GBL 30: A Story of Regret and Advice For those To Avoid the Same

Recently I saw a couple people share the same story from Reddit.

At first I ignored it, but when I came across it the third time, I felt I should read it. The headline caught my attention. A story about regret from a 46 year old man. Why had it gone viral? I read it and what he said wasn’t anything that others have gone through. I  think it’s because his story is so relatable and he publicly shared it that it became viral.

When reading his story, I just saw a life that so many people live. No matter at what age. Those who are similar to his age realize they have neglected what’s most important in life. They’ve lost their identity.

Those who are younger can feel they are heading down this path and are scared.

In today’s podcast, I share that story and offer my own advice so that you can avoid the same fate.

The original story from Reddit

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3 responses to GBL 30: A Story of Regret and Advice For those To Avoid the Same

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