GBL 025: Are you an action taker or just a dreamer?

Get Busy Living Podcast 25

There’s not amount of books you can read, podcasts you can listen to, praying and hoping to change your life without one very important ingredient. That’s taking action.

I’m not talking about doing a little bit. I’m taking about taking massive action. The type that goes on for days, weeks, months, and even years.

No one in life that has their dream life has achieved it without taking massive action. It’s true! Ask anyone and they can tell you what they had to do.

Too many people wish for a better life, but are so afraid to not only take action, but to take that first step. They’re fear failure. They hope for the easy way out They hope it’s painless.

It won’t be and it will never be.

I used to be THAT guy. The one that feared failing again. The one that wanted the perfect outcome with very little work. Too me too many years to finally wise up, but I finally did.

Join me on today’s podcast as I talk about the importance of taking action.

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4 responses to GBL 025: Are you an action taker or just a dreamer?

  1. I’m definitely a dreamer but working to become an action-oriented person, great podcast Benny. Anthony Robbins says it best, the reason why we are afraid to take action is we all want to avoid pain. I’m sure there’s a few people out there like me who have broken promises to ourselves and we just don’t trust ourselves anymore. So we don’t take action to avoid short term pain but eventually it catches up to us long term through low self-esteem and no successful outcomes. It paralyzes you!

  2. great advice. honestly, i dislike the d-word. i cringe every time i hear an adult preach to students about ‘dreaming’. it’s only the first step to dream of something. youth need to hear what success really takes, which is responsibility, self-motivation, practice, consistent dedication. it’s great to have a dream job and know what you want, but you also need to realize there’s a limited number of spots for that job and many of your peers around the country or the world want the same thing. it’s a competition, believe it or not, so treat it as one. compete. want it more. somebody may have more natural talent but there’s no excuse for somebody outworking you.

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    totaly agree! more people should be action takers!
    amazing post!

  4. Great article! People get so wrapped up in the 9-5 and they never take time to pursue their greatest dreams. You really just need to take the plunge!