GBL 028: Lessons from Earning $100K in profit in Five Months

I’m excited to talk about today’s podcast episode because I’ve been working really hard on it this year. In fact it is my full time business now. I was a beginner was I started. The idea of selling t-shirts online sounded great. Liking an idea and committing to that idea to become successful are completely different.

I talk about the business but more importantly I talk about lessons that helped me get to earning six-figures in profit in just five month. I know it seems like some too good to be true story, but it’s not. In fact, there are sellers who are making way more than me.

Four years ago if you told me I could make this much money selling t-shirts, I would have said no way. However, companies like empower individuals to run a t-shirt business with zero up front costs. It’s amazing.

I hope this podcast episode gets you start on an idea you have in your mind

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Tee Inspector (How to get started selling with Teespring)

I know there may be some of you that want to start selling t-shirts after listening to this episode. I don’t have my own course, so wanted to find a course that I’ve bought and gone through that I could recommend. There are lots of courses these days, but this will provide a nice foundation for a reasonable price.


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