GBL 048: Why Motivation Overrated and What To Do Instead

“How are you feeling today? Are you ready to go and tackle the day? Are you ready to do what you need to get closer to your goals? Are you pumped up? Great then let’s do this!”

This is what motivating people is typically like. It’s getting them in that mood where they’re ready to do anything, even if that means running through brick walls.

When we feel motivated we feel great. We’re able to focus better on our work. We have more energy. We get things done.

Motivation, however, is like a drug high. It only lasts for a short period of time. Then we’re back to being lazy and spend our time searching for that next thing that will motivate us again to take action.

I tried motivating myself to change my life. Each time I’d feel great for a day ready to make the changes I wanted, but the next morning I would wake up back to my old self.

Where I am in life now, is not because I’ve been extremely motivated every day to put in the work. I don’t wake up every morning seeking out inspirational messages, listen to speeches, or finding quotes hoping it’ll motivate me.

Motivation is overrated. If you’re always saying to yourself that you don’t feel motivated to do anything, then this episode will help you out.

  • I talk about why motivation is overrated
  • I go over how take action even when motivation isn’t there

Book I recommend for this episode

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

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2 responses to GBL 048: Why Motivation Overrated and What To Do Instead

  1. Hey Benny, about to listen to this podcast during my morning run. I haven’t commented in awhile. I just wanted to say thanks for making these. I try to catch each one and they are always helpful!