GBL074: Patience: Why you need it and why it’s so important in life and business.

Are you a patient person? Are you willing to wait an hour for your dinner to be cooked and come out? Do you love sitting in traffic jams and having it take 30 minutes to get somewhere that normally takes 5 minutes?

We don’t like to wait. We want to get to where we’re going faster. We want our internet to be fast. We order food and want it out as soon as possible.

When I order a package from, waiting more than 2 days is too long.

This is how our expectations are, but when we expect changes to happen to ourselves and our life situations just as quick, we become disappointed. If it doesn’t happen as quickly as we hope, we give up.

What you need more of in 2017 isn’t knowledge, skills, hard work, or resources. All those are important, but what you need first is patience. If you don’t have patience then you will never finish what you start. You will always start and give up too soon.

In today’s episode I talk more about the importance of patience and why you need more of this in 2017.


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