But I believe it has to be released. My gravatar refers to what is going to be called Saddlerism.

        PS: I just subscribed to your RSS feed – your posts so far are definitely worth a while.

        • That’s great. Glad to hear you’re doing something you’re passionate about. I look forward to seeing your gallery online when it’s up. Let me know.

          And I read Charlie got a standing ovation on his second tour date. 🙂

          Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Charlie Sheen’s the man, his quotes kill me

  3. Sheen is a genius and a mans man. I have a great deal of respect for Charlie because he lives his life as well as does whatever he wants and in the end he is always a proud happy man. Seriously if something bad happens he doesn’t dwell he moves forward and if something good happens then he is winning like always. Charlie Sheen for president is what I say he has a sharper and more free mind then anyone living.

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