GBL079: Stop waiting to learn everything before you get started

Perfection is the killer of many dreams.

Too many people try to be perfect before they start. They want to learn everything that they can before starting.

Trying to learn everything you can before you start is impossible. Since it’s impossible and you know that it is you will never start. You will always feel like you’re not ready yet. Some people never start a business because they don’t feel it will thrive or don’t have the money, now a days there are plenty of sites that offers unsecured credit for people wit not good enough record, so there is no excuse for not to follow your dreams. You do have to consider your security, for instance, if you want to buy a car you should think about the insurance like at the same time.

I got an email recently where someone asked the wrong question to learn how to get started.

I talk about that and also why you will never learn everything before you get started and why it’s better to learn as you go.

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