GBL 026: How to go from Day Job to Dream Job – Interview with Kary Oberbrunner

Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream Job

Are you stuck in a job and so badly want to get out? Do you dread each day you have to go to work? Life is too short to be doing work you hate. We live in a world today where it’s easier to create your dream job. Yes it’s true! Five years ago I wouldn’t have been able to create an iPhone app. It’s easier than ever to publish your own book and keep more of the money through Amazon Kindle. A job used to require being in an office, but now it just takes a computer and internet and that work can be done anywhere in the world.

I really wanted to get Kary on the podcast because he helps individuals find their purpose in life. He helps guide them from escaping their day job to going after their dream job.

He not only wrote about how to do that, but he went through his own escape. He was in a typical job and on his way for a promotion when it just didn’t feel right for him. While many people would think he’d be crazy for leaving a great job, he still did. Now he’s a writer, speaker, and coach working with individuals and organizations on reaching their true potential.

In this interview, I ask him about making that transition. He shares so much great stuff!

A must listen if you want to escape your day job prison. 

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6 responses to GBL 026: How to go from Day Job to Dream Job – Interview with Kary Oberbrunner

  1. Listened to this podcast this morning while sitting on my back deck drinking some coffee. This was one of the first times I’ve listened to a podcast and chose to do nothing else except focus on the content and some note taking. Normally I listen while driving or mowing the lawn. While beneficial, it’s hard to take notes and remember what you heard if you can’t write it down.

    At first I wasn’t sure how relevant it would be as I feel like I am a long way off from my “Dream” job and am not even sure what it is yet.

    Surprisingly though there was some great content and insight that applies to my situation. Kary did a great job of presentation. I especially enjoyed the realization that you don’t have to be an expert on a topic to be successful but only need to know more than a few others.

    Keep up the good work Benny with your insights and the people you choose to interview. I’ve started listening to Hal Elrod’s Podcasts as well.



  2. GREAT podcast Benny & Kary!! Great tips about how to figure out ‘what’ you want to do! Sad but true that people are lazy and I got an ‘ah-ha’ when you said we don’t need to be experts we just need to know more than our target audience. I tend to get lost in thinking I have to ‘know it all’ before I can get started. Thank You Both!!!

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