GBL077: Stop Searching for Your Passion

How often have you heard the advice “Go and find your passion.” Or you will read “Start a business that you are passionate about.”

I think it’s bad advice. It never worked for me. I could never figure out my passion in life. I hoped I would figure it out, but it never came to me.

I suspect many of you are the same way. You know you don’t like the work you do now, but you’re not passionate about anything else. You keep wishing that you’d figure it out, but it hasn’t come.

I think one of the problems with the advice about searching for your passion is that it puts a lot of pressure on us. We think we can just have one passion in life and once we choose, that’s the choice we’re stuck with forever.

That’s how I viewed it and I could never figure out any job that I was that passionate about that I wanted to do.

I got tired of waiting and hoping I would discover my passion. I had wasted way too many years waiting.

Instead I took a different approach and it worked for me. It led me to finally creating the type of life I want. I have the financial freedom to do work that I actually want to do.

That’s what I talk about in this episode. So if you feel stuck cause you haven’t discovered your passion, you will enjoy this episode.


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5 responses to GBL077: Stop Searching for Your Passion

  1. Finding your passion it’s not easy. Some people know from a young age what they want and some are trying to find it all their life. I like what you said about not having just one passion forever. It’s important for people to understand that they can have more than one passion in life.

  2. Some people don’t need a passion. For work anyway. I had a passion, it’s my job – and now the passion is “just a job” – so I found a new one for my spare time. Point beeing – you can have far more than one.

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  4. Purity Kariuki May 29, 2017 at 6:19 am

    nice read,yes at my age am yet to determine my passion,i like a few more things and i think they are all great ways of making money….the best way to go about it is been more creative and open minded,they sky is no longer the limit ….you are the limit

  5. liked your post Stop Searching for Your Passion -everybody has got talent we need to discover it
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