GBL 040: What I’ve learned since quitting my job two years ago

I was looking through the episodes that I’ve done of the podcast and saw the title was from episode 18: One year after I quit my job and went all in. That was recorded in June 2014.

I hadn’t realized the two year anniversary was this month.

That was a major turning point in my life. I had a big decision to make. Do I continue working at my horrible job, just to have financial security and working in my free time to build  up enough online income? Or do I quit to be free and take a leap of faith?

I decided for my own sanity it was time to quit.

I didn’t dwell on whether it was the right decision. I didn’t worry about what if I couldn’t do it. t just focused on how I was going to make money.

Since that turning point in my life, I’ve had many ups but also some downs. That’s the life of an entrepreneur. Many people couldn’t handle it and therefore would rather settle for the comfort of a steady paycheck. Despite being on a roller coaster ride, I wouldn’t change a thing. I make more money now and I’m happier.

In this episode, I talk about the lessons I’ve learned these past two years to help you if you wanted to be your own boss or even help you achieve your dreams.

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