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Natalie Sisson

Today I share with you an interview I did with Natalie Sisson, who is on of my favorite entrepreneurs online.

I’ve been following her almost as long as I’ve had this blog. She has been awesome enough to interview me on her podcast about developing iPhone apps and asked me to contribute to her project, $100 Change.

Natalie helps women (and some men) start from scratch and build a business online that gives them more freedom in their lives. Today her and her partner Natalie McNeil have opened their flagship course, WE Mastermind, for a limited time.

But first I wanted to asked her questions that I get from readers a lot because she is the expert at running an online business.

I follow you online and you definitely do live out of your suitcase traveling the world. Where are you doing this interview from and where have you been in 2013?

I’m currently in the beautiful and eclectic city of Berlin. Germany. I’m going to be here for around 6 more weeks before further travel for Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in Europe, and onto North America. The first 4.5 months of this year I was in South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Philippines) and South Korea!

Can you tell us a bit about how you got to this point? I know for many people having an online business is not something they imagined doing at first, but now they wouldn’t want to do anything else. 

I’d love to say it was a straight line to online entrepreneurship but in reality, like most success stories, it was two or more years in the making. I had a pretty successful career in the corporate world, rising up through the ranks in various brand management, marketing and business development roles for almost 8 years.

But the 9-5 rat race I experienced in London in 2008 pushed me over the edge. So much so that I quit forever and went to Vancouver, Canada with the dream of starting my own business.

Instead I found the next best thing, my business partner who I ended up co-founding a technology company with. That was a wild rollercoaster ride into the world of entrepreneurship – especially in the fast faced tech startup scene and I learned a ton. It was during that time I started my blog, mainly to share my learnings with others in the hope it would help them, and to interview successful female founders (of which there were – and still are – few of in the tech scene).

That blog is now the Suitcase Entrepreneur and it’s changed a lot since then as I’ve found my unique special proposition (USP) and developed my own voice and brand. It’s coming up 3 years this month that I’ve had my business and I love it more everyday.

You had a successful career in the corporate world. What made you shift to wanting to work online?

For me it was never being able to `own’ the outcome. I mean in all of my roles I had a relatively large amount of autonomy which was great. But often I got roadblocked by senior management when I was wanting to launch a new initiative or project. Nothing frustrated me more, especially as that’s what they had hired me to do. I also tired quickly of office politics, bureaucracy and working within pointless constraints. I wanted the freedom to do my own thing at my own pace.

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Jacob Sokol

Today I’m really excited to bring you one of the best and brightest bloggers committed to living an extraordinary life and inspiring others to do the same. His name is Jacob Sokol and he writes at

I didn’t know much about Jacob until I heard his interview on Blogcast FM earlier this year. After that interview, I became an instant fan. He’s got such a positive message and is lives by it.

Today his first guide, Living on Purpose, which he spent the last 6 months pouring his heart into, is available and I asked Jacob to do an interview for us so you can learn how he turned his life around.


I’ve listened to your interview on Blogcast FM in my car many times because I love your story and energy! 

For those who aren’t familiar with your story, could you tell us what you were doing before you started

Many times?! DUDE!!! I’m honored and thrilled to have resonated with you so much – thanks for sharing that. As far as life before Sensophy, MAN, I was doing what most people do.

I was doing the “right” things that I was “supposed” to do. These are the things that society subtly suggests we ought to do. I had the “good” job, to pay the bills, to buy more junk, and never have time to enjoy it. I was too busy repeating this vicious cycle.

I was working for a small IT company in the heart of Times Square NYC – awesome job but horrible lifestyle. I didn’t understand what the hell was wrong with me. I had money and a social life but I still felt miserable half the time. Deep inside I knew there had to be more to life than that.

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This is an interview of JK Allen from the Hustler’s Notebook. JK is a phenomenal blogger who writes about experience-based, value-rich content in the domain of personal development, for business and life.

For those who may not know you, tell us about why you started blogging. 

I started blogging as a means of serving others. For me, blogging is an outlet to share some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout life, in an effort to impact others in a positive way.

In your writings you come across as full of confidence, what’s your advice for someone to build up their confidence? 

I think a lot has to do with personality. Some people are reserved and display their confidence in different ways. The reason I’m confident in my writing is because I mostly write about things that I’ve experienced. Writing from that layer gives me total confidence in what I’m saying because I’ve lived and breathed whatever the message is.

The most solid advice I can offer to others on being confident in your writing is to try to incorporate your experience and personal perspective into everything.

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This is my first interview with someone I believe is doing great things in life and embodies the “get busy living” attitude. I interviewed Adrienne Smith, who is a good friend and have found her to be one of the hardest working, nicest person on the blogosphere.

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