Get Busy Living in 30 Days

Get Busy Living in 30 Days

Let’s go!

Today is an exciting day!

Not only did I just arrive in Hong Kong for a week, but it’s also the day where I announce the opening of Get Busy Living in 30 Days!

Join now if you want to make 2013 your best year yet

How did this start?

I get a lot of emails with people telling me about their problems and looking for some advice. Some are short, but some pour their hearts out. Many of the situations I can relate to because I used to feel like that.

I reply to as many emails as possible, but I know just one email isn’t going to make a huge impact. It might motivate them to take action, or shed some light on something they didn’t realize, but one or two replies isn’t enough to make a huge dent in their beliefs.

I wanted to do more, but how?

Get Busy Living in 30 Days

So after wanting to do more to help, I decided it was time for to put together a plan of action that goes into more detail on how I finally got unstuck in life.

It covers two years of learning and doing. I’ve found what works for me and now see the truth about what it takes to be happy and successful (in that order which I cover in the course).

It’s called Get Busy Living in 30 Days and it’s a course that’ll help if you’re feeling stuck in life, or you just want to achieve more than you have so far.

It’s going to help reprogram your mind so you’ll be more motivated to create positive change and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals.

What this course also is about is cutting away all the fat and unnecessary advice and focuses on what really matters. What can you focus on that’ll give you the most result?

What do you need to learn first? You need to learn how to walk before you can run. I don’t want you to run a marathon yet. We’re going to be taking easy jogs around the track.

This course is the foundation for everything else you will do in life. Without a strong foundation, you’re not going to be able to build your dream life. You can only build an average one that will crumble after one minor setback.

I’ve taken the best stuff I’ve learned and used the past two years to turn my life around and put it in this course.

How will this course be delivered?

The course will be delivered by email. Once you join, you’ll get one lesson a day for 30 days straight to your inbox. The emails will show you behind the scenes of truly what it takes to be more and do more in life.

They’ll inspire you and give that kick in the butt you desperately need.

Some lessons will have action steps or a worksheet for you to do. It’s an important part of the process.

I chose email because I asked YOU! I did a survey last year to my subscriber list on whether to deliver it an email a day or put it all in an ebook. The majority said one email a day and that was my preference as well.

With one email a day, it breaks down all the information one day at a time.

There will also be a premium package where at the end of the course you will get all the emails and worksheets in a beautifully designed PDF ebook. You can go back and review everything in one place.

Some of the topics I’ll cover in the course

  • Why boring, unsexy, unnoticeable steps will always create massive results.
  • How to release those chains holding you back in life.
  • Why you really feel stuck in life and how to get out of it.
  • How to reboot your mind to get it work more optimally.
  • Why you must find happiness before you can find success.
  • How to properly set goals that’ll empower you.
  • Why you might need to change your friends if you want to succeed.
  • Why a morning routine can be the best thing you do all day.
  • How to achieve more in three months than some do in a year.
  • And much more!

Limited Time Only

The course is open now for registration, but will only be available a limited time until Saturday, March 2nd at 11:59 AM EST. (Registration is closed. Will reopen in the near future).

I want to spend my focus with the first group of students going through their first 30 days and getting their feedback. That’s why I’m limiting registration.

I’ll re-open the course in the future, but not sure when yet.

I’d love to help make this year your best your year.

If you’re ready to finally do something with your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be, I’m ready to help you.

All the risk is on me

I do have a 60 day money back guarantee.

No questions asked. Just send me an email saying you want a refund.

All I ask is that you go through the course, do the worksheets, apply what I’ve taught you. In 60 days after you’ve joined (30 day course + 30 days afterwards), if your life is the same and you haven’t improved, I’ll give you your money back. I don’t want your money if I haven’t helped you.

How’s that for a guarantee?


I wondered if I should add this because it might scare people off, but that’s my goal, so I’m gonna be upfront and honest.

Before you decide, I have one warning. Change is hard.

Years of bad habits and bad thinking is hard to change. Being successful in your life is hard. The process is tedious, tough, and sometimes even boring. Becoming the person you want to become with the life you want is slow and challenging.

Don’t get me wrong. After going through this course and following these steps, you’ll see immediate results.

But if you don’t like to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, be disciplined and committed to changing your life, you’re welcome to turn the TV back on, have the same boring routine and bad habits, and keep hoping your life will change.

I want to be upfront about this because I don’t want you to waste your time if you believe this course is like finding a genie bottle with three magical wishes.

Let’s get started!

Go to the Get Busy Living in 30 website to learn more and join the course.

I look forward to helping you become the person you want to be and do more this year!



photo credit: Xavier Donat

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16 responses to Get Busy Living in 30 Days

  1. Hello Benny

    Congratulations on your new course launch in 2013!! Another epic product coming out from you on the topic of living a life of your dreams :).

  2. Looks awesome Benny! So it’s a 30 lessons for 30 days type class yeah?

  3. Great Benny!! Appreciate for your lessons. One question about the enrollment process is where should I put my email address during the payment process since the web jumped to after click ‘I’m In’. Will that happen after payment process?

    • Hey Tommy! Just continue w/ the process. You will see a place for your email address. You will see it after you pay. A link to the sign up form should be in an email that you’ll get after paying.

    • Hey Tommy, did everything work out? Email me and let me know.

      • Yes, all work great! I have registered the course, and have received the inspirational emails every day since last week. thanks for sharing your experiences and methodologies in your past to cheer our up to get out of suck life. I really like the part in which you describe in-depth thought of your originally mind-set which is not quite correct, somehow, we do believe them in so many years. In the past, I doubted about them, but didn’t do anything to change, your efforts make me feel I’m not alone and I can do something about it.

  4. Hi Benny,
    Why didn’t you make payment arrangements for all countries and those of us who don’t use paypal? I want to pay for the course but that’s not possible now. Hope you make changes cos you’re losing customers here. Thanks

    • Hey T,

      I used Paypal cause it’s easy, but you should also be able to pay with a credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account. Also it should be available to every country. Was yours not? What country so I can look into it and ask Paypal.

  5. I’m in Nigeria. I tried to use my card but the form asks for my paypal password which I don’t have. How else can I pay?

    • Only Paypal and the reason I use it is for protection. It’s easy and free to set up a Paypal account. Then you can link your credit card to it.

  6. I meant to stop by earlier to congratulate your latest project. You’re so driven.

  7. Hi Benny
    Odviously way late on this one. Looks like you got a good take up from the comments back last month when you were setting it up. So hope it went well and will keep my eye out onyour posts for the future.