GBL067: My Biggest Obstacle in My Way When I Felt Stuck in My Life

Life has been, many times over, compared to a roller coaster ride; it has its ups and downs. We experience happy moments and we relish those moments. We experience disappointments and then we wallow in negativity. Unfortunately, we tend to experience more of life’s downward spiral than the glorious highs; and oftentimes, we get stuck.

When things were not ideally what I want them to be, I easily slipped into the blame game and blamed everything and everyone else–but myself. There was a point in my life that

I became a very negative person. I complained a lot and naively believe that I wasn’t at fault. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity and of feeling hopeless.

One day, I realized that if I were truly to become a better person, I needed to get to the real root of the problem: me. What I needed to see was that everything that happens to me was largely a result of my choices.

In today’s podcast episode, I tackled a question by one member of our get busy living community about the obstacles I faced when I was stuck. I do feel that it is fitting that we address the question as we each have our own episodes of feeling stuck and wasting away.


  • The obstacles that prevent us from being the person we always want to be.
  • Take responsibility of your choices and your life.
  • Adopt habits that will set yourself up for success.
  • Expand your horizon by opening up to possibilities.
  • The importance of consistency in experiencing meaningful and lasting change.



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