Every Superhero Has a Rough Beginning


Last week if you read my post “Why We Have to Hustle to Succeed” you may have remembered I mentioned a guest post that would go live on Monday at Ending the Grind.

A month or so ago I was contacted by Steve about doing a guest post after I left a comment at Ending the Grind. He wanted to hear more about my story about how I’m trying to end the grind.

I love movies and love superhero movies. Every superhero has an origin story. Some struggle growing up until they find their powers. Then they begin to understand these powers, if used properly, will lead to an amazing life.

I won’t be flying or swinging between buildings anytime soon but I did share more of my story. At first I wonder how much should I share? How will it be received?

So far I have received some great comments about it, which I truly appreciate because it’s very personal to me.

To join the conversation and learn more about me, please stop by my guest post “Everyone Has a Breaking Point“.

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  • Heading over to read the post now. You’re awesome Benny. Loving everything you’re putting out and creating. Change is coming towards your way this year.

    Just watched X-Men: First Class last night and was inspired. Great movie. It has a good message too. Working to improve your skills and harness the power within, bridle it, so that it can become more powerful and used for a greater purpose.

    There’s so much to learn from the heroes!

    • Benny

      I just came back from the movie! It was great. Loved the young Magneto when he was still good. Stellar acting. It does have a great message you’re right. Harness the powers and skills and put them to good use.

      Thanks Christian!

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