GBL082: Goals don’t bring happiness. Happiness brings goals.

We just thinking that if we achieve or change something about us that we’ll finally be happy. It’ll feel like the weight of the world is lifted off our shoulders. Once we reach that goal then we will start to exercise, eat healthy, spend more time with friends and family and travel.

Chasing happiness is usually ends in disappointment.

We also must understand that if we aren’t happy in the first place, it’s more difficult to have the energy, drive, and focus to put in the work towards reaching our goal.

If I’m feeling lazy and sorry for myself, then how will that affect my output? It’ll make a huge difference. I won’t be as effective. I won’t be able to see the solutions I’m looking for.

In today’s episode I talk about why it’s more important to focus on the journey towards our goals and how finding happiness is more important if we want to reach our goals.

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5 responses to GBL082: Goals don’t bring happiness. Happiness brings goals.

  1. Some people will say “goals don’t bring happiness. System does”. E.g. if you’re trying to lose weight, losing 20lbs won’t make you happy until you achieve it but daily training and diet (system) will

  2. Lucas Paseiro García September 5, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    I personally think that happiness is not having goals, once you are fully satisfied, you dont need new goals. Nirvana”!!

    My last goal is creating and, after this, I hope to get my early retirement

  3. Something that has made me happier in recent years is having less pain by using my walking cane seat

  4. Awesome blog post, I really like this way of thinking about hapiness. This really opened my eyes. Goal setting is key. My goal is to do something great for the world with this one:

  5. You are absolutely right about pursuing the happiness. People who concentrate on it usually end up with lower life satisfaction