GBL 049: The Power of Small and Smart Choices

People get caught up in making massive transformations in a short period of time. Soon, however, they give up because they haven’t gotten the results they hoped for. They quit running after a week because they’re still overweight. They stop learning a new skill after three months because they aren’t an expert yet.

What they fail to realize is that working hard for a short period of time isn’t the answer.

The way to get huge rewards is from a series of small, smart choices. Even though the results are massive, the steps, don’t feel that significant. They’re like taking baby steps.

These small changes offer little or no immediate results, no big win, no big payoff right away. So why even bother?

Because it works.

People look for the most complex answer when it comes to making changes in their life. They dig into more books. They seek professional help. They refuse to believe something simple every day, done over an extended period of time, can create massive results.

Today’s episode goes over the power of small and smart choices.


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One response to GBL 049: The Power of Small and Smart Choices

  1. Nice post Benny!!! Those small daily habits make such a difference over
    time — much like compounding interest w/ Warren Buffett!