The Get Busy Living Manifesto

What exactly is a manifesto?

The definition from Webster is “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer”.

Long before I had this blog or even an iPhone app, I created my own manifesto after so many years of not doing anything about the life I had. Sad, frustrated, and fed up, I came home from work one night, typed it, and I put it on my wall.

I didn’t think too long about what to write. I just wrote whatever came to mind.

I reminded myself to stop wasting time. For so many years I wanted change, but didn’t do anything about it. I needed to start making the changes I wanted. I needed to it today, tomorrow, and everyday until I reached my ideal life. No more just trying half way. I needed to be fully committed.

From that moment, the manifesto reminded me every day to remember what I need to do. I’d see it in the morning and before I went to bed. It kept me focused when I felt unmotivated.

It gave me the kick the ass that I so truly needed.

I declared on paper what I was going to do, and I had to make sure I followed through.

Now I want to help kick your ass.

A Manifesto for You

I wanted to create another manifesto for the Get Busy Living community. A way to inspire you if you’re feeling stuck in life.

Use this manifesto to guide how you should approach life.

Use it as a reminder of what you live for and what you stand for.

Get Busy Living Manifesto

Want a copy to print out? Just download the PDF file right here. (click to open in new window or right click to save)

Print it out and put it in a place where you can see it every day.

If you love it, please spread the word. Tweet it. Facebook it. Pin it. Google+ it. I know there’s many out there that need something to inspire and motivate them. There are lots of people out there who feel stuck in life. It doesn’t have to be that way.


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24 responses to The Get Busy Living Manifesto

  1. This is awesome Benny! I have a sheet of inspirational quotes that I have hung up on the wall of my room – this is going right next to it!


  2. Benny – Home run sir. I really love the PDF. Got it in my cube to motivate me to make the escape from cube nation. The whole life is short really hit home with me as I have been to four funerals in the past two weeks and had my best friend almost die from a large blood clot to the lung.
    Keeping your goals always in front of you is the only way to stay positive and remind you why you are doing what you are to get ahead. Like you said in the post ( Feal the fear and do it anyways. My other favorite quote is ( the other side of fear is freedom) Thanks for starting my week off with such great stuff.
    Remember it’s always better to take action and revise latter.

    • Hey Paul. Those are ways to definitely make you realize life is short. Hope your best friend is alright. Hope you make the escape from cube nation soon!

  3. Hi,

    Amazing and inspirational list, I have a similar thing hung up on post-it notes all around my laptop. Love the one about “feel the fear, then do it anyway”. Fear is what holds most people back in my opinion…..

    Great words.

  4. Hi Benny,

    It’s nice to be here. I’m coming over from Adrienne Smith’s 42 blogs worth mentioning pdf. I’m so trilled she gave us this information of valuable blogs.

    She’s great and I visit her blog often. It’s a pleasure reading and commenting on good content. You learn so much and make good friends too.

    Excellent to read this manifesto especially when you come across life’s hurdles. Life has a lot of ups and downs.

    It’s during the downs when you’ll get tested and feel like you want to quit.

    Thank you for giving us something powerful to read especially when we feel down in the dumps.

    It’s then when reading it will matter most.

    Terry Conti

  5. Benny, always on point as usual. I’m pretty sure you know my best amongst the list… anyways, its:


    Since I read that article from you on that topic, mehn, i’ve been a wholte different person with lotta works on the pipeline and doing my best as well to GTD fast.

    As per the movie, I’m trying to bring in some guys to help so we work as a team…


  6. I will definitely post it beside my computer so it always reminds me everyday. thanksfor the share.

  7. ‘Take responsibility’- that’s what hits you and me. It’s really when you admit your faults, your mistakes and to move on can we really reach our goals. We can’t waste time on resentment- I’m actually talking to myself! Let’s get busy living!

  8. Benny, thank you for being so generous and sharing this with us! I also retweeted. ~Connie

  9. This is great Benny! This document is almost to the tee of what I believe in living my life moving nowadays!

    I have my own sources of motivation, but sometimes it just helps to have that visual reminder you can touch, you can feel, and that you can see everyday!

    I will be proudly sharing this !!!

  10. What a great manifesto you have put together here…and how nice of you to share it with every one in a PDF. I am most definitely sharing this on fb and twitter, and printing one for myself. Feel the fear and do it anyways is a phrase I hear quite often and that I like to add to: it’s usually the scariest decisions we make that end up being the best ones.


    • Thanks so much for sharing it Shelia! I could have shared with in return for an email, but I wanted as many people to see it. Thanks for spreading the word about it!

  11. I usually don’t download things like this but yours was straight forward and yet not abrasive. I like it.

  12. Great manifesto Benny! I’m putting it right up there with the Holstee one!

  13. Great manifesto, Benny! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone sat down and created their own personal manifesto or sorts? It would require everyone to think about their lives, their dreams, their character, their personal growth, where they want to go and where they want to be at the end of their lives. Things most people just don;t think much about.

    Great job putting this one together. I can tell it was a work of love. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    • That’d be a great idea Ken! It’d be a great exercise for everyone to do. I’m sure they’d get a lot out of it. I might suggest that to my readers in a future post. Thanks!

  14. Great job Benny! I think it’s very important for us to have reminders like this surrounding us esp. for the days we don’t always feel like doing better for ourselves. I have a manifesto vision board and I def want to add a few of these lines to it (in art form). Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Thanks! A manifesto vision board sounds really great! A great way to stay focused. Glad to hear you’ll be adding some of these lines to it.