GBL062: Getting Your Priorities Straight

The month of February was a busy one for me. Three out of the four weeks in the month I was traveling somewhere. I love traveling and it’s one of the reasons I wanted freedom from a 9-5. But when it comes to getting work done, I have a really tough time doing it while traveling.

One reason is that I like to go out in the city I’m in. We were in Los Angeles and Las Vegas early in the month. Those are great cities with lots to do. So the only time I had to do any work was in the morning before leaving and at night before bed. The same when I was in New York City the last week of the month.

Because my time when I could work was so limited in February, I had to choose what I wanted to do. I knew I could not get everything I wanted done. I had to figure out what my #1 priority was.

It wasn’t a hard choice. My business was my #1 priority. Everything else that I needed to get done could wait. That means now my inbox is way out of control. I just didn’t have the time to sit and reply to all the emails. That valuable time was used instead on my business.

And that decision paid off because I had a five figure month selling t-shirts in February. If I didn’t devote the time, I probably would have just done a few thousand.

I know you’re busy too, but I know also you do get free time during the day. It might not be much, but you do have time to yourself. What are you going to do during that time? Watch TV? Get on Facebook? Work on your side hustle? Exercise? Read?

You have to figure out what is important to you so that you can make it a top priority. So when you do have free time, you’re not trying to figure out what you should do.


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