GBL 032: Answering a Reader Email – How to turn a passion into a career?

What are Your Skills and Passions - Venn Diagram


In today’s episode I answer an email I received. It wasn’t meant to be answered on the podcast, but it was a question that is very common so I felt it would be helpful to record a podcast episode about it.

A reader is in a job now but wants to do something more fulfilling. She has many passions but doesn’t know how to turn that into a thriving career.

Does this sound like you? I know many of you are in a job that’s going nowhere. You’re tired of just doing the same work day after day. You have ideas of what you like to do, but are unsure how you can monetize that.

It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can be 30 or 50 years old. It’s not too late to change directions and begin doing something on your own. Because running your own business doesn’t require a resume or a job interview so you don’t have to worry about being not qualified or being too old.

And the skills and experience you have gained can be transferred to running your own business.

If this is a question that you have then this is a great podcast episode to listen to.

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