GBL073: Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great 2016 and definitley hope you have an even better 2017.

If you’re like most people you’re thinking about what you want to change and improve this year. You make a mental note of it.

I used to do this, but I have stopped making New Year’s resolutions since 2011.

The simple reason was it wasn’t working. I would always fail. I would always end up making the same ones year after year. If it wasn’t working at all, then I decided to not waste my time making them.

Since I’ve stopped making them, I’ve seen huge changes in my personal and business life.

In today’s podcast I’m going to share why I don’t believe in resolutions and give you suggestions on how to approach making change this year.


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  • Larry Stineman

    Thanks Benny and happy new year.. nice to hear a new podcast. The shopify store is interesting but, like most people, I’ve always been held back by the process of figuring what to sell. Any chance you could do a podcast of blog post that goes through the process you used to choose the niche AND products for your new store?

    • Happy New Year to you! I don’t know if I’ll do a podcast on that because it’s such a niche topic and wouldn’t fit w/ the theme of the podcast. A blog post would be more likely since they can choose to read it or not.

      As for choosing the niche, I’ll be honest the niche my store is in was not something I ever thought I’d be in. Not in a million years. It came from selling t-shirts to them first. I was trying different niches and when I wanted to try a niche I’d come up with an idea or two to try. Lots of times I failed but once in awhile I’d hit gold. So that niche I kept selling to over and over again in 2015. In 2016 I added Gearbubble necklaces to them. They loved it. So I focused on that with them. Then I had some customers ask me if I carried a certain product. I said no cause it’s not something Gearbubble or Teespring could do. But then I looked at a website called Aliexpress to see if it was available there. That’s a website many Shopify sellers use to drop ship products from China. You can find just about anything. I found the product that customers were asking for and I opened my Shopify store, tested out a couple products to see if they would sell and customers were buying. As soon as I saw more sales coming in, I turned to buying wholesale, shipping it to my house, then packing orders from here. Hence the crazy holiday season. But the product came from customers asking for it and the niche just came from testing w/ t-shirts almost 2 years ago and has evolved since. Again never in a million years would I think I’d be selling in this niche. So expand your niches Larry and go outside of what you know. Though I knew not much about this niche when I started, I’ve learned a lot about them now.

  • Hasan