GBL071: How to Wake Up Early

For most of my adult life, I have never been one to wake up early. I worked in the restaurant business which didn’t mean 9-5. For me it meant, 11-11. 

So I never needed to get up early. That was one of the only things I liked about my job.

When I began working for myself, the habit of waking up late stayed with me. I didn’t like it though.

I always felt my mornings went by so quickly. I would get up around 9-10am. I’d do unproductive things and next thing I know it’s lunch time. The days just went by so fast.

I wanted to get up earlier so I’d have more time for myself. I didn’t want to waste my mornings.

That was easier said than done.

I tried setting my alarm earlier but all I’d do is immmediately turn it off. When I was able to get up earlier, I’d be so tired all day until I took a nap.

So I’d go back to my old ways and constantly complain about it to my wife.

Last year, I decided to finally do something about it. I was tired of hearing myself complain. I wanted to see what I need to do to wake up earlier and feel more awake when I did.

Six months later, I’ve been able to stick to a habit of waking up earlier. Now I wake up around 7am most days without an alarm clock. I don’t wake up and feel groggy all morning either.

In today’s podcast episode, I would like to share some practical steps that I have used that have helped me wake up earlier and feel more awake.

If you’ve been wanting to wake up earlier to have more free time in your day, you will enjoy this episode.


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5 responses to GBL071: How to Wake Up Early

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  4. Anton Stoliarchuk November 6, 2016 at 3:00 am

    Nothing like waking up 5AM and starting your day so early, so much time 🙂
    7AM is ok too i guess 😉 better than 9

  5. i usually wake up at 6:30 Am. And i think this time is good for start working. And it defense for your time to go to bed. If you go to bed too late, yo can;t wake up early.

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