GBL 050: Facing My Fears and Overcoming Them


Last weekend, I spoke in front of about forty attendees at a conference for solo entrepreneurs. It was my first time speaking in public. Doing anything for the first time isn’t easy and scary.

In today’s episode I talk about the preparation for it and how I faced my fears and overcame them.


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  • JeanStar

    Another great episode. It made me realize the grip fear has on all areas on my life. I am so afraid of everything. “Feel the fear but do it anyway” is something I need to start doing. But its soooo hard. Can you talk more about fear in a future episode?

    • Thank you for listening! Yes I definitely will talk more about fear in another episode.

  • Benny! You’re always so real and so open on your podcast! Thank you so much for sharing the fears you had prior the workshop! I can soooo relate!! As a workshop attendee – you did an absolute incredible job. Your heart, passion, and knowledge was felt by everyone in the room. You spoke so well and presented the information in such a clear manner. The stories/examples you shared were awesome too! And for the record – there were many people that I personally spoke with that absolutely loved loved loved your presentation! You rock my friend!!

    • thank you Vicky! I’m glad you told me about those people cause you asked them and it wasn’t like they had to say those things about my workshop. So that’s great feedback! Thank you again for attending mine!

      • Benny! I didn’t have to ask – some of them raved about you during MY WORKSHOP! LOL!!! One guy mentioned you and everyone just jumped in nodding and saying how awesome you and your workshop was! Have an amazing day!