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(Today is a guest post by Matthew Hooper. I’m still in Las Vegas, so thanks to Matthew for stepping in with a guest post.)

I really appreciate the opportunity to write a guest post here for Benny. The thing that I admire the most about Benny is his get busy living approach to life. There isn’t anyone out there that can argue that Benny doesn’t wait around asking for permission to get busy. He simply gets busy.

There’s an App for That

The most recent example of this is how Benny put his head down and came up with an app for the iTunes App Store. This isn’t an app that just got lost in the depths of the iTunes store, this is an app that quickly became a hit and earned $4,739 in a single weekend! His app later went on to get featured as App of the Week in the iTunes App Store, which turned the app into an even bigger success.

This may appear to have happened overnight but really it didn’t. Benny will be the first one to tell you that he spent seven months getting this app developed. Benny wasn’t an expert in app development when he started. He simply got busy with his idea and turned it into a success because of his willingness to get busy.

Backing Up a Bit

If we backup even further, Benny got to a point in his life where he wanted to set some goals and make a change. He also wanted to get to a point where he was able to earn a living online and live the way he wanted to live. One of the things that he did in the beginning was that he got busy building his internet presence and you can too.

You can start by getting your blog up and running. You don’t even need to be an expert at building websites. The whole process is very simple if you go out and find the right tools for the job. You might be thinking that you can’t build your own website and you might be right. However, let’s rephrase that statement a little. Maybe what you should have said is that you don’t know how to build your own website… right now. Things can change.

Summit Mountains

The internet is changing and advancing at a rapid pace. Things are always getting faster and things are always getting easier. By using a tool like WordPress you can get started building a website in a single weekend.

The first website that you build will probably frustrate you. It’ll probably challenge you. This is because the first time you do something, it’s hard. The faster you get busy building your website, the faster it will be finished. And trust me, it is possible to learn WordPress in a single weekend with the right WordPress course.

The single most important thing to do is to remember that you need to break your goals into next actions. Don’t think about it as building a website. Think of it as getting a domain name, action one. Then think of it as getting a web host, action two. Keep working through all of these actions until your goal is complete and your website is finished. Climb each mountain one step at a time and soon you’ll be on the summit.

Building Out The Hub

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we need to remember that building a solid internet presence doesn’t start (or end) with building a website. However, a website used as a central hub is a vital piece of the puzzle.

A website should be a place for you to draw people back to and a place for you to express yourself. This website provides you with a way to build your presence on the internet and a place for the people that you interact with to learn more about you and what you can do for them. You may reach out and build relationships on social networks but the only way for you to grow your internet presence is with a place of your own. A place for you to build and foster relationships.

To The Point

Regardless of whether or not you want to build an internet presence, create an iPhone app, write a musical masterpiece, grow a prize winning rose bush or learn to ride a bike, there is one thing that is important to remember. Take Benny’s lead and get busy doing it, don’t be scared of what might happen.

If you want to do something, anything, you need to take those first steps and get moving. You’re not going to get any of your goals accomplished if you spend all your time thinking about how you’re going to get from A to Z when you really just need to just learn how to get from A to B and then B to C. By the time you get to Y, getting to Z will be easy.

A Special Offer For You

As a reader of the Get Busy Living blog I’d like to offer you a special discount on “The WordPress Course”. Purchase this just released course before October 21st and receive a $25 discount. Take advantage of this special offer by using the coupon code getbusyliving during checkout.


Matt Hooper just launched a focused training program called The WordPress Course so that you can learn WordPress in a single weekend. You can also get his free report, “A Beginner’s Guide To Building An Internet Presence”.


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29 responses to Get Busy Building Your Internet Presence

  1. As an internet marketer my presence is mostly in the internet. I do my business in the internet and it has successful. You have a good guide. Thanks for sharing on this.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Does this teach you how to take your blogger stuff and transfer it into wordpress? However, still retaining all the facebook likes? In addition, does it talk about fb connect/like/stumbleupon?

    Also, I want to switch my urls to a new host?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      The course is geared towards someone that has never used WordPress before and wants to get a step-by-step guide of the whole process, including setting up a new host.

      However, the course doesn’t specifically cover how to transfer from a different blogging platform. Since you are using blogger, there is a plugin from the creators of WordPress that enables you to import your Blogger blog.

      If your domain and URL structure stays the same then you will be able to keep you likes, etc.

      I hope this helps.

      – Matt

      • Hi Matt,

        Thank you for the information! Do you have a forum if I purchase this product? There is a design I want to do that can require some extra help?

        Or is this course really for neophytes?

        Thank you!


        • Hi Jonathan,

          There isn’t a forum in the traditional sense but within each lesson there is an area for you to ask questions and receive answers, similar to what we are doing now.

          Perhaps you’d be better off hiring a WordPress theme developer if you have a specific theme (or design) in mind that isn’t already available as a free or premium theme. This course doesn’t cover custom theme programming since that is a very specialized area. The course does provide instruction on how to install a theme of your choice and how to perform customization (sidebars, menus, etc.) within the WordPress backend.

          – Matt

  3. I follow Benny on Twitter and really like his stuff, but now I’m really impressed!

    Matthew, I like how you pointed out that we need to break a goal down into attainable steps. That’s key for any goal, not just building an internet presence. Without doing that, most people feel their goals are unattainable- just dreams. With that, they realize each small step will lead them to their goals.

    A WordPress course is a super idea. I don’t care what anyone says, WordPress, if you want a quality set-up, is NOT so simple. Way to fill a need, guys!

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your kind words!

      You’ve really hit the nail on the head. Goals just need to be manageable. From the base of a mountain the peak always looks so far away but the base of the mountain also looks far away from the peak. Getting to the peak is just a series of steps.

      I’m glad that you can appreciate the need for a WordPress course. Even a WordPress installation can be simple when the steps are broken down and a clear path is laid out.

      Thanks again for your comments!

      – Matt

    • Thanks Karen for the kind words!

  4. “If you want to do something, anything, you need to take those first steps and get moving. ”

    Ain’t that the truth. I think a lot of people get stuck researching and reading and never actually DO. Doing and failing is a better learning experience than reading and not doing ever will be.

    • Failing isn’t really failing. It’s just a way for us to find a way that doesn’t work before we actually find a way that does work. Thomas Edison had a quote that sums this up perfectly. After being asked if he was upset that he had failed 1,000 times while trying to invent the lightbulb he said, “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.”

      It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis but the most important thing to do is to simply get started.

    • Doing and failing is actually much more fun than doing research too! A much more effective way to learn. I think this attitude to failing may be dangerous as people sometimes forget that they need to LEARN from their failures, rather than just keep jumping in blindly and failing.

  5. Not being a developer in the tech field, I just had one question: As far as those $4739 are concerned, is that all profit for him, or does he have to kick some of that up/back to someone else (like Apple)? ‘Cause if that’s his net, I’m in the wrong business…

    • The $4739 was profit but I had startup costs. To get started I spend $2020. That was the cost of the app. The website domain and theme. The $99 to Apple so I can sell my app. But the $4739 is what I got, after Apple took their 30% cut.

  6. I can relate so well to the idea of just getting started, Matthew!

    I had no idea what I was doing when I started my blog. I’ve reworked the thing so many times I’m sure those who started following me in the beginning weren’t sure they were going to the same site every few weeks! I could have spent months and months researching, studying, figuring out the perfect way to do it all, and I would probably still be bloggless. Besides, so much is learned on-the-job.

    Benny certainly is an inspiration.

    • That’s the nature of learning something new. Whenever you are just getting started there is always a learning curve. As I am sure that you found out, the faster you get through the learning curve, the faster you’ll be on top.

      – Matt

  7. Hi Matthew,
    If I ever decide to build another website I know how to do it much easier than the first one. My blog is only 10 months old but it feels great when someone links to my posts, adds me on their blog roll or does an interview with me.

    The first 5 months it was hard to just get over 4 comments on my blog.

    • Hi Justin,

      Doing something for the first time is always difficult. After we get through something the first time, the next time we do it is so much easier. Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction.

      – Matt

  8. Getting your blog off the ground can be challenging, but getting your blog in the air and getting some trackion is the hard part. Sometimes you seamed to get burned out just as your starting to make any impact, what’s that about ha!

    • Very true Max, getting a blog built is just the first steps. Making sure people know about you is a whole other story. Again, small steps will lead to big gains.

      What do you do to make sure you get your blog out there so other people can find out about it?

      – Matt

  9. Since you are using blogger, there is a plugin from the creators of WordPress that enables you to import your Blogger blog. I think a lot of people get stuck researching and reading and never actually DO.

  10. Hi Matthew!

    Thank you for sharing those valuable tips with us.

    I would like to contribute by sharing a personal experience of mine. I’ve just recently started a wordpress site of my own. And I’ve been a receiver of generous help from bloggers like Benny from GetBusyLivingBlog, Adrienne from Adriennesmith and Christian from SmartBoyDesigns.

    I would like to share the as someone new to blogging, you really have to set your priorities right and allocate yourself time frames with which to build your blog, write new content for your spanking new site, as well as, getting to know others in the community.

    I made the horrible mistake of not prioritizing my time well enough, and as a result, I ended up spending day after day tweaking my blog code, design, and nitty gritty details (I’m very particular when it comes to design so this added to the nit-picking). Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months.

    I eventually found myself with a site that had very few posts, but a above average design. What this translates to, after doing some reflection, is that every step of your blog building process is important and they’re all correlated.

    By spending too much time on one aspect of your site, and neglecting other important aspects, the site would not be able to function well as a whole. For example, in my case, I spent all my time designing the blog and tweaking the code to my liking. However, I spent very little time getting to know people in the community, and spent very little time writing.

    Getting the blog started is definitely the most challenging part of the entire process, but once you’ve got the momentum going, don’t ever stop!

    Hope this helps others who are looking to start blogs like me 🙂

    Hear from you soon!


    • I have to say that I really agree with what you said Daniel! Too many people starting out get hung up on the right plugins or the right design for their sites. People are often surprised when I tell them to start out with a cheap (or free) theme. Even if you have a big budget, pick a theme, set it up and forget about making any changes for a while.

      When most start out they often don’t have a lot of visitors and the content is more important than the design. A simple, clean design is usually adequate enough. If the site really takes off and is a real hit, themes are easy to change.

      Thanks for the comments.

      – Matt

  11. Hi Matthew,
    I really admire and appreciate the way you have explained toughest task in an easiest way.I do agree that it might be difficult to start a journey with a thought that I’ll have to reach from A to Z,but it becomes more easier when you make-up your mind for climbing step by step like A to B and then B to C..Right now i am running my own WordPress blog and from the very beginning i am doing like same as you have stated here.

    Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable,considerable and important tips with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua

    • Sometimes it all comes down to the way we look at things, perspective. If we build big obstacles for ourselves it’s no wonder we can’t overcome them.

      How are things going with your blog now?

      – Matt

  12. I have the problem often of thinking of things in terms of getting from A to Z as opposed to A to B, etc etc, so I like that you brought that up. I just set my first blog up (well I have the domain name and my friend set it up through his server), and I’ve been reading as many articles about WordPress, blogging, everything I can (which is how I found this site), but it’s been slow going so I’ve been losing some motivation. This article definitely gets the fire going under me again though. thanks!


    • Hey Kayla, thanks for reading. I’m glad you found my blog!

      There’s a famous saying that says a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Building a blog takes many baby steps. As for reading, that’s great but don’t get caught up with being a content junkie. Instead of “ready, aim, fire”, you should be doing “ready, fire, aim”. Reading and learning too much will get your head spinning. Get that blog started and learn as you go. If you’re serious about blogging, email me and I’d be glad to answer your questions.

      Thanks for your first comment here!

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