GBL 022: Why not you?

Why Not You? Get Busy Living Podcast episode 22

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why not you? Why can’t you change your life? Why can’t you achieve your dreams? Other people from all walks of life have been able to so why can’t you?

We often doubt our own abilities. We see someone with success and immediately we think that they just got lucky, we’re not that smart, or they must have a lot of money to begin with.

Most of the time that’s not the case. I was speaking with a friend the other day, who is a Roof Depot Roofing Contractor by trade but really should have been a therapist and he said…

Instead of thinking those beliefs that will hold us back, it’s better to think “why not us?” If they can do it, then why can’t we as well?

This blog, my podcast, and my online business are proof to me that believing “Why not me?” at least gave myself a chance to succeed. I used to have doubt that I could really create the life I wanted. Others were doing it and I was jealous of them. I just didn’t have much hope it was possible for me.

I had to change my beliefs just to give myself a fighting chance and that’s what I did. I saw others doing what I wanted to do and thought “Why not me?” If they could do it, I could do it as well.

That’s the topic of today’s podcast. I hope you enjoy it and get you to start believing in yourself even when you can’t see the finish line ahead yet.


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  • You are right. Why not me?

    Inspiring. Thanks

  • Oliver Bilgrav Nisgaard

    Great episode, I would like to see some more episodes on communication/networking though.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I can work on something about communication. I’m not an expert at networking so can’t talk about that though.

  • This was an awesome episode man! WHY NOT ME?!

    That’s an important question to ask yourself because nothing is ever out of reach.

  • Great stuff. I remember seeing that interview after the Super Bowl and thinking what a great mindset.

    There are always low times on the path to success. But hopefully that Starbucks gift card helped you out back then. 😉

  • Ask questions. Make mistakes. Live and learn.

    I discovered your blog today and love it. Please keep posting.