GBL 037: Behaviors We Need to Stop Doing in Order to Move Forward

We all want to make progress and move forward, but sometimes we feel stuck and we aren’t sure why. The answer lies in behaviors that we’re doing, but we don’t realize it’s these things that are holding us back.

These were behaviors I was guilty of doing. I didn’t realize they were problems for me. I thought the answers I was looking for to help me get unstuck were elsewhere. Instead they were always inside of me. I was doing the same things

I talk about these types of behaviors so we’re more aware of them. If we know what they are, we can begin to remove them from our daily lives.

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6 responses to GBL 037: Behaviors We Need to Stop Doing in Order to Move Forward

  1. Great podcast with all good points!

  2. Great podcast Benny – I’ve been guilty of all of these negative behaviours at some point in my life. But it is great to finally break through them and see the results! Release that brake!

  3. Great Tips Benny! Happens way to frequently but, “once aware, behavior beware!”