GBL 041: Stop Searching for Your Passion

My biggest enemy in my 20’s was trying to find my passion. I didn’t know it growing up. I didn’t know it in college so I chose a major that sounded fun and not that practical. After college, I began working in the family restaurant business just to have something to do and make money. Once I figured out my true passion, I’d pursue that.

Years passed and it still didn’t come to me. I read books to learn how others found theirs. I did tests from books to find what I was passionate about. I came up with a bunch of interests but I wasn’t sure if I was truly passionate about any.

After spending my adult life coming up with nothing, I needed another strategy.

I stopped searching for my passion and just followed what I talk about in this podcast episode.

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5 responses to GBL 041: Stop Searching for Your Passion

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  2. A fine podcast, as usual. I too have wasted a lot of time and energy trying to find that “one thing” when in fact I should have been attacking whatever excited me.

    I’ve noticed as well that sometimes it’s the results of doing something that excites me, and not the actual activity itself. For the most part I dislike exercise (although I do moderately enjoy walking and jumping rope, neither excites me by any means). However, the idea of being in shape excites me and I use this to get myself to workout just about everyday.

    You give great advice, as usual. Podcast 19 will always be my favorite, but this was excellent as well.

    • Thank you Mike! Love how you get yourself to exercise. I feel the same way about online business sometimes. There are some activities I don’t like doing, but I want to make money so I have freedom in life so I just do it.