Interview with Adrienne Smith. Talks Life Changes. Building Community and Being Productive

This is my first interview with someone I believe is doing great things in life and embodies the “get busy living” attitude. I interviewed Adrienne Smith, who is a good friend and have found her to be one of the hardest working, nicest person on the blogosphere.

Can you tell us a little bit about your old career, what you were doing before working full-time online?

I was an executive assistant and I worked for the president/owner of a small commercial real estate company.  I was also in the top 5% of income earners for my profession.

What was the turning point for you when you realized “This is not what I should be doing with my life?”

I guess you could say that the turning point came a few years after the loss of my father.  Three years before he passed away I also lost another dear friend due to a hypertension stroke brought on by stress.  He was my age and left a young son behind.

The loss of my father and remembering what took my friend’s life made me realize just how unhappy I really was and how I could see myself going in that same direction.  Just the stress of the job itself and all the other things I had to deal with on a daily basis were so unhealthy.  I went through therapy for a short time and it helped me put my life into perspective.

There was a time you were into personal development, and it really made you aware of how much potential you really had. What were some of the important things you learned?

I never realized the power our thoughts really had until I started studying personal development more.  I started looking back on some of the things that have happened to me in my life and it all made sense.  Like the people I attracted into my life and why, or the jobs I got because I knew I deserved them.

Because I had a limited belief that I could do anything I wanted, that was much harder for me.  What I learned was to start thanking God everyday for what I did have.  To just be grateful for my home, a reliable car to drive, family that loved and supported me, friends that stood by me, food to eat every day, things we take for granted.  I then started thanking God for bringing the right people into my life, the right opportunities, for opening my eyes to the right road to take, things like that.  I started with the small things and have been very religious about my gratitude every single day.  It has made all the difference in the world.  This alone has been the biggest lesson I have learned to date!  The power of gratitude is huge.

Do you believe you would have success now if you had not changed your mindset and attitude first?

Absolutely not!  I would have continued to doubt myself and sabotage everything.  I would have gotten frustrated and been one of those 97% that got mad and quit.  I would never have hung in there and been this determined to see this through.

You had been working in the same field for 31 years. You made a decision to not go back. Most people would feel lost. You seem like you’re really thriving and happy now.

What do you attribute to that get busy living attitude to?

The thing about me is that I’ve always been a very happy person.  So coming home from work every day all stressed out, frustrated and upset didn’t work for me.  I’ve always lived each day of my life to the fullest because I’ve lived with my Dad’s health problems my entire life.  I know how short life is, I know that we are blessed to just be able to get up every morning and have another day on this earth, I know that life isn’t guaranteed.

All I know is that when I walked out that door after being let go, I knew that this was the beginning of a new direction for me.  I had watched the movie “The Secret” around December of 2006 and I was so inspired.  I was naive enough to think that I could do anything I wanted so when that fateful day came and I walked out that door, my gut was telling me that was the last time.

I had a few things in mind that I wanted to try before I actually made my way online.  It was several months later before I decided to take that route but all I knew is that I would make it.  No matter what I decided to do, I didn’t have to make a lot of money to survive and whatever direction I took, I would be much happier than what I had been doing for so long.  I knew that I’d rather be broke and happy then miserable and rich.  That I knew for sure.

You started your website, New Super Affiliate Blog, last November 2010. We know that the “make money online” niche is extremely competitive. However I see you’ve got a great community over there.

How did you grow your community in a short period of time?

With a brand new blog and a brand new year, I decided to incorporate blog commenting into the mix of things.  I started by visiting blogs of the other students who were a part of the training community I was involved in.  From there I would follow people to their blog who had left comments on the ones I was on.  I soon started finding some really awesome people who had a lot to share and who helped me learn and grow.

I subscribed to their RSS feeds and started leaving comments every single day.  I also shared their posts with my friends and followers and they started seeing me as someone who is helping them.  I started implementing other things into my business so people could see me as someone who is not in this just for me.

I’ve stayed true to myself which has helped build some amazing relationships with some amazing people, you included.

I see you everywhere online and on Twitter! What is a typical day work day for you like?

I’m very organized so I write everything down I need to accomplish for the day in a notebook I keep on my desk.

I begin my day by adding friends to my YouTube channels (I have 2), my Twitter accounts (I have 2), I invite people to my Facebook Fan page, I comment on 5 blogs a day (I have 2 blogs so that’s actually 10 a day), I also retweet their posts, I spend about 10 minutes on Twitter socializing and I spend about 10 minutes on Facebook socializing.  Those are tasks I do every day.

Then it depends on what I need to accomplish with my other projects as to what I will do the rest of the day.  It may consist of building backlinks to my sites, shooting videos, writing reports, updating or working on my sites, writing ads, writing content, etc.  There is a lot involved in keeping everything going and running smoothly.

You seem to be so productive. Can you share with us how you’re able to get so much done?

Because I’m so organized, when I put my mind to something I don’t waver.  A lot of people have problems working at home because they become very distracted with other things.

I put my phone to voicemail if I’m in the middle of a project where I don’t want to be interrupted or I’ll tell my neighbors that I’m just really busy right now and I’ll have to visit with them another time.

I don’t check my emails all day long and I don’t spend my entire day on Twitter or Facebook.  I do those tasks first thing in the morning and then in the evening but not in between.  I have work to do and I just concentrate on the task at hand.

You’re working so hard now. What is your end goal? What do you hope to accomplish?

I recently started really reevaluating what I’m doing and where I want to go with my business. I love affiliate marketing and I love the direction I’m going so my next step will be to create my own product other than my New Super Affiliate which although is mine, wasn’t created by me. I hope to have something up before the end of this year.

I can’t really see myself sitting in front of a computer 5 to 10 years from now though mainly because I am a little older than most who are just starting this journey. Because of that, I recently got involved with another type of business venture and it’s a totally different direction than affiliate marketing. I will eventually share this with my readers in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned. My future is definitely bright.

What’s one piece of advice that you can share if someone is hesitant to leave the job they hate and go for what they want to do?

Don’t quit your day job thinking that you can come online, start making some money and life will be a breeze from there.  That’s not going to happen.  Stick it out with the job you have but make yourself a goal that you are going to give this your all for at least two years.  I say that because you are going to have to build this part-time and you still need a life.  But remember what the end result will be, saying goodbye to corporate American forever.  Creating your own income and watching it grow year after year.  It’s so rewarding!

Besides being one of the nicest people in the blogosphere, what’s something else we can learn about you away from your computer?

Thank you Benny, that’s very kind of you to say.

What most people don’t know about me is that I’ve been divorced for 21 years and I don’t have any children.  I do live alone with my seven year old Chihuahua named Kayla who I adopted three years ago.  I have lived in the same condo for the past 21 years and it’s all mine.  I’m not a materialistic person and am very budget conscious.  I inherited that from my Mom so I don’t live above my means.

My father had cancer for 42 years of his life so I have seen more death than anyone should.  We were frequent visitors at M.D. Anderson.  You see enough of those children fighting cancer and you will have a reality check quickly.  But because of it, I live life to the fullest every single day and thank God for everything he has blessed me with.  I get up every morning thanking him for what he has given me.  Although I’ve had some hard knocks myself, I know I still have it better than most.

Adrienne is a self proclaimed social media, blogging and affiliate marketing fanatic. Her passion is to live life to its fullest and empower others to do the same. Her blog is all about helping others achieve success online.

You can find her engaging with others on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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  • Thank you, thank you thank you SO much Benny for this opportunity! Wow, my very first interview. Kind of cool to see myself, it’s usually other people I’m reading about. This is really nice and I really appreciate this opportunity.

    We are living proof of what building relationships online is all about. Look where it lead! I mentioned you in my last post in my video and you interviewed me for one of your posts. I just can’t thank you enough.

    Okay, let’s see how well this will be received. Thanks again my friend, you’re the best!


    • Benny

      Thank you Adrienne for doing for me. I hope your readers and new people can learn more about you. Your story is inspiring for sure! I’m sure there will be many more for you to come in the future. 🙂

  • Hi Adrienne,

    I just have to start by saying that this was a brilliant interview. I especially enjoy how personal it is, and that you’re sharing how you turned everything around from a stressed out life to a life where you are happy every single day and doing what you love.

    It’s very interesting to read about how organized you are. I try my best, and I believe that I’m fairly organized as well, especially after reading several books about time management.

    I haven’t watched the movie, but I have read the secret, and it was very inspiring.

    When it comes to not quitting your day job, I totally agree. As you know, I’m writing my first novel, and I’m fairly active online, but I am still working. I won’t quit before I know that I’ll have a chance to survive from what I’m earning on my “projects.” But, I have a long term goal and I’m doing my best to achieve it 🙂

    You’re an inspiration to all of us Adrienne.

    • Thank you SO much Jens, I really appreciate your comment. I think Benny did an excellent job with the questions and since I shared quite a bit in my first guest post, I was ready for this one.

      I know that we all have a choice. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable. I’ve always chose happiness even during the rough patches and I’ve had my share, trust me! Especially living with my father’s illness my entire life.

      I’m pretty annoying actually Jens. I use to have a friend that every time she came over and brought someone new with her, she would open up my drawers and my cabinets to show them how neat everything was. Kind of embarrassing actually. I think I got this from my Mom although I’m a lot worse than she is.

      The Secret really started opening my mind more. It’s what helped me know that I had to make another move with my life and take a chance on me. I know I’m a good person, I know I’m smart, I know I could do and have more than I did. I just needed to start believing more in myself. From there it’s only gone uphill and what a great climb it is.

      Since I was released from my position I knew that if I got yet another job, I’d stay there. I did have money saved and that definitely helped but not everyone has prepared themselves like that nor do they understand how long it can take before you start seeing a steady income from your online efforts. Sticking with your day job is the smartest thing to do. I didn’t have that luxury but happy it all worked out.

      Thank you again Jens, you are an inspiration to me! So glad we’ve connected in the blogging world and are now able to support each other as we move along. I really appreciate your support, thanks again.


  • Carolyn@ The Wonder of Tech

    Wonderful interview that brings forth the essence of Adrienne in a touching and inspirational manner, this should be mandatory reading for anyone starting a business on the Internet. Well done, Adrienne and Benny!

    • Why thank you Carolyn, I appreciate that! The hard knocks of life per Adrienne Smith. Mandatory reading for any newcomers. I like that! 🙂 Really appreciate your comment.

  • Hi Adrienne,

    Loved the interview! It’s nice of you to share your personal story as well as your successes. Your cheery, helpful, optimistic personality shines through.

    Here’s to being organized! I just spent the morning decluttering my office so now I’m ready to get going again. 😉 Although I’m organized, I’m still impressed with how much you get done in a day. I have a hard time keeping up with tweeting and blog commenting when I’m working on a project.

    Thanks for the interview, Benny.


    • Hey Peggy, thanks so much for your comment and your support! You know how much I appreciate you!

      I have to just set my mind to getting things done and just do them. It’s tiring sometimes but the end results are so worth it! Sometimes it can be overwhelming and that’s when I’ll just take a step backwards along with a few deep breaths! But, onward ho!

      Glad you enjoyed the interview..


  • Benny, this is a great idea, I mean interviewing Adrienne guarantees awesome post 🙂 I like what you are doing here and the way you connect with people. I don’t need to say how much I like Adrienne, she knows that. Love the interview and how every time I learn something new about her.

    • This is a great idea isn’t it Brankica? And I was his first one, I’m truly honored!!! You are way too kind girl, way too kind! You know I appreciate you and your support so thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

    • Benny

      Thanks Brankica! I appreciate that coming from you. Since I’ve been blogging I’ve met some great people like Adrienne. I just thought MORE people should know about her. 🙂

  • Benny,

    I know Adrienne via her blog. Maybe she announced that she got this affiliate blog but I missed it. It’s nice to know. It’s something I’d like to learn for my next project.

    Adrienne’s story is one that is truly inspiring.

    Adrienne, thanks for the inspiration.

    Benny, thank you for putting this together.

    More power!

    • opppsss…that is 🙂

      • Hey Marlon, thanks for the comment. Can you believe that there is another Adrienne Smith out there who has the dot com and isn’t even using it! Man oh man, tried to grab that one when I first came online but no such luck! Bummer! 🙂

        I haven’t mentioned my affiliate marketing blog too much in my main one. It’s a separate journey I’m on where I share all about what I’m doing to create my affiliate marketing business. Am having a blast with it so please feel free to hop on over and take a look. The more the merrier!

        Thank you Marlon, I appreciate that and am so glad I met Benny and he invited me to share more of my story! If I can inspire just one person then my time here online has been well worth it!

        Have a blessed day!


        • Adrienne,

          I kinda know what I am going to do with the new project that I have in mind. In fact I already have the domain name. What I don’t have is the blueprint of how to go go about it. And, just in time, I stumbled upon your affiliate blog.

          The new project won’t be marketing focus. It will be quite similar to my productivity bits blog. Heck, it’s also about productivity! But why separate – it’s going to be in a business platform, business blog (no adsense please; and no, it’s not about money making). I think affiliate will be a good start.

          Your affiliate blog is just right for me. I journey along with you…

          • Glad to hear that Marlon… We can journey along together. 🙂

    • Benny

      Hey Marion. I didn’t know she had an affiliate blog either till awhile after I met her. You should go read it too! And she’s always willing to help out if you ever have questions. 🙂

  • Wow, Adrienne! I absolutely loved learning more about you through this post. I love the resolve you had to get through a tough time and make changes in your life and I also love the resolve you have now in starting this online business and even a new venture soon (can’t wait to hear about it!) =)

    I love how you bring up the importance of our thoughts and the power of gratitude too. It’s something that I hope to make a habit in my own life. =)

    Adrienne, what do you mean when you say that you don’t see yourself in front of a computer in 5 to 10 years? =) I imagine that I would love to work from home, even when I’m retired! =)

    In any case, fabulous interview! Thanks for sharing this with me, Adrienne. =)

    • Hello my dear Samantha, always a pleasure to see your smiling face. Thank you SO much for commenting on this interview that Benny did. He did a great job, didn’t he? So glad to be his first pick. I feel so honored.

      We all have choices in our lives. We can choose to stand still or do something about it. I chose to do something about it because I’m worth it! (And, I’ll be sharing my new venture with everyone in my post next week so stay tuned.)

      Gratitude is something I think more people should be aware of. Like you and I have talked about, we have what we need. Our small space is what makes us feel comfortable and I’m appreciative of that. Some people are loosing their homes in this economy, some people are homeless. I’m just thankful for what I do have and by openly saying that each and everyday, I’m brought more wonderful things into my life.

      Oh, I’ll still be working from home and will probably never ever really retire. I just won’t be doing a business purely online. I won’t have to be in front of this computer every single day all day long to connect with people or to drum up business. The computer will never disappear for me because I love the opportunities it gives me as well as the people that I meet. I’m just much older than you young lady and I know I’ll be out and about much more.

      Thank you again for commenting Samantha. Always enjoy hearing your comments. Have a beautiful day!


  • Hi Benny, very pleased to meet you, and thank you for putting this together. I love Adrienne! 🙂

    Hi Adrienne, wow! When you talked about the power of gratitude here, the more that I am honored to know you! Who wouldn’t want to be around positive, grateful people? Thank you for elaborating more about your journey with personal growth. I think it’s always a misconception that affiliate marketing is just about marketing and selling. What most people don’t realize is (especially today), affiliate marketing is online entrepreneurship (period). And as with any other type of entrepreneurship, one has to stick it out, and as you said give themselves at least two years while still working (for the boss) part-time.

    You don’t realize how inspiring this is for me. I think I’ve mentioned several times already that I’m doing a part-time job when I get back to SG and I’m actually looking forward to it. There are also no regrets on my part that I ventured into online marketing full time for about eight months now. I was given the opportunity and I grabbed the chance. I completely agree that this entire business is for the long-term so I am happily ‘side-hustling’ (to borrow the term from John Falchetto) very soon.

    Can’t thank you enough Adrienne. I am just proud to be learning so much from you 🙂 Great, great interview and I look forward to more!

    – Rowena

    • Benny

      Rowena, I’m glad you enjoyed learning more about Adrienne! That’s one reason I wanted to interview her because I wanted to learn more about her. Nice to meet you as well Rowena and I’ve followed you on Twitter. 🙂

  • Hello Rowena, always a pleasure my dear. You are a bright sunshine in my day! Always so positive, always enjoy seeing that smiling face of yours. You are an inspiration to me too!!!

    I am definitely positive and I overflow with gratitude every day. I can’t help myself, I’m truly blessed. People don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. I realize what I have and what’s still to come so that makes life that much more exciting.

    I know you are on the right path and great things are ahead for you. As long as you keep your mind on what your future holds, anything you have to do to get there is worth it. Part-time job or full-time job on the side is just a means to the end. It’s to help get you by until you have made your way because you will make your way. Showing gratitude for already having made your way will bring it that much sooner.

    Such sweet words Rowena, thank you for that. You don’t know how I appreciate hearing that from you. It makes my heart smile.

    You have a wonderful day!


  • Straight up Benny – this was an awesome interview man. Adrienne and I aren’t formally introduced, but I’ve seen her frequent many of the same sites as myself and her comments are always insightful (because I’m noisy and read!) Great questions. There’s no question that the interviewers questions bring out the best interviews. Great Job! And the community discussion is great!

    Hi Adrienne! nice to meet you. Sometimes my online intros are wierd like that…sorry!

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing yourself in this interview. I read it while sitting on a boring conference call. So, beyond what I learned about you and from you…I was also entertained!

    Take care!

    • Benny

      Thank you JK! Thanks for coming to my part of town. 🙂

      Yes Adrienne is one cool woman for sure. Very genuine and likable. As you can tell by all the comment love for her here! Glad you enjoyed her interview and helped you get through your boring conference call. Haha!

  • Hey JK,

    I’ve seen you around as well my friend so it’s a pleasure to meet you. And I didn’t think that was a weird intro, not at all. Like you, I read a lot of the comments to. I enjoy reading what other people think and what they may have to add. It’s been an awesome learning tool for me.

    Glad I could entertain you during your boring conference call. At least the time wasn’t completely wasted. 🙂

    Thanks again JK…


  • Hi Adrienne,
    I just found this site and am extremely impressed with your interview. You seem so genuine, I appreciate that. I love how organized you are. Getting lost on twitter and Facebook can be a huge distraction for me. I need to organize my time or set a timer. 🙂 I like the fact that you tweet the posts that you visit. Great idea.
    I will have to check out your affiliate program. I am looking to do the same thing. Maybe you could shoot me an email and we can chat a little about the “how to” aspect of it. I would appreciate that very much.
    Wonderful interview and thanks for the encouragement.
    Piano Lesson Girl

    • Hey Dakota,

      Wow, so glad you found Benny’s site and read my interview. I appreciate your kind words, that means a lot.

      I use to spend way too much time on the social networking sites as well. In order to achieve what you set out to do, there has to be a limit. I’m still able to make those connections and build those relationships even if I don’t spend all day everyday chatting.

      By retweeting other people’s posts, you are showing that you care and want to help spread the word about what they are involved in. That will make you that much more attractive to others which will start getting you more followers and more attention to your own blog.

      Will be more than happy to chat with you more. I don’t have your email and I don’t see a “contact me” option on your blog so will shoot you a message on Twitter. Sound good! Look forward to speaking with you. Until then, have a great day!


      • Adrienne,
        That will be great. I look forward to it.
        P.S. fyi, my contact is on the bottom of the page in the footer.

  • Jon


    I can’t wait to see how your next venture turns out. We’ll have to chat on Skype again so you can update me 🙂

    It’s amazing how upbeat and bubbly you are even through all the pain you’ve endured and things you’ve seen. You’re a testament to us all that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.

    You know what else is great? You’re completely honest. You tell it like it is and that’s why people warm right up to you. Right here in this interview you share that this digital business stuff is hard work. Success won’t arrive overnight and you know this firsthand.

    Thanks for sharing over here.


    • Hey Jon,

      Well my friend, we can definitely talk.. It’s always a pleasure.

      Happiness is a choice Jon and I always choose to be happy. Things are going to happen to us in life whether we like it or not. To me it’s a testament to the kind of person you truly are. Like my Dad had cancer for 42 years but what helped him last that long was his positive attitude. He was always willing to help others even during his roughest times. Watching him deal with that and the way he dealt with people taught me about the kind of person I wanted to be. Life will give back to you what you give it! Happiness is definitely a choice, that’s for sure.

      Thank you Jon, I appreciate that. This business is hard, creating any type of business is hard work. But the end result is so worth it. If I had to do this all over again, I’d do it the exact same way!

      Appreciate you stopping by and again, thank you for your friendship and for your support. It means a lot.


  • Benny,
    Great interview I always enjoy hearing about people’s success stories including the many struggles and obstacles they had to go through.

    One common theme that I keep reading about when making the transition from corporate to online entrepreneur is to not quit your day job, but slowly transition into becoming a full time entrepreneur.

    • Benny

      Hey Justin! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It would make sense for most to not quit their day job in the transition to online entrepreneur. It takes hard work and time to get to that point. For myself I have bills I need to pay so I can’t just quit right now either. Thanks for commenting!

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  • I feel the happiness in Adrienne by what she writes. Fantastic interview and fantastic answers. There’s a certain something about “genuine” bloggers that you can feel in their writing. It rubs off.

    I’m inspired by you Adrienne. I really am. To see you dive into affiliate marketing, do your best and live your dreams. That’s incredible. Thank you for giving me a good read for the start of this week.

    I’m excited.

    • Hey Christian,

      Always a pleasure to see and hear from you my friend. I appreciate your comment and glad I was able to help start your week on a positive note. Thanks for your comment, it’s always appreciated.


  • Hi, Benny

    I’m a first timer here. I followed you from Adrienne’s website. So, when I saw the post about your interview with Adrienne, I just had to read it. What a great interview indeed. I’ll have to check out more of your site now.

    And Adrienne, as always, you’re an inspiration!

    • Benny

      Thanks Allyson! Adrienne is definitely an inspiration and am glad you enjoyed the interview!

    • Well hey there Allyson, so glad you hopped on over and see what you found here! Benny is awesome and so glad he reached out to me. Now this is what building relationships is all about. He’s got a wonderful blog, helping people realize that they need to “get busy living”.

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!


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  • Adrienne and Benny, aloha. Benny, mahalo nui loa for this interview with my very special friend, Adrienne. Though we met only a few months ago, I feel like I have known her forever. You are so right, Benny, she is absolutely, positively one the nicest people on the entire planet. When I see her smiling face in the comments section, I know it is going to be a great day

    Benny, your great questions enabled your readers who didn’t know Adrienne to get to know her and for those of us fortunate enough to know her, we gained additional insight into what makes this remarkable lady tick.

    No doubt about it, Adrienne could write volumes on being organized–both the importance of it and how to do it. What I particularly like about Adrienne’s style of organization is she teaches by example how freeing it is to be organized. Get organized; remove pressure. Makes sense to me.

    Adrienne, one of your qualities that I much admire is the way to you take 100% responsibility for what happens in your life, now and in the future. You set your goals, make your plans and then work your plan.

    As Peter Drucker said: “The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

    Adrienne, not only are you creating a magnificent future for yourself, you are showing each of us how we can do the same. Your zest for life is infectious and I hope soon it will be epidemic! The world needs more of your attitude, Adrienne.

    Benny, I am grateful that you interviewed Adrienne who, as far as I can tell, needs no encouragement to “get busy living.” Adrienne, my friend, thx so much for your candor and generous sharing of yourself. You are one of the joys in my life.

    Wishing you two a radiant day and all the best that life has to offer. Warmest aloha, Janet

    • Wow Janet,

      Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment! I’m just speechless, can you believe it? Yeah, me either. That rarely happens.

      I’m just so touched by your kindness. I have really met so many wonderful people here online and they have also inspired me to be even better and to do more, you included. I still consider myself to be a work in progress and I always will be.

      I’m just thrilled that if anyone reads this interview and gets just one thing from it to move them further in life or their business, my work is done! I’ll be happy or happier! 🙂

      Thank you again Janet, this means so much to me. Truly! Have a very blessed day and I’ll see you again soon!


    • Benny

      Thank you Janet for the wonderful comment!I love quotes and love the one you mentioned by Drucker. I’m glad you enjoyed learning more about Adrienne. She said she’s not sure why people want to know more about her but I told her it’s cause people like you so they naturally want to learn more about you. Thanks again Janet!

  • Hey Adrienne and Benny,

    Well I can certainly vouch for ya being a very happy person and your random tweets and fb updates are forever putting a BIG smile on my face.

    It must have been so very hard to lose someone so close to you let alone two, cannot imagine your pain, so sorry for your loss Adrienne I truly am x

    But on brighter note… I enjoyed reading the interview, it was refreshing and not the normal run of the mill type interviews you read everyday, very personal and I love that.

    I totally agree with the attitude of gratitude, I know a lot of people don’t like “The Secret” but I do and it helped me through a lot of bad times!

    And finally, I take my hat off to Benny for asking you such great questions too, seems like you bounced off each other well and a recorded interview would have been something I would have willing to part with my name and email to access, always an idea for the follow up interview 😉

    Catch ya later, Sally 🙂

    • Benny

      Thank you so much for the compliment Sally! I think my interview turned out well cause Adrienne made it so well. This was my first interview and hope to do more in the near future. I’ll have to think about doing audio one day. Thanks for the confidence Sally!

      I love “The Secret” too and am reading “The Power” now.

      Thanks again Sally!

    • Ah Sally, so great to see you here girl! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Hey, I did pretty good for my first one don’t ya think? Benny threw some good ones to me.

      Life has definitely thrown me a lot of curve balls in my life but you have two options on how you can handle them. Crawl up and die or get up and live. Guess you know what direction I took. And aren’t you glad I did! I wouldn’t be bombarding my FB wall with so many positive and uplifting quotes as well as some funnies from time to time. Hey, life is worth living don’t you think!

      “The Secret” is what really started me on my personal development journey whether I agree with the entire movie or not. Hey, I’ve learned an awfully lot and that got my interest sparked for sure. And see, you too! So glad to hear that!

      Benny ought to consider podcast interviews in the future. I’m going to be doing another one just next month so this ought to be interesting. Wow, some doors have definitely been opened for me.

      Again, thanks so much for stopping by. This really means a lot to me since I KNOW how busy you are young lady! Hey, I hope to take your title away from you soon, the “Blog Hopping Queen”. What do you think?

      Have an awesome night girl, since it’s that time with you being in Scotland!


  • Hey Adrienne,

    Wow! I absolutely loved your very first interview! Congratulations! 🙂

    So nice of you to share your personal story as well as your successes.

    Your excitement about the future zooms out at me through my screen and your lovely personality shines through 🙂

    Your organisational skills are impressive. It’s amazing how you can get a lot done in a day if you’re organised and focused.

    Thanks for the inspiration my friend and thanks to Benny for doing the interview with you.

    Much continued success,

    • Hey Mavis, I appreciate you stopping by and putting some time aside in your busy day to shoot me a comment.

      Thank you for your kind words, that means a lot. Life is one big lesson, isn’t it! Although my heart goes out to a lot of people when I hear their struggles, I don’t have too much sympathy when they continue to use those as excuses. Been there, done that and have way too many t-shirts…

      Yep, I am annoyingly organized and I keep my mind on what needs to be done at the time. That’s how you get things accomplished. You have to decide what’s important. Playing on FB or making some money. Huh!!! I know what’s best for me that’s for sure.

      Thank you again, seriously. I appreciate it and I know that Benny does as well. So, I’ll be seeing you soon!


    • Benny

      Thank you Mavis for coming by. Glad you enjoyed the interview! I think your name is super cool. So unique. 🙂

  • Thanks Benny 🙂

  • What a totally inspirational read. I’d never heard of Adrienne, before now, but I’ll definitely be getting to know her and her brand more now. Really great interview, and I totally resonated with what she said, about thanking god everyday for the things she has…its something we could all do with a bit more of…gratitude

    • Benny

      I think you two would get along well! I made an informal introduction on Twitter. 🙂

    • Hey Stacey,

      I just saw Benny’s tweet that you and I need to meet. Thought I would drop back over here since I’ve been out of pocket all weekend and low and behold, here you are.

      Thank you for your kind response. I appreciate that and I look forward to getting to know you a little better as well.

      Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Speak soon!


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  • Love the interview, Benny.

    I got to know Adrienne through the same training course and she truly is an inspiration.

    I feel privileged that I have gotten to know her better throughout the past few months and she is so bright and full of joy. An absolutely wonderful lady.


    I am almost in tears (yup I get emotional very easily). You have accomplished so much in just a short amount of time with our training and I know you will soon be at the top and well known to most everyone in affiliate marketing!

    I am so happy we were able to connect and bond like we have done.

    Keep up the GREAT work and I’ll be talking with you soon, no doubt.


    • Benny

      I went to your website and saw you did the same training course. Adrienne is a great person to have as a friend! She’s always there if you need her. I know that’s why so many people have read more about her and left a comment.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Hi Benny, I’m going to be interviewing Adrienne myself soon and I’m in the process of putting my questions together.

    During this Adrienne has kindly sent me a list of her previous interviews, which is what lead me to find this one.

    I have to say that you asked some fantastic questions Benny, which generated some excellent answers. All of which i will now have to try and avoid 😉

    I am amazed at how much Adrienne gets done online and often wondered how she achieves this. I know that she answered the question here, But….. In a blog post I asked my readers what they would like to know and that was one of the questions that was repeated and to be honest was the main thing I wanted to know as well.

    Adrienne really is a person that is admired by so many others online, I’d love to be half as productive as she is.

    Great interview Benny, with some fantastic pointers for me.

    Thanks mate,

    • Oh great! She’s a wonderful interviewee. I am amazed by how much she does get done as well. She is just so organized and has a plan for what to do. I doubt she multitasks or has lots of social media windows opened while working on something.

      Thanks for coming over. I’ll be looking forward to the interview you do with her. I hope it brings you a lot of traffic because she did for me!