Grab Your Get Busy Living Shirts!

Get Busy Living Shirts

Today I’m announcing the first ever Get Busy Living t-shirts for the community! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!

Just as having my own iPhone app was a dream, to be able to produce my own clothing line has been an even longer one! I know a clothing line means more than one shirt, but one is a great start!

I wanted something that can represent what this blog is about. Something that we’d be proud to wear and tell everyone how we are living our lives.


Show your support for Get Busy Living by picking up a T-shirt! Tell the world, you only live an epic life!

Get Busy Living T-Shirts

It’s taken some time to figure out a design, how to get it done, and to find a reputable vendor to print the shirts.

I wanted something we all would be proud to wear. I almost went with a different design, but at the last hour (literally the night before I was to send in the design I wanted), I got the inspiration for this design.

Thanks to Steve Kamb at who introduced me to the company he uses for his T-shirts. It’s small company so they care about the work that’s done.

I had choices for the type of T-shirt to use. One was an American Apparel T-shirt, which many have said is the best T-shirt on the market.

I’ve heard of American Apparel, but had never tried one. So I drove 45 minutes to the closest American Apparel store to try for myself. A bit far, but I needed to know for myself!

I’m glad I did because they are really the most comfortable t-shirts I’ve worn.

Buy It Now

I’ve ordered limited quantity and sizes to start so if you want one, get one now if you don’t want to wait. Once the first batch is gone, I’ll order more.

Here are some details about the shirt:

  • Hand printed eco-friendly ink on a American Apparel 100% cotton Fine Jersey short sleeved T-shirt.
  • The most comfortable T-shirt you’ll wear.
  • $20 and free shipping within the United States! (Extra for shipping overseas)
  • It’s a unisex shirt.
  • Feel 100% more epic. Guaranteed.

Win a Free T-Shirt!

Since I’m really excited about the T-shirts, and in a giving mood, I’m going to do my first ever contest.

I’m going to be giving away ONE t-shirt. Just follow three easy steps!

  1. Leave a comment telling me what you have been doing recently to GET BUSY LIVING. I love to be inspired by what others are doing!
  2. Facebook “Like”(on left) this post.
  3. Tweet about it. Just cut and paste the tweet below.

Loving the new Get Busy Living T-shirts by @Benny_Hsu. Feel 100% more epic! The T-shirt rocks! #getbusyliving

You must do all three in order to quality. The winner be determined randomly.

The contest will end at the end of the day Friday, November 11th EST.


(Note: If I’m out of your size by the end of the contest, you’ll have to wait for the next shipment to come in, but you will get one!!)

(Update: Congrats to Ruth, who won the free T-shirt!)

Also be sure you are a fan of my Facebook page, because I just might be giving away more shirts in the future.

 Finally, thanks to you all!

This has been an amazing year and it just gets better. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I enjoy every single comment, tweet, Facebook comment, and e-mail from you. Keep them coming. You all are the best!


Now get a shirt and be a part of the Get Busy Living community!



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  • That’s a sweet shirt! It reminds me of Run DMC shirts I see all the time. But with a favorite quote of mine. Keep up the great work man!

    • Thanks so much Ryna for the feedback! I had a fun time creating it. Hope to spread the word about the shirts. You’ve got a cool looking Gravatar!

  • Awesome idea Benny! I’ve been wanting to make shirts too so I’d love to hear about your experience sometime (I’m sure others will as well). Congrats on another product launch!

    • Thanks so much Deacon! I was definitely inspired by what Steve has done at Nerd Fitness with his brand. We will see how the t-shirts go. Have gotten great feedback so far! I’d be happy to share my experience w/ you or maybe on here down the road for sure!

  • Hey man,

    Awesome idea, and great design! I really like them.

    Will have to pick one up next time I’m in the States.

    Hope married life is treating you well.


    • Robert!! Thanks so much. That’d be awesome if you picked one up next time your in the States. Have you been here before? Definitely come over man! Married life is great. Couldn’t be happier!

  • You’re either hitting the gym or you put on an XS size to show off your guns…Hahaha, Looking good my man.

    I dig the clean design. iPhone app money well spent.


    • I’m definitely not hitting the gym. I’ve been hitting the dessert bar. I had to suck in my stomach really good for every photo! I do need to hit the gym bad, especially with the holiday food season coming up.

  • Hey Benny,

    Great design, looks a bit punky so extra points for that!

    Hope you get more subscribers and good luck with your contest!


    • Thanks! Yeah it does look a bit punky. A little edge is nice. I hope to definitely spread the word about the T-shirts! Thanks so much Sergio!

  • Love the design and boy are you moving up. First the app and now the T-Shirt. Great job Benny!

    I would get in on this but I’m not a T-Shirt lover, sorry! Just not my thing I’m afraid but wish you the best with this. I have no doubt that it will go over really well. Love the design by the way!


    • Thanks so much! I wanted to make some shirts for the blog. I love T-shirts so I finally found a great reason to design a shirt! I’m a T-shirt addict. I have way too many T-shirts in my closet. So easy and comfortable to wear.

      Thanks for your opinion on it. I’m glad to hear people are liking the design!

  • Congrats Benny! Cute shirt! You can see what I did recently to Get Busy Living by checking out my most recent post. While Mahjong may not sound like an epic, life-changing pursuit, I honestly had the time of my life learning to play!

    • Ruth!! That’s really funny you mentioned Mahjong. Just a couple days ago was talking to my wife about it. She thought about creating a local club where she could teach people to play! It’s HUGE in Taiwan. I remember growing up and my parents would play at night with friends and when I woke up, they’d still be playing. It’s really popular as well during New Year’s when families get together for the holiday. I have an uncle that plays for lots of money with friends! That’s awesome you learned how to play. She’s trying to get me to learn. I might just now after reading your experience! So that’s definitely epic in my book.

    • Congrats Ruth on winning the T-shirt! I’ll be getting in touch with you on getting it to you!

  • I think I may have to follow in your footsteps 🙂

    • You should Srini! If you’re looking for a company I can introduce you to the one I used. It’s the same one Steve at Nerd Fitness and Joel Runyon use.

  • I love the design, especially the red, but it would be nice if you had one designed for women with the cute spaghetti straps. I would order it and wear it to work, promise. Hope you don’t mind. I just loathe unisex t-shirts because they’re designed more for men than women.

    • Hey Cathy!

      I understand your opinion on unisex shirts, but my wife tried one on and it looked great! But I understand what you mean. I’d love to have a separate women’s version if sales go well, but I didn’t see an option for the spaghetti strap style from the company I use. I hope just a women’s fit will do for you!

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Thanks, Benny, but I doubt your wife has big hips like mine, lol. I have a weird pear shape, so I prefer shirts that stop right above my hips. Bty, I finally got an iphone. Can you please tell me the name of that app you designed? I want to download it. Thanks!

  • Love the sentiment on your t-shirt. Love the RUN-DMC look too. You’d have to be an old school hip hop fan to remember their logo from 1985 or so.

    • Thanks Brian. The simple design of the old school Run DMC shirt definitely inspired this shirt. Old school never goes out of style, in my opinion.

      Thanks for looking and leaving a comment!

  • That’s totally awesome Benny. 🙂 I have been getting busy on finally writing and publishing my latest eBook. I even had to figure out how to design the eBook cover myself because I am too cheap to pay someone to do it for me.

    I have a friend who has the equipment in his basement to make custom tShirts. Its his business, I got him to make me a bunch of Mazzastick logo tShirts and winter caps.

    • Thanks so much Justin! I love t-shirts so I’m excited to have something that I created and got produced. I understand wanting to do the design yourself. I see people outsourcing designs for t-shirts, but for this one I wanted to do it myself. Ideally if I can sell enough, I can reinvest and hire a designer for the next t-shirt.

      That’s great you had your friend make some for you. I looked at doing that awhile back, but it’s not cheap, if I’m not mistaken. But if you’re selling enough t-shirts, it’s a worthwhile investment.

      Congrats on the release of your ebook. Just went over to see it!

  • Benny – I just love your enthusiasm as an Internet Entrepreneur and it’s been great to see someone like you take small ideas and make produce results with them.

    More than that, I believe in your mission and you can bet that I will let everyone know I choose to live ONLY AN EPIC LIFE and will settle for nothing less.

    The fact of the matter is that I don’t want to win this t-shirt! I believe in you, your message and the purpose behind what you stand for that I just bought one!

    Awesome shirt Benny! I look forward to getting in the mail!

    • Thank you so much Hector for your great comment! I wanted to try something different and having something unique for the Get Busy Living brand. Being a T-shirt addict, this was a natural idea for me.

      I saw you bought one, and really appreciate that! I’ll have it out in the mail to you tomorrow! Wear it proud!

      Thanks again Hector. Your kind words mean a lot!

      • My pleasure Benny! You can bet that I am hitting the gym right now so that by the time I get my shirt I can look as swole as you! hahahaha!

        • Hahaha…that photo had a lot of Photoshop. I had to airbrush myself a lot to make it look okay. Hahahaha. You should be getting your shirt soon!

  • How cute. Love the idea, Benny! Congrats on getting your clothing line started. I like the slogan below “Get Busy Living” on the t-shirt as well. It’s a great motivator.


    • Thanks Allyson! It’s something I wanted to do and I had to try and put out my own T-shirt out there. The feedback so far has been great! I love that slogan as well. That’s why I think people will feel more epic while wearing it. 🙂

  • Hi Benny! I’d love a t-shirt. so my epic thing i’m actually working on is i’ve got 4688 words written in my book, all in the last 2-3 weeks. my plan is to finish it close to the end of this year 🙂 i’ve been writing it a while. i have a new title too…327 Margaret Street. (this is the one that will help others going through bad situations…because when i was in one i would have like to know more). Hooray! i’m on my way! and thank you for being awesome! ps did you just love Sun Moon Lake when you were in Taiwan? When i was there in 1987 it inspired me to write poetry 🙂 i already “like” you on fb and will tweet when it lets me get on lol!

    • Thanks so much Marina for sharing! I’m sure you’ll get the book done before the end of the year. I did love Sun Moon Lake. It was really nice! Such a beautiful place. It’s been too long since you’ve been back it seems. You should go if you get the chance! Thanks for spreading the word about the shirt!

  • Killer idea Benny! I’m in!


    • Thanks Jon! Can always count on you!

  • Hi Benny,
    The shirt looks cool! I wonder if one truly does feel epic when wearing it 😉 I’ll help you promote it! All the best!

    • Thanks so much Lori! Well all the results are unscientific, but I do feel pretty great when wearing it. Plus people definitely notice and hopefully look at you like you mean serious business and get out of your way! Thanks for helping to promote it!

  • Love the epic shirt. Liked and tweeted. Your wife is a lucky girl with those guns protecting her! 🙂 What have I been doing to GET BUSY LIVING? I hit BlogWorld LA and pushed myself outside my comfort zone. Introduced myself to ProBlogger, networked like a madman, asked two questions to two different expert panels and am motivating myself to speak at a conference. Hopefully coming soon to a location near you!

    • Thanks Buck!! That’s awesome you went to Blog World LA. I only heard awesome things about it. People said it was much better than the one in LA. I’ll definitely be looking to go next year. Hopefully we’ll both doing some epic things in 2012!

      I’ve never been to a conference, so that would totally push myself out of my comfort zone. Glad to hear you did and survived!

      Let me know if you get a speaking gig cause that’d be really exciting news!

  • I liked this! 🙂

  • I’m getting busy living since I quit a dead end job (that was making me bitter and hate life) and now am working on building my blog into a sustainable business and brand that I absolutely adore. I am loving life and am already setting my 2012 goals.

    Love this blog- continue it added to my reader!

    • Congrats on quitting your miserable job! Your blog looks great BTW! Really well designed. Can get a sense of the passion you have. Thanks for coming by. Look forward to seeing you often here!

  • Benny, I’m too late for the shirt giveaway;( but justRT AND liked the post;) anyways coz it’s so awesome
    But I love how epic you are living your life. I’m inspire by you. Keep rocking man;) now I’m off spreading the words about your awesome shirt line 😉

    • Oh thanks so much Tram! I’m pushing myself to constantly do better. Some days it’s easy and some days it’s tough, but as long as I’m moving forward that’s a good thing. Always great to hear from you. Glad you like the shirt and please share it with everyone you know! 🙂

  • Benny!

    I’m devastated! I checked out your shirt orders and realized that the S sizes are all sold out. Was intending to get a t-shirt for myself to wear on days when I’m feeling motivated. Hehe.

    Are you planning for a new shipment of t-shirts?


    • Hey Daniel! I’m sorry the smalls are all out. Those seem the most popular. I will get some new ones in, but want to wait till I sell some more before I order more. I’ll remember you and definitely let you know when I get more smalls! Definitely a great shirt to wear when you need that extra motivating. 🙂

  • Hey Benny! I love, love the t-shirt idea. I will be getting one for my husband and would love to get one for me but more feminine. Will you be selling any for women (more closer fit in stretch fabric)or do I have to special order? I would like to get a few for female family and friends. Thanks Benny and may more blessings come your way.

    – Seleema

    • Seleema, glad you love the shirt idea! I understand you’re looking for women sizes instead of just a unisex shirt. Those have to be ordered, but they only minimum orders of 24. So I’m waiting to sell more shirts or have another design, so I can order some more. Were you looking to get them for the holidays? I probably wouldn’t order any until January at the earliest. Let me know how many you’re looking for and I’ll make a note of it! In the meanwhile you can get one for your husband first. He’d be the coolest husband on the block for sure!

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