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The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.  No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.  The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  This is the day your life really begins.  ~Bob Moawad

I don’t know your whole story, your background, your current situation, your financial statement, or anything else about you but I can tell you one thing that is a fact.

You can live an epic life.

Before you start thinking of excuses in your head why this statement cannot be true for you, silence that voice for just a moment.

When I say an epic life, it doesn’t mean your life has to revolve around yachts, private planes, or $10,000 bottles of wine. If your dreams are that big, you have a big idea, and you put in the grind behind the scenes, then I have no doubt you can get there.

Just be sure to invite me.

There’s four possible ways you can decide how you want to live your life.

  • Boring– Little risk. Little reward. Lazy. Not much to talk about.
  • Mediocre – Have a paycheck but hate your job. Life seems okay from the outside but lots of complaining. Refuse to take action to correct it. Keep complaining.
  • Above average – You’re moving up. You’re following your passion but something is still missing. You don’t take the extra step needed and quit too easily.
  • Epic – You’re doing what people only wish. You’ve done the unrealistic. Much more difficult but the rewards last a lifetime. You’re in the top 1% of the population.

What is an epic life? For this post, I’m going to just focus on work. An epic life will definitely include all other aspects of your life as well.

You will work 91,520 hours in your lifetime

The beauty of an epic life is that it’s mainly up to you.

An epic life for one person might be being paid to play video games all day, while another would love to write. Someone may love to travel the world on business 300 out of 365 days out of the year, while another loves the feeling of working from home.

One way to gauge how far or close you are to an epic life is to take the dreaded question test, “What do you do for a living?”

If you’re living anything but an epic life, you’ll hate answering it. I know that feeling. It’s horrible.

If it totally rocks, your body and soul feels proud to give that answer every time. You would be happy to keep on talking about it.

The answer shouldn’t completely define you as a person but should give you insight about how your work life is at this current moment.

So take a moment to think what you would answer if someone asked you what you did for a living?

How does it make you feel? If unhappy, don’t be upset at yourself. Like I said earlier, you can still live an epic life.

An epic life is a life of doing what excites you. It doesn’t mean go skydiving, but I see it instead as doing work you’re proud of sharing with the world, getting paid for it, and having the freedom to enjoy life on your own terms.

Let’s be honest, we need to make money. If we’re going to be working, the ideal scenario would be doing something we actually enjoy that allows us to live the lifestyle we want.

The average person working from 21 till 65 will work approximately 91,520 hours! Why suffer for a majority of our life in a miserable job?

To me, an epic life could be summed up like this. It doesn’t feel like work and I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do.


We are the only creatures that can choose our life

How can I say that you can have a remarkable and epic life if I don’t know anything about you?

I do know one thing. You are human. Humans can do something that other animals cannot. We can choose the journey we want to take in life. That is quite unique to the human experience.

Lions are big and strong but if they decide to be vegan and study yoga, that’s not possible. Sharks can’t decide one day to start a blog about cooking seafood dishes and get paid for it. I know it sounds silly, but I hope you get my point.

We, on the other hand, have so many choices. The possibilities are endless and the outcome is determined by us.

Everything that we have become up till now was based on a choice. The choice may have came from you or someone else. There was always a choice.

When we were younger, many of those choices were made for us. But once we became adults, the power to make choices shifted to us. Some have embraced that power while others still let other make the choices.

You had a choice what to wear today. You had a choice of what to eat. You had a choice of how you felt at any moment today. You had a choice to read this far in my post (thank you!).

Those who live epic lives love having the power to choose and take full advantage of it. Those who are struggling, haven’t made many choices. They got lemons and let those lemons rot.

If you let others make choices for you, you’re going to live a miserable life. I’ll tell you that for a fact! I let that happen for the better part of my 34 years.

When I did finally make my own choices, my life completely changed for the better.

  • I hated my job and chose to leave and study in Taipei.
  • I chose to stay past the first three months.
  • I chose to overcome my fear to join kickboxing class.
  • I chose to follow a girl I just met two months ago to Sydney and fell in love.

What happened when I made my own choices? Epic results.   

If faced with choices and you leave it up to someone else to decide, you have given away all of your power. You might as well not be human.

As humans, the ability to choose makes us unique. Why give that power away?

You know what’s going to happen when you don’t choose? You’re going to bitch an complain when things don’t go your way. You’re going to hate life. Life will always be a struggle.

When you’re on your deathbed you will say,

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Not choosing is such a waste.


Who told you life has to suck?


When we were born, we were wide eyed and saw the world as full of possibilities. As we got older, we were told to follow a map given by our parents and society.

I had that map. I was to graduate college, work, make money, move up the ladder, have a family, support the family through meaningless jobs, and then save all enjoyment of life till I’m ready to retire.

Honestly it sucked. I cried. I cursed. I hated life. Finally, I made a choice. I took that map last October 2010 and incinerated it. Now I’m creating my own.

The only map we have in life has a point A and a point B at the end of the pages. It goes from birth to death. That’s all we are guaranteed. We’re all going to get to point B at some point.

However, what you do between those two points what will shape your life.

If anything, it should have lots of zigs and zags. It should never look linear. It should look like the most expensive painting ever sold, a Jackson Pollack. Lots of lines, patterns, and confusing but beautiful to the one who created it.

It should be fill with laughter, love, family, friends, gratitude, giving and excitement. Sure there will be rough stretches but we won’t let that ruin the overall journey.

When we arrive to point B, we will have left our legacy, made sure people knew we were here on this earth, affected as many lives as possible, and have no regrets.

That’s epic.

The next post in this series, I’m going to talk about one thing that you probably have running through you mind. Excuses.

Until then, what does an epic life mean to you? 

What are you doing to make sure you live an epic life? 


Photo by Mat Honan

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88 responses to Choose to Live an Epic Life

  1. Good post Benny….I like to sum it up by a quote from my favorit author who explains it best…

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
    — Hunter S. Thompson

    • That is awesome Brad! I’ve never read that quote before. I’ll add that to my journal of quotes. Sounds like an amazing roller coaster and the feeling afterwards. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another great post, Benny. This is my favorite, and most epic, article I’ve read on your blog!

    I absolutely agree we get to choose what kind of life we have, and if we follow our truth and do the right thing, we can enjoy an epic life.

    One lesson I’ve learned in my life is sometimes I start out on one path and end up on another path. I try not to limit my definition of my epic life, instead I focus on following my truth and open myself to seeing what will happen next!

    I read comments online that suggest many people fear taking leaps of faith, and others are truly stuck in situations by economic or emotional constraints (poverty, family obligations, abusive relationship, etc.). To those individuals I gently suggest that they, too, can choose to live the best life possible and follow their dreams.

    Having experienced poverty, family illness and abusive family relationships myself, I can say the path to changing your life is not always simple or easy, but it is possible. Yes, even for you.

    • Thank you Chrysta. Your comment is very inspring! Just because we go down one path doesn’t mean we have to stay on that path. If other opportunities arise, then it may turn into an even better opportunity!

      There is always a choice. Making that choice (divorce or filing for bankruptcy) is a tough but there is always a choice to be made. I like the easy choices like which ice cream flavor to eat, but there are tough choices we have to make as well.

      I’m glad to hear despite those setbacks you’re on a great path now in life! I love your attitude and outlook on life. Always appreciate reading what you have to share. Thank you so much!

  3. Epic post, Benny! I find it hard to believe that people can NOT be working towards an epic life. I think the one reason may be because people have backed themselves into a corner with a mortgage, a family and a job they really hate. But, you’ve brilliantly pointed out that you don’t have to be tied down by these factors.

    Everyone’s desire may not be to travel around the world, but I don’t believe everyone wants to be trapped behind a job they hate for 30-40, years either.

    Thanks for reminding me that, no matter how old one gets, they should be living their life “epic-ly”. 🙂

    • Hey Kevin!

      I think people expect things to happen for them. They’re waiting for a rock to hit them in the head that came from outer space and inside the rock tells them what they should be doing with their life. I know it’s absurd but so is waiting and hoping without taking action. You’re right that not everyone wants to travel the world. What seems to be the most important is spending more time with their family. That seems to be the biggie.

      It’s making the tough choices when faced with a decision. Sadly too many people are afraid to choose and so stay in the same miserable situation. Thanks for sharing Kevin! Ready for some football?

  4. Hi Benny,
    My job is my paycheck, but my real work lies in other things, like writing. I tolerate the corporate world at this point, but that’s OK cause I know I’m looking for a way out and will take the necessary steps to get there. Only a matter of time.

    Thanks for today’s inspiration…very good post!

    • Hey Joe! I’m in the same boat as you. My job is my paycheck. It has to pay my bills but I write and blog when I’m not working. I’m with you on taking those necessary steps to get there too! I can totally relate. Keep it up!

  5. Great post! I am choosing to live an epic life. Everyday I hope to make strides to make it more and more epic! This is inspirational! We all can do it! 🙂

    • Hey Meg! I know you are living an epic life. If I’m not mistaken, you’re quitting your job soon and traveling right?

      Yes we can all do it and people need to realize they have a choice! I’m glad you understand that.

      Thanks for sharing Meg!

  6. GREAT post as always Benny!

    I work for a company called Be Legendary and so much of what you are talking about resonates with the company values. Inside every person there is an epic life waiting to be had. What that looks like is completely unique to you, but the accumulation of tiny actions are what culminate into a legendary life. It is how you fill the distention from A to B because life is about the journey not the destination.

    You don’t live a life the a sole focus on the desire for it to be labeled as epic. You live a life according to what you believe in and what you truly want to do and THAT is epic.

    Ugh! Such a good post Benny. See you around the web!

    • Hey Chris, great to see you!

      I like that you said “the accumulation of tiny actions” because anything epic that we want to achieve takes those little actions. They may not have any visible immediate results but over time the results will show.

      That’s a great name for a company! Those are some awesome company values. Must be a great place to work.

      Great comment Chris. Thanks for taking the time to share that!

  7. Great post Benny,

    I found you through Rao. Looking forward to more.

    Loved your point about humans being the only life on earth that chooses what it’s going to do.

    That is a tremendous blessing so why would you waste it? I’ve had jobs that I absolutely HATED and others that I would have done for FREE.

    I’ve learned that there is no better choice I can make in my life than to ditch the jobs and activities that are a drain on my life, and focus on the ones that make me HAPPY.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • Hey Bryce,

      Glad you found me through Rao. The power to choose is really amazing and I know so many people take it for granted. They believe they don’t have a choice when in fact there is always a choice to make. Sometimes that choice is so difficult but there is a choice they can make if they want it.

      I totally understand about having horrible jobs and having jobs we would do for free! Why be miserable if you have a choice?

      Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing you in the future here!

  8. Hey Benny,
    This is great stuff! As I read empowering, motivating posts like this one I start to think that spending a few hours in the blogosphere (at least on blogs that I visit) should be mandatory treatment for anyone who is depressed! You can’t spend time “here” and not look at your life in a whole new exciting way!
    Living an epic life – what does it mean to me? It means loving the day you greet – every day, no matter what may come, knowing always knowing there is significance in everything we do.
    Keep up the great writing!

    • Lori, How perfectly put. Absolutely! (and believe me, I should know! Best meds I’ve ever had!)

    • Hey Lori!

      That’s certainly what I hope to do. I know I look to the internet for answers for my problems and for those who’s lives are feeling stuck, I hope to offer them some inspiration. The same goes for your writing. If people just read it, it will be such a benefit for them! Your definition of an epic life sounds great.

      Welcome back to the grid!

  9. Oh yeah…I am so there with you! For about the first 34 years of my life…about the same….so I really resonate with your message. But the last couple years, especially this one…is very much in line with being Epic (if not 100%) — very very close and getting there. I feel much more empowered and life is just really worth living!

    Thank you for this message 🙂

  10. Great post!

    I have found that not only living but striving for an epic life can be epic in itself. For example, I am striving to have the epic life I want while work the grind to pay for my wife and I while she is in school. This journey I am taking is epic. Sometimes good and sometimes frustrating. Epic nonetheless.

    Keep inspiring Benny

    David Damron
    Life Excursion

    • Hey David!

      If anyone is striving for an epic life, I know it’s you. I always can tell you’re constantly pushing yourself to reach new heights. You’re doing the grind, like me, but doing stuff you enjoy on the side. I know it’ll all come together for you. You have that laser focus.

      Thanks for sharing here David!

  11. Hey man, I love this article… you had me with the pic at the beginning. Life shouldn’t boring and mediocre. It should be amazing we all can live amazing lives. Taking a leap of faith sometimes can be the best thing that will ever happen to us. It’s like the saying goes… the biggest risk sometimes yield the biggest rewards

    • Hey Aaron!

      Isn’t that a cool shirt? I might have to find one for myself. Taking big risks do have big rewards and luckily I believe we have a lot of chips to take those big chances without going broke if we fail.

      Like you said, who said life should be boring and mediocre? Life is a gift! Life is the most amazing thing. There’s so much out there in this world waiting for us to experience!

      Thanks for your comment Aaron!

  12. Just a random thought….I’m not sure when Epic became such a legendary word, but for whatever reason it’s become a household name to bloggers faster than the rise of Justin Bieber….Now on to the post, Benny I’m digging this post dude….. The choices you make now dictates the life that you lead… You’ve definitely put things into perspective with that 91,520 hours, that’s about what 44 working years? But I think your being a little generous considering the fact that the average working year has gone up because most people are working long past the retirement age of 65 due to their inability to retire. Let’s just add another 6 years just to make the numbers clean, that’s 50 years working…Half a Century working?!?!?….. From that prospective EPIC is no longer a Luxury, it’s a Necessity…. I Choose EPIC… Thanks For the Post

    • Hey Justin! That word epic is definitely being used more and more. I agree with that. I was definitely being generous with the hours. I based it on 40 hours a week. Of course there are people who put in up to 80 hours a week!

      Yep and more and more people are working later in life. 50 years of working is so long! It is necessary to live an epic life for sure! I sure don’t want to work 50 years in the same job and hating it. I know you don’t either. So let’s live an epic life instead! That’s the point of life. It’s a matter of choosing to make choices and take action to live a life like that.

      Thanks adding to the conversation! Great stuff Justin!

  13. Benny,
    You never fail to hit a home run. This was absolutely what I needed to hear today. This IS what I am doing. I had been fumbling it for a long time.

    Then one day, things changed. I changed. I woke up, whatever term fits best. There really is no point, otherwise, is there? Otherwise, that is exactly what we would be, animals.(from the simplest to the most evil meanings)

    There is such goodness and opportunities in the world, more open now to so-so many people, everywhere. There is such possibilities in reaching out, so many people willing to lend a hand when one is needed, so many folks looking for just YOU (your offering, your business, your input) and now it’s possible to find you.

    I grew up poor, it’s nothing you ever forget, when you understand what poor is. We were poor, but we were a family. My family and the town I grew up in. I feel as if I have always lived my EPIC LIFE. It just took an amazing amount of time to realize it.

    Thanks Benny- this one goes on my Inspiration Board (Kaarina Dillabough). ~Amber-Lee

    • Hello Amber-Lee!

      Life is such a gift. There is the whole world just here for us to enjoy. It’s up to us to go and enjoy what the world offers to us! There is something for everyone. There is an epic life for all of us! You have a great outlook for sure. You see the goodness and opportunities in the world instead of what you don’t have in life. That is a great attitude!

      Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad this post hit a home run for you. That makes me happy to hear that!

      Thanks Amber-Lee!

  14. An epic post by an epic guy living an epic life! Just loved it!

    So many people live so far below their potential. I suppose we all do, at least in certain aspects of our lives. But we can do so much better if we can muster the belief that there is so much more within us to reach out and start rewriting the maps we live by.

    It is so awesome to think that just a very short time ago, you were traveling a map of someone else’s creation. You’re an inspiration to all who are still looking for directions on someone else’s map, Benny.

    Keep doing what you do best!

    • Hey Ken!

      It certainly starts with our belief. We have to believe we are deserving of an epic life. If we don’t, then we never will. If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will?

      Yes I was living a horrible life before! I was angry, sad, and upset! I hated working and not knowing what my passion was. I craved it for so long but I always kept hoping the answer would just fall in my lap. I was thinking my life would be like the movies! I’ll admit I was way wrong. That’s the message i hope so share here1

      I’m glad you enjoyed the epic post Ken! Thank you for your first comment here! I’ll be looking for more from you!

  15. Great post! When you say epic are you referring to Charlie Sheen’s use of the word? He may be a little off the deep end, but he is living an epic life in his mind. I like your point about choosing our epic life rather than just simply live like an animal. Many of your readers are inspired to live an epic life, but if that doesn’t work for you, you should choose to live an epic life because you are not a lion or shark. Be the best human you can be!

    • It’s funny you mentioned Charlie Sheen cause when I started this blog I wrote a post about him being the ultimate life coach. He is off the deep end for sure but he had some great quotes about an epic life for sure. You can’t deny that! Here is that post I watched that interview where he said most of those and it got me fired up. I watched it many times. LOL.

      I believe many people don’t think they have a choice. They think their life are the cards they were dealt and they just have to deal with it. It’s not like that. There’s always a choice that can be made. Sometimes those choices are tough ones so they’d rather be in their bad situation than face it.

      Thanks Buck for sharing your thoughts!

  16. Well you KNOW I loved this post Benny. I guess you told us huh!!!

    I was speaking with a young man yesterday and he’s so lost. I started sharing with him this very same thing and he had a lot of doubts and misgivings. But once I started sharing with him how his thoughts bring into his life certain experiences, he started to understand what I was saying and knew that is was true. He’s now on this same path as a lot of us to make his life epic.

    As always, I enjoy your posts and what you bring to the subject of living our lives to the fullest. I’ll definitely look forward to your next post as well.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.


    • That’s great you’re changing lives Adrienne! So much start from our beliefs. If we have low self esteem, we’re always going to doubt what we can do in life. Having higher self esteem is like having more chips when we’re gambling. We’re willing to take more risks when we have more chips and if we lose, we don’t feel that bad! A low self esteem will make us timid and unwilling to take more chances.

      Thanks for always sharing your wisdom here!

  17. Benny, this is one of those posts that totally hit home for me… Things don’t always go your way, but your response to circumstances makes all the difference. When you realize that you can CHOOSE to live “an epic life,” no matter what, you’ve found true power. Thank you so much this this inspirational article.

    • Hey Andrew! Life is a series of choices. Many people don’t realize that simple fact. You either make them or you don’t. If you don’t make your own choices, then you’ll be a puppet in life. That’s no fun. You certainly have chosen your life and found success online. Now you’ve chosen to be a full time blogger. You’re doing what you want to do and that’s the way to live.

      Thanks for sharing Andrew!

  18. Dude, you’re right on again!  The power of choice is SO important to living an epic life.  I think it’s everything actually.

    So many people just sleepwalk through their days.  Letting everything else in their lives control them.  Just going where the wind blows.

    Wtf yo??  You have ONE life, and it’s a short one.  Are you really gonna not take the reigns and live it the way YOU want?

    I guess I just don’t understand how other people can just let go of all control.  I do know for me though, the more I choose for myself, the more amazing my life’s become.  Or maybe the right word’s “epic”.

    Thanks for another inspiring post Benny.  Now you got my gears turning 🙂

    • I love your outlooks Jaemin! You certainly understand the power of choices. But you probably have friends who think things just happen to them. They’re hoping for one day when the fairy godmother will come grant them a wish. It’s insane!

      Keep writing those stories over there along with your other posts!

  19. Absolutely great post Benny! I loved it!

    I think an epic life is living a life of joy. A life with minimal worry (no worry is impossible isn’t it…no one is perfect). A life of love and companionship. Family and beliefs.

    I live an epic life. Some might not think so but I choose to believe so. I don’t just say it either. I have 100 belief that my life is epic. It’s not complete, it has room to be even more epic…but it’s epic.

    I live within my priorities of life. I spend my time where my time should be spent (according to me). I value my family and know that they are a gift. How could I think life was anything but epic!

    Hope you’ve been well Benny.


    • Hey JK! Yes a life free of worry is impossible. I wish it was.

      I know you definitely take control of your life and make choices to keep you on the path of an epic life. I love how your epic life has developed. Yes there’s always room to make it more epic but I know you’re keeping that momentum all the time.

      Thanks for coming by JK!

  20. Hey – have you been messing with CSS again? Love the new look of your comment section!

    What does an epic life look like for me?

    Like this:

    “When we were born, we were wide eyed and saw the world as full of possibilities.”

    Seeing the world that way as an adult – that’s epic!

    GREAT post Benny – look forward to the next installment.

    • Hey Frank!

      Yes for awhile I was doing so much CSS. Too much fun. I finally had to take a break with it. I’m pretty happen how it turned out! The support forum for my theme was so helpful in helping me make it look like this!

      Seeing the world as a full of possibilities is a great way to live!!

      Thanks for your comment Frank and that really nice thing you said about me on Twitter today!

  21. I think…I hope….I’m slowly moving toward epic. Something about turning 40. Epic sounds much better than mid-life crisis, right? Glad I found you; great post!

    • Hey Ruth!

      It’s a matter how we see it right? It’s like seeing a cup half full or half empty. Epic does sound better than mid life crisis. 🙂 I’m almost to 40 but I think my life is just getting started. The best years are yet to come for you. The next 10 years will come and go no matter what. Just think how you want to spend these next 10 years? Epic would be a great choice.

      I’m glad you found my blog too! Keep coming back cause you have at least one believer right here!

      Thanks for sharing Ruth.

  22. What an inspiring post! At 30 years old I too am in search of an epic life. I could care less about the yacht and mansion I only want to pursue something I’m passionate about that fulfills my soul. After several years I’m writing again and it’s the first time in a looong time that I’ve felt so inspired and eager. I feel energized as opposed to before when I was just bobbing alone on the path you mentioned. Recently I wrote a similar post called “Revisiting Your Childhood to Find Your Passion” that speaks to the same thing. Great job!!

  23. There’s always a choice for everyone. It may be tougher for some but there’s always that choice.

    Epic may mean more grinding.
    Epic may mean more struggles.
    Epic may mean more challenges.

    But who celebrates people with a mediocre life? No one remembers those people.

    So be epic!

    Thanks Benny for the post.
    Liking the picture a lot too!

    • Thanks Matt! I like that shirt too. I love your comment. Epic does mean all those things you said. It’s a struggle and it’s not easy but if it was easy , everyone would be living an epic life. Am I right? It takes blood, sweat, and tears. That’s why only 1% of the population will live an epic life. That’s where you and I want to be. We’ll meet at the top!

      Thanks for sharing Matt!

  24. damn I think I’m only in the above-average group 🙁 I hold myself back a bit to be as EPIC as I can be. But I’m working on that, and I’m improving! An epic life just means living life on my terms and really ROCKING it. I like the last part.. Although at times there are windows of rocking it, but it’s not a constant.

    • Hey Janet! I know you’re working hard on an epic life. As long as you’re moving in a positive direction, you’re doing well. Everyone who is living an epic life now had to start from the beginning. They just made choices and took action to create their perfect life. Just keep your eye on the big goal and move closer towards it!

  25. I love how there is a lot of personal overtones in this blog post. This is basically the only thing I can say because I found this to be entertaining! Keep up the good work and thank you for being there for me – you truly are a really cool guy. Aww Benny. You are awesome.

    • You’re welcome Jonathan! I like to share my experiences to help others. I’m happy to help you out and look forward to seeing you put in the work to see the results. I see you have a $10 challenge going on there! Very interesting. I hope you keep up your posts or else you’ll be a poor man soon! Great way to get motivated though!

      • Benny! I promise you I will not be poor man! I’m motivated and willing to die – because I want to accomplish my goals! By the way I’m sharing this blog with a few of my friends. They’re really digging it… only problem? They wished you wrote more. Mmm?

  26. Benny,

    I have to say I’m really impressed with the evolution of your writing. It’s been really inspiring to see you come out of the gate with such a strong start. As far as living an epic life I’ve said that you should chose a life of experiences over one made of possessions. For me that’s meant riding waves at every opportunity I get. Sure I’ve given up a few things, made some big bets, put it all on the line and even probably lost to some degree. But I’ll never be sitting around wondering “what if”

    • Hey Srini! I’ve been working hard on my writing and thinking quality over quantity here. I appreciate the support on this journey so far! I agree in that an epic life is about experiences instead of possessions. At the end of our lives, we’re going to remember the things we experienced over the useless things we bought. I have way too much of those little things that I don’t need now in my house. They have to go.

      Hope you got some waves too! Thanks for your comment!

  27. Hi Benny,
    I wholeheartedly agree, this is an epic post. I’m going to clip this to my Evernote and read it over and over again. Why? Because today is my birthday and after 36 years of letting someone else make choices for me, I’ve finally decided to be in the driver’s seat. My goal is to be living an epic life by the time I turn 40.
    I know it will be a bumpy ride but it will be worth it.
    Thanks for sharing,keep up the epic work and have a nice day!

    • Hey Theresa! I’m happy this post made you realize you are the only one who controls your life. Have you downloaded my free ebook? I believe it would help you even more by helping you realize you are 100% responsible for you life.

      You can do so much in 4 years! Even just a year can completely change a person. It takes hard work. When it gets tough you have to think, “How bad do I want it?”

      Thanks so much for sharing and look forward to future content to help you live that epic life.

  28. Epic Article Benny!

    I agree with everything.

    My main problem is choosing to do something epic and STICKING TO IT.

    Actually taking steps towards that epic life and keep taking those steps towards it, even when faced with adversity.

    I know what I need to do. I have it all planned out. I just need to take the steps. I just need to stick to it. I just need to do the dirty work.
    Even when things seem to not work out for me or when the situation I’m in seems so overwhelming. I need to realize that all have to focus on is taking one step at a time.

    But it all start with one thing:

    Choosing to do it.

    • Hey Allan! Finally can see your face a little in your gravatar. Nice! Always good to see the face behind the blog.

      It’s hard to stick with it for sure Allan. That’s why most blogs last an average of three months. It’s so exciting at first but it dies down. You need to find your WHY power. If you know why you’re doing something, you’ll have all the motivation you need. When I trained for my half marathon, I knew WHY i was doing it. That made me get up early and go run in the cold! If I didn’t have a strong WHY, i would have stayed in bed many days.

      You’re right it takes action to start but find WHY you’re doing something to get you constantly moving towards your goal.

      Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re doing well.

  29. > You will work 91,520 hours in your lifetime
    I haven’t seen that number before.

    I think a key question is, how much value and how much impact we will make in our lifetime.

    I’m a fan of great achievements and the power of possibility.

    • Hey J.D. That number came from an average of 40 hours of work per week from 21 to 65 years old. That doesn’t account for vacation time or working more or less. Nonetheless, it’s a staggering number.

      I’m a fan of adding value to people’s lives. I feel like I’m getting a taste of that with this blog.

      I know you’re impacting people’s lives because you understand how important that is. We need more people like that.

      Thanks for coming by as always J.D.!

  30. Epic Benny! Couldn’t agree more. I always find this easy and fun to do when I’m surrounded by similarly minded people. Too often though I let myself slide into thinking it’d be “epic” to watch TV 5 nights a week and sleep as late as I want. It’s fun for a week anyway, but I’m not in college anymore, hah.

    Thanks for this reminder. Great seeing all the comments from people who also want to be epic!

    • Hey Deacon,

      It definitely helps when you surround yourself with people who want to do great things with their lives. I get carried away sometimes with TV too. I know with football season coming up, I’m going to enjoy some epic games! But have to remember to do the important stuff first.

      Don’t we all we wish we could go back to college? Ahhhh..that was the life. 🙂

      Congrats on your wife’s new journey!!

  31. For me, the big decision to finally go from Above Average to Epic was writing a book… not just A book, but a really great book — the first in it category, and one that would hopefully stand the test of time — or at least longer than an 18-month shelf life.

    So I did it. It took three years, but I did it.

    Thing is, I thought I would follow that with still more epicness, but what I’m finding is that for me, I’m now thinking I want to define epic as something pretty simple: being part of that top 1% who simply:
    – has healthy relationships with their family
    – has a healthy body and lifestyle
    – has “enough” money
    – has a “nice” home
    – gets to travel, go to the theater, have great experiences
    – express myself creatively
    – has enough time to do all that
    – is truly, consistently happy

    I spent most of my life making compromises in two or more of those areas, thinking it always had to be a trade-off. And I look around and I see almost everyone around me struggling to achieve just what I described there. People achieve it in a few of those areas, but only a tiny handful of people seem to be able to juggle it all. While no one single thing there may be “epic”, the combination of all of them is.

    • Hey Scott! Wonderful comment! Thanks so much.

      You wrote a book? A digital book or one sold in the bookstores? That’s epic for sure. Many dream but few actually achieve that dream. I have a dream to get published one day too. I found I enjoy writing from all this blogging. Hopefully one day.

      Having an epic life definitely needs to include all parts of your life. Too often people work so hard on one part of their life and neglect others. That’s why some celebrities are so messed up. They have fame and fortune but many of them abuse drugs, alcohol and go through divorces like it’s nothing. Their lives aren’t balanced. Having a balanced life in all those areas you just mention would be epic.

      Thanks for sharing Scott!

      • Actually, I’ve co-authored two print books and two digital ones. The main one I’m referring to, The Virtual Handshake, was published by AMACOM (American Management Association). It’s actually available for free download too:

        Since we focused on inter-personal and business issues, not the technology, it’s every bit as applicable today (maybe more so) than when it came out back in 2005. It just doesn’t talk about Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

        Looking forward to reading your ebook. Here’s to life not sucking!

  32. I’d like to live and EPIC life!

    EPIC is one of my favorite words and I like to keep it in my vocabulary. Why not live an epic life? Life is what you make it. If I want to work hard, play hard, and enjoy every minute of my life I will do just exactly that.

    I like how you motivate people Benny. Great job with the blog post.

    I’ll try to live my life to the standards of an EPIC life every and each day!

  33. I believe living an EPIC life consists of doing it BIG. Never setting for anything small but working hard and dreaming larger than life because you CAN have it too. If anyone can get, So CAN YOU!

  34. GREAT t-shirt dude!!! My favorite part is… An Epic Life = The life people WISH they were living…

    That is what I strive for everyday! To be able to surf waves, make music, and work on website projects ALL day long, whenever I get to work it’s my decision. EVERY PIECE Of my day is because I WANT IT!!!

    Great job man!

    Surfs up,

  35. I love the question test that you have here! (What do you do for a living?) So true! And I think it’s so important to remember what you say afterwards: “The answer shouldn’t completely define you as a person but should give you insight about how your work life is at this current moment.” I started answering that question with pride when I started personal training.

    Great post, Benny!

    P.S. Where do I get that shirt?!

  36. We really do have it good because we have the power to chose and control our own destiny. I used to complain a lot in my early 20’s and was always making excuses for my lack of happiness. Once I realized how foolish it was to think like that, my life really started to turn around. Positive thinking and taking action changed my life!

    • Hey Sydney,

      I’m glad to hear positive thinking and action helped change things around! It did for me. Also I realized why I was complaining. Once I knew I had choices and I didn’t have to settle for a crappy life, things became different for me. Don’t forget I’ll be checking up on your TV watching hours! 🙂

  37. Hi Benny. You are so right about if one asks us what we do and we love to offer up a response to that question. I never realized this until I became mature enough to ask people what it was that they do for a living.

    This is an excellent post I see that you are talking about making those informed decisions, those mindful choices. This is the only way for us to be proactive and to be successful in whatever it is that we choose to do. I love this statement, “If faced with choices and you leave it up to someone else to decide, you have given away all of your power. You might as well not be human.” the beauty of being human is our free will. …and with that said, it reminds me of a quote that remarked on regret occurs when we make decisions out of fear. For me, the epic life is about progression. We live, we learn, we make decisions base on these experiences.

    I am looking forward to your next post.

    • Hello Ajen,

      Welcome to Get Busy Living! Thanks so much for that wonderful and insightful comment. Many people don’t realize that they have choices. Some choices are harder to make but there is still a choice. Free will is a beautiful thing. We have to take advantage of it. I like your definition of an epic life. Learning everyday is so important. If we keep learning everyday we will feel young. If we stop learning we will feel old.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for joining the community here!

  38. Inspiring article. However, I disagree that 1% is epic. Everything is epic these days:

  39. I love Benny’s enthusiasm. He’s got a joi de vivre going on. And the comments pop, foam, and bubble with excitement. That’s awesome.

  40. Hi Benny,
    This is Lenia again. Well I just read this post and it is really inspiring.
    I totally agree with you! I had a mediocre life in Paris. I was working for people I didn’t like and doing a job I didn’t like. On April 2011 I decided to change everything. I left Paris and travel around the world for 6 months. This was a very big step for me because I always did what it is “correct” in my life.
    When my travel finished I quit my high salary job and moved back to Chios, an Island of the Aegean Sea in Greece (my home country).
    I am currently doing my best to have what you say: an epic life!

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you.


    • Hi again Lenia! That’s very bold you quit your job. Many people wouldn’t do it. They’d be too scared. However, you did it and I’m sure your life is even better because you’re living your own life.

      Thanks for taking the time to share! I appreciate that.

  41. Why is this article identical to

    Either Benny got ripped off, or Benny ripped someone else off.

    • Wow Nicole! Thanks for pointing that out. He definitely ripped me off. I took at look when I published that post.

      Aug 3, 2011

      His was published Nov 14, 2012 • 12:03pm

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