GBL 045: How Do I Find Happiness Within?

Today I have another great question from Nancy, who is a long time listener. Her first question is a question we all have asked ourselves at one point in our lives, but I love how she added the word “within”. She understands that happiness starts with us first.

It doesn’t come from buying stuff. I have a house full of stuff that I bought to try and make me happy and now I’d be happy to just get rid of it.

We would love to make more money, find true love, and get a new job. We incorrectly think that if we can just do that then we’ll be happy.

To truly succeed we have to find happiness within. I go into depth about how to do that.

She also has a question about how to find her next career path and how she can stop feeling sorry for herself.

Listen to today’s episode. It’ll get you to change how you view happiness.

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