GBL 053: Go on a Media Diet


If you’re a news junkie, you may not be aware of the effect of watching the news consistently. You feel like it’s a part of being a good knowledge citizen, but if left uncontrolled it’ll cause stress and anxiety.


The news understands what gets our attention. It’s the big headlines that shock us. We’re drawn towards that. That’s what sells newspapers and gets us to watch the news.

That negativity sticks with us. If we constantly hear and read about all the bad around us, how will that make us feel? We’re going to worry. We’re not going to feel safe.

It’s not only watching the news that we need to cut back on. It’s social media as well where they buy Instagram views. There are a lot of people on Facebook who love to complain or constantly be negative about everything. That’s not going to help us. Instead it’s going to get us to start thinking like them.

The benefits of a media diet is to feel happier, less stressed, less anxious, and give us more time to focus on information that actually helps us.

After you listen to this episode, I know you will want to go on a media diet.

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