GBL 047: Setting Goals the Right Way So You Will Achieve Them

When was the last time you set goals? Have you ever tried to set goals only to see them fail?

If you’re not seeing progress in your life, then I would strongly advise setting goals. I never set goals in life, except for the weak attempts at making New Year’s resolutions. In 2010, I needed to try a new strategy to change my life and I incorporated goal setting for the first time.

A year later I had achieved more than I could have imagined.

Setting goals isn’t just thinking about what you want to do and then that’s it. You will get easily distracted because other things will come into your life. You have no plan and no idea if you’re on the right track or not.

Can you imagine driving to a new city and not see any roadsigns? Also you don’t have navigation to guide you. You would get really lost really quick. Not too long after starting, you’ll turn back around and go back the way you came.

The same happens when you have tried to set goals in the past.

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of the right way to set goals that will be more likely to be achieved.


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