GBL 029: Stop Waiting For Life to Get Better


In my podcast episodes, I often address a problem that is common for a lot of people. It’s always a problem I’ve dealt with first hand and I know there are so many others that have that issue.

The problem for this episode is believing that just waiting long enough and good things will start to happen. Yes good things come to those who wait, but those who are waiting are also taking action. Good things don’t come to people who wait around for luck to happen. They’re waiting for someone to come into their lives and grant them three wishes.

In this short, but to the point episode, I give a wake up call to those who need it. It’s for those who wait around for change to happen. (Hint: You’ll be waiting for a very long time.)

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Photo by Juan Antonio Capo Alonso 

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12 responses to GBL 029: Stop Waiting For Life to Get Better

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  4. In my podcast scenes, I regularly address an issue that is regular for quite a few people. It’s generally an issue I’ve managed direct and I know there are such a large number of others that have that issue.

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