Meet Benny: 35 Things I’ve Never Told You or Many People Actually

Elvis Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding with Elvis

When I first began blogging, I spent so much time about reading how to find my writing “voice”. I wanted to be sure my own personality came through in my writing.

I didn’t want to be fake. I wanted to be authentic. I wanted to be me.

I’m glad when I’ve met online people in person, like I did recently with Marv and Jo from Interpid Motion, and they say that I’m exactly like how I write on my blog. To me that’s a compliment. That means I’m coming across as myself.

But there’s so much more about me that I haven’t shared yet on this blog.

I want people to know who I really am so I can really connect with the people I’m meant to connect with on a deeper level. And the people who don’t can keep looking for their right people elsewhere.

So I’m going to lay it all out there and share 35 things about me. Why 35? Because I just turned 35 on July 21st (gulp).

Hopefully you’ll learn more about me. Maybe we have something in common. Maybe you’ll learn something that surprises you.

  1. I met my wife in a club, and I hate going to clubs. Since I graduated college, I had been to a club zero times. I didn’t have the desire to go either. I was never the type to meet girls at the bar or club. First cause it’s not my scene. Also I was pretty shy around pretty girls. So I think it’s ironic I met my future wife at a club while I lived in Taipei.
  2. I tear up during stupid things. Like commercials, movies, touching new stories, or anything sappy like that.
  3. I refuse to watch scary movies. I hated to be scared. Growing up, my brother or sister would run down the hallway, turn the corner, and say they were going to scare me. I hated that. The last scary movie I saw was The Ring and I got dragged to see that. No more for me.
  4. My best job so far was back in college. I worked as an equipment manager for one season for the University of Florida’s women’s soccer team. As one part of my duties I had to do laundry, but I didn’t mind at all. I got to travel around the country with the team and practice with some of the best women’s soccer players in the country. Too bad I had to graduate or else I would have kept doing it.
  5. My worst job ever wasn’t technically a job. I applied to some marketing job. Sounded cool and I could be my own boss in the future. At that time, I was confused what I wanted to do and tried it. Interview went well so they called me to go work in the field with a couple guys. I wore a tie in the Florida summer. We drove to an older part of town and went door to door selling cable and phone services. This lasted a full day. I hated it. I hate it when people come to my door and sell me, so I definitely couldn’t do this. They liked me so much, they offered me a job a couple days later. I declined.
  6. I like to gamble online. Not poker. It’s football and entertainment events like the Academy awards. I used to bet on American Idol, but my website doesn’t offer those odds anymore. I’ve been doing it probably since I’ve been old enough to gamble. I’m not addicted, but I like the action.
  7. I drive like an old man. As I’ve gotten older, I drive speed limit most of the time. I don’t like going fast anymore and I just think driving really fast isn’t going to get where I want to be that much sooner.
  8. I have no problems watching a movie or eating out by myself. I know some people hate it and say they could never do that. I actually enjoy it a lot.
  9. I’ve taken acting class twice. Once in college for fun and once afterwards. I absolutely loved it. A dream of mine is to be in a movie.
  10. I love to eat great food. When I go out of town, I alway look forward to eating whatever is good. Most of the time we lean towards Chinese food, but I love all kinds. I also take picture of all the good food I eat. Why? Because I like to remember it when I look back.  
  11. I have a really bad sweet tooth. It’s my enemy. When I don’t have it, I get withdraws. When I have it, I feel great afterwards but then feel regret. I’ve got to cut back. I’m serious.
  12. Elvis was at our wedding. We decided to not have a huge wedding. It wasn’t for us. We didn’t want to plan anything. Instead we went to Vegas with family, and got married at Graceland Chapel. I almost didn’t agree to a Elvis wedding, but my wife really wanted it. I’m glad I went along for the fun.
  13. I want to be filthy rich one day. Not so I can own a huge mansion or lots of expensive cars, but so I can experience things that money can only buy. For example, fly to outer space for $200,000 or spend a week on Necker Island with close friends. I also would love to put that money to good use as well in a huge way.
  14. I won $22,500 total playing slots in a year. It came from two payouts. The first time was when I was 22. I went with my dad to Atlantic City for the weekend. I was playing the $5 slot machines. I remember I played one machine but it had all these winning paylines and it confused me. I like the slot machines that have one pay line and I know if I’ve won or not. So I moved down two machines to play a Triple Diamond machine. I put in $10 (max bet). Nothing. I put in $10 more and the next thing I know three Triple Diamond symbols show up and the bell is ringing. I hit the freaking jackpot. The attendant came over, congratulated me, asked me if I wanted cash. I said yes. She could have asked,“Do you want to be slapped in the face?” and I would have said yes. I didn’t hear what she said. I was in shock and shaking. So she comes back with $12,500 in cash. That’s a lot of cash for a 22 year old! So I stuffed it in my pocket, walked quickly to the elevators and back to our room. The next time was about a year later when I went to Las Vegas with my mom. The first day we got there, I was playing $10 slots. I lost $100 pretty quickly, and was about to stop. My mom told me to try another $100. I reluctantly did. Few spins later, I won $10,000. This time mom was right AND I asked for a check. But I haven’t had anywhere near that kind of luck playing slots since.
  15. I’ve had three cars since I turned 16. My first car was my mom’s old white Mercedes Benz. Eventually my brother then my sister drove it. I had a Nissan Maxima in college, which I loved. When I started making money after college, I bought a 2002 BMW M3. I still drive it now, but I would love to buy a new car. Maybe something more practical like a Ferrari (my wife not approve).
  16. I once dyed my hair blond. This was on summer break in high school. It actually turned out orange the first time and then I had to do it again. That didn’t work. Bad idea overall.
  17. I’ve never been in a fist fight. I don’t like to fight. I hope I never get into a fist fight.
  18. My favorite dreams are flying dreams. I hate the dreams where I’m running and it’s in slow motion. It’s so frustrating!
  19. I played soccer growing up. That was the only organized sport I played. My dad loved soccer so that’s how I got started. I loved playing it. Played it in high school and in college for fun and with the women’s soccer team. I also broke my ankle in high school playing soccer. I still have a metal plate and six screws in my right ankle.
  20. I love airports. When I know I’m going somewhere, I get excited. I don’t mind the security check or the layovers. Just something about being in an airport that I enjoy. One of the most fun experiences I’ve had flying was back in October 2010 when JetBlue had their All-You-Can-Jet pass for a month. I flew all over the country with that. I hope they bring it back this year (they didn’t last year).
  21. I’m an aisle seat type of guy. I’d love the window for the view, but I’d rather sit on the aisle so I can get up to go the bathroom without asking people. Plus I know I’ll need to go many times on a long flight.
  22. I think I’m a pretty funny guy, but I save my worst funny jokes for my wife. She laughs at most of them or at least pretends. Sometimes I’m the only one that laughs.
  23. I took piano lessons for 12 years. From first grade till I graduated high school. I can still play a little.
  24. I had horrible acne during college. Worst time possible. Hurt the self confidence a lot. I tried everything, but nothing helped. Finally my dermatologist gave me Accutane and it helped so much. Years later I read reports of the serious side effects from it such as depression, psychosis, and suicide. I read some stories of the suicide victims in the news. Sad. It’s not sold anymore because of the many personal lawsuits against it. Luckily, I didn’t have those side effects.
  25. During App of the Week, when I checked my daily sales report, I would dance in my office to Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory almost daily. That’s how excited I was. When I hear that song now, it brings back great memories.
  26. I’ve never smoked a cigarette. I hate cigarette smoke. Never tried it. Never wanted to. Even though many of my friends in high school and college did, they’d ask for fun, but never pressured me.
  27. I can’t stand wine anymore. I have never been much of a wine drinker since turning 21. Just enjoyed it on special occasions, but now I can’t. Back when I first met my wife, she had going away party before she went to Sydney. I was invited. We played drinking games. They used red and white wine because there was nothing else. I kept losing. I had to chug. I threw up many times and passed out. I can’t stand wine now, but I got the girl!
  28. I’m more comfortable at home. If I’m out for too long, I get antsy and can’t wait to get home. Home is where I feel safer and can relax. I think that’s from being a Cancer.
  29. I am very ticklish. I hate that because it can be used against me. I’m like Superman when he gets near krypotnite. I’m powerless.
  30. I rarely read fiction books. I didn’t even read Harry Potter and only got through half of the first book of the Hunger Games before I stopped. When I read, it’s non-fiction for me.
  31. I love watching sports. Sports, by far, is the greatest unscripted drama on television. A perfect weekend is watching football all day long on TV. Oh and gambling on it.
  32. My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn’t say thanks when I hold the door open.
  33. The sound I can’t stand the most is the squeaky sound when styrofoam is rubbing against each other. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. The squeaking sound from markers comes in a close second.
  34. My wife is the funniest person I know. I’m so lucky to have a wife that makes me laugh from things I would never expect. Despite being from Taiwan, her English is very good, and that’s what we speak most of the time, but she obviously doesn’t know every word. For example, during the recent Euro 2012 soccer tournament, I recorded a game that I wanted to watch when we got back home. I didn’t want to check the score online. She said she wanted to check the score on her iPhone. I said okay, but don’t tell me the score! She checks and then asks me, “What does ‘draw’ mean?”
  35. I still feel like I’m 25. 

Thanks for reading this far. I feel better about tell you more about me and what you don’t get to see on the blog. If I connected with you, then that’s great. If I’m not for you, then thanks reading anyways. I know I’m not for everyone, and I’m okay with that.

Think about expressing yourself more fully. You’ll connect better with people and you’ll have more fun too.

You can start right now!

I know many of you from your comments, but I don’t really know you. I’d love to learn more about you.

Introduce yourself: write 3 things about you that I didn’t know in the comments below.

Don’t be shy either. We’re all friends here.

I hope you learned more about me and I hope I get to learn more about you.


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58 responses to Meet Benny: 35 Things I’ve Never Told You or Many People Actually

  1. Awesome post Benny, that was a great read!

    My favourite… Number 25, that is epic, I now feel like i’m not alone when good things are happening!! Although I’m not a Lady Gaga fan, I’m more of a Gym Class Heroes, Clothes Off kinda guy!

    • Thanks so much for reading it! I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes to dance when something great is happening. My dance probably looks funny, but it’s at home so it doesn’t really matter!

  2. 1. Oooh! I hate scary movies too! The last one I saw was The Blair Witch Project – and I won’t be seeing any more. Why do you want to just scare yourself? It seems silly – and makes dark houses and night time uncomfortable.

    2. Also a big Lady Gaga fan – as well as just about all music. I once won front row tickets to an N*SYNC concert in a dance contest. Some buddies and I learned a bunch of the choreography and performed at this high school beauty pageant and became little celebrities in the town.

    3. I’m prepared for the end of the world as we know it.

    • That Blair Witch looks scary! I don’t know why people love to be scared. I would never go pay to go through a haunted house. LOL. They better be paying me a lot of money! Dude you must be a pretty good dancer! That’s really cool you won a contest for it. My wife keeps telling me the world is going to end too.

  3. Always very interesting to read this type of post from bloggers I follow. Totally agree with you on 3, 13, 20, 28 and 30 🙂


    • Thanks for reading Thomas. I also enjoy reading these types of posts from bloggers I follow as well. It’s fun to get to know them a bit more. You’re the second person so far that doesn’t like scary movies. I don’t know why people love to be scared. They don’t look like they’re having fun. Cool to hear we have some things in common. No wonder you’re a cool guy. 🙂

  4. What match did you want to watch on Euro 2012? Maybe one in my city, Wroc?aw (Poland, Czech, Greece or Russia)? 😉

    • Did you go to any matches? It was a great tournament. I can’t remember which game. I think it was England vs France.

  5. This was entertaining! 😀

    Now about me:
    1. I hate waking up early.
    2. I’m not really a social guy –
    however I have no issues getting in touch with people. Instead of going out with colleagues or friends to pubs, I prefer to have a nice evening with my family.
    3. I do love scary movies – Silent Hill is one of my favorites. 😉

    • Thanks! Glad to hear that it wasn’t too boring. 🙂 I would agree with you on 1 and 2, but of course not 3. I don’t think I’ll ever like them. Hahaha

  6. I am totally with you on No.32! I am big on thank you’s, giving and receiving, mostly giving!
    I have 8 pets, I feel like I prefer pets to people sometimes, they are unconditional love.
    I met my husband online after moving to a new city in the first week of living here.
    I believe in helping/supporting those that cannot do for themselves, like animals, elderly, or others.

    • You shared some awesome things! So cool how you met your husband. Eight pets sounds like a really fun house. You definitely sound like an awesome person.

  7. You’re a cool dude Benny. Hope year 35 is starting out great. Here’s to many more great ones ahead.

    • Thanks Erik! You’re very cool yourself. Excited to hear about what’s going on with Zirtual. I see bigger things ahead for sure.

  8. Hi, Benny

    I totally agree with you on no.34, that’s probably because they are good friends ever since they first met each other in Sydney.
    Also I get lots of moral support from my wife ever since the first time we met. She one of the most reasonable person I know and she has the most positive attitude toward life^^

    I don’t like scary movies too =.= I just don’t know what interesting about scary movies. Haven’t watch it since high school, lucky my wife hates it too^^.

    I like to practice golf at the drive range because I hate walking in the sun and walking for three or four hours straight. But practicing golf I like^^.

    If ever come over or back to Taiwan.
    Visit me and my wife^^

    • Thanks for sharing Leo. I don’t know what is interesting about scary movies either. My wife always wants to watch it, but I don’t. Sure we’ll have to visit if we come back to Taiwan!

  9. I’m with you with a lot of these especially #20. To me an airport always represents an adventure. A place where you know you will be going somewhere that is different that where your at now. I love them!!!

    Now to the 3 things

    1. I’m a huge Coldplay fan (not fanatic). I even slept on the streets of NYC to see them last September!

    2. I’m a but of a neat freak ( my dad’s fault). I really don’t like things to be messy, and find it a big turn off when girls are to messy (just being honest)

    3. I used to absolutely HATE reading & writing. Like I mean not reading a book (not one) for many years after high school! Luckily I now see what I missed out on for so many years!

    • Thanks for sharing Jeremy! Yes I think that’s why I love airports as well. Exactly what you said. I saw you went to the Coldplay concert! I’m sure it was a great one.

  10. First, happy birthday, Benny! Second, LOVE this list, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. I used to have a cat named Old Man because he acted like a crotchety old man.

    2. My newest hobby is teaching myself how to use a bull whip (it’s for rehab, actually, and it’s fun to talk about).

    3. When I was in grad school, I dreamed of starting a massive book publishing company that would be the “Random House” of the West Coast. I still dream of having a publishing conglomerate, but it looks a little differently now.

    • Thank so much Laura! I enjoy reading lists like this. I’ve been waiting for a good time to do it and figured now was the best. Cool to learn some new things about you. Hope not too many people are around when you’re practicing your bull whip. 🙂

  11. Good stuff Benny, I could totally relate to a few of them…Necker is on my list too.

    As for me…

    1) My parents made me take gymnastics when I was 10…most embarrassing thing ever, good thing there were no pictures.

    2) I once had a dream that I would score a goal in a soccer tournament and I did. Too bad we lost. That was the only psychic experience I have ever had.

    3) I went on a ghost tour last year and got possessed. We went to a location supposedly haunted by a child who liked to steal candy from the office workers in the building. I tried to spit my gum out, but it got stuck on my hand. As I was trying to get the gum off my hand, I felt a numbness creep up my body until I fainted. I never faint.

    • Great stuff Hugh. Funny you mention gymnastics cause I’m watching that now as I type this. The guys do some really impressive stuff! I can’t believe your ghost tour. That is crazy!!! Did anything else happen to anyone else on the tour? I hate to be scared and I would not want to go anywhere haunted, though it’s really interesting to hear about it.

  12. What a fun read. I love the picture of Elvis. When we had my son I wanted to name him Johnny Elvis. My wife thought the idea over for about a second and told me to forget it. I really think she should have given it more time!.
    My best slot story was I got up from my chair to turn around and get change and a guy slid into my seat. I went to his old slot and when I put three dollars in it payed out about 350 dollars. He got up and moved down a few more chairs and I went back to my old slot and hit for another 150 dollars. Look on his face priceless
    Love all the other comments and how you keep it real. By the way are you thinking of going to the new Blog World in Las Vegas? If you do hope to see you there

    • Thanks Paul. I’m glad to read that many are enjoying this post. I had fun putting it together. Johnny Elvis sounds like a really cool name! What was the name you two decided on? That’s a great slot story! I’ve felt like that guy before. Many times I’ll play a machine and had no luck. Later I see someone else play it and they’re winning a ton of money. I am still thinking about going to BlogWorld. Haven’t fully decided yet. If I do, we’ll definitely have to meet.

  13. Happy B-Day Benny! This is an awesome list! I can tell I’m getting old too because I find myself muttering about folks not using their blinkers, hah.

    Are you an Olympic sports fan? Any you’re particularly looking forward to? For me it’s all about the swimming and water polo! I’ll watch everything I can though.

    PS, Let me know when you want to hit the slots 😉

    • Thanks Deacon! Yes I’m a huge Olympics fan. Watching the replay of swimming as we speak. Swimming has been pretty amazing. Missy Franklin is unreal! Pretty amazing what she’s done so far. I’ll have to check out some water polo online. I’ll let you know when I want to hit the slots 🙂

  14. Hey Benny, we have quite a bit in common.

    1) I too love gambling. I bet on the Horses and have one R38 000( $5000) and R22 000 ($3000) on the horses. Not my only two wins, but my biggest wins.

    2) I often tear up in movies. Think Extreme Home Makeover.

    3) I played soccer at school.

    4) Love watching movies on my own and could also eat out alone.

    Keep well 🙂

  15. Great blog post Benny! I’d be interested to know What website you use to gamble and how concerned are you about the legality of it and your bets disappearing.

    • Thanks Kyle! I use heritagesports dot eu (yes it’s a .eu address. Guess they changed it). I stick to very reliable websites. I have heard bad stories about late payments, but I’ve never had a problem. As for the legality of it, I don’t worry about it. They’re not based in the US. Finally I don’t have a ton of money in the account either just to protect myself in case something did go wrong.

  16. Benny the boss, this is awesome (you’re not the Miz.. lol)

    Been a lover and mentee of Richard Branson, I’m pretty sure one day we will party together in his Necker Island. I so much love the man (but yet to read his business striped bare … scarce here).

    Great list and i can’t stop checking them… btw, what is elvis?


    • Thanks Sheyi! Would love to spend a week at Necker Island. Once I do, then I’ll feel that I’ve really made it. And Elvis is one of the great singers in American history. Maybe he’s not as popular where you live. But he’s called “The King” here. So many great song. Here is a bit more about him if you want to know

  17. Boy can I relate to so much of what you wrote. I think I would have matched a lot of them if I made the list.

    And I think the best match is #1.
    I met my wife hooking in a bar downtown. 🙂

    (OK that is the “short” version)
    But its true. I did meet her in a bar/club. It was Halloween. She was wearing a pirate costume complete with a hook. And like you, the funny thing was that I never went to bar/clubs.

    Lets hook up at Necker Island. I have dreamed of going there for years.
    Now its my turn for App of the Week so I can think about affording 10 minutes there.

    • That’s cool to hear you can relate to many of my list! Thanks for sharing the story about how you met your wife. I bet it’s a great story that you two remember. We always like telling our story when someone asks. Definitely let’s meet up at Necker Island when our app empire really takes off. Hope to see you on App of the Week for sure!

  18. I love these types of posts from bloggers I know. That story of “what does draw mean” had me rolling. My step-mom would always tell me “you go brush face and wash teeth”. LOL.

    3 things about me that you DID NOT KNOW.
    1- I have six toes. just kidding. I LUUUUUUV Scary Movies and sci fi movies.
    2- I like all types of music. From Chinese opera and japanese kabuki to Das Punkt. I have a very wide range but I don’t like rap or country. But i do like Eminem.
    3-My first language is Thai and French but i don’t speak Thai anymore and my english is better than my French now.

    C’est tout.

    • LOL! Glad you found that as funny as I did. At first, I couldn’t believe she gave away the score, but of course she had no idea what that word meant! So funny when I think about it now. I didn’t know those things about you. Glad you shared them but we won’t be talking about favorite scary movies any time soon. 🙂

  19. Happy belated birthday, Benny! Thanks for sharing in this post…it’s cool to get to know you better.

    Hmm, let’s see…3 things you don’t know about me:

    1) I’ve never been in a fist fight, either, and don’t want to be. There was one time, in first grade, when I punched this kid in the chest because I wanted to be like the guys on Kung Fu. He started crying, and I felt really bad. I never did anything like that again!

    2) In contrast to #1, I’m totally fascinated by boxing, and now MMA. It’s captivating to me to watch two people engage in a battle that is both very physical and very mental…and it involves trying to knock each other senseless. Very fascinating to watch…but not something that I want to do.

    3) I always wanted to be a rock star. Not just when I was a kid, either…this lasted well into my 20s, long after I had given up my childhood dreams of being a pro athlete. The problem is, I’m really not very talented at music! Maybe launching a podcast is my way of trying to capture a bit of those rockstar dreams, since I’m way better at talking than singing. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, and giving us the chance to share!

    • Thanks for sharing Jeff! I feel the same way about boxing and MMA. I grew up watching Tyson in his prime, as I’m sure you did. I love to watch a great knockout. I do watch some MMA now as well. But I would never want to be in the ring or octagon! I can relate as well wanting to be a rockstar! I took piano lessons growing up, but I wished I had taken guitar lessons. I tried to teach myself and can play some chords. I always dream of performing in front of people. I’ll find a way one day, even if it’s not through being a rock star. Cool stuff Jeff!

  20. Hi Benny!

    We said it before and we’ll say it again…you are totally as cool in person as you are online! Thanks so much for the mention on GBL, such an honor! And we really appreciated your authenticity when we met up in San Francisco. You’re the real deal man, and we’re so grateful that you spent time out of your birthday vacation to hang out and allow us to get to know you more.

    You’re a a true worldchanger…keep on rockin’ man!

  21. Awesome post Benny! This one made my day. Thanks for keeping it real man.

  22. Forgot to reply to the “3 things” part…OK, here goes:

    1) We also met in a club…in San Francisco, and the place is closed down now. There’s a Trader Joe’s there instead.

    2) We celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary(10 years ago) in Florida…at Disney World! Not so much into Disney nowadays, but back then we loved it!

    3) Marv likes rewatching old movies, Jo doesn’t. Our first date went super well, despite watching a horrible movie, “The Cable Guy”. 16 years later, it’s still super strong, and we try not to see bad movies. 🙂

    • Loved what you shared! I never saw the Cable Guy but didn’t hear too many good things about it. Glad to hear despite the bad movie, you two are still going strong!

  23. Hi Benny, I’m a new reader of your blog and enjoyed this post. I love that you won some money at a casino, twice! I won $700 on penny slots in the Caribbean one time. I’m also an American expat in France and I have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. And kudos to you for never smoking. I hate it too and am trying to get my husband to quit.

    • Hello and welcome Diane! That’s a great payout for the penny slots! Glad someone else absolutely hates smoking. Hope your husband can quit. Great looking blog as well! Love your photos. Thanks for your first comment here. Glad to have you a part of the community.

  24. hi, i`m a newbie so yet to get a gravatar (sorry), just wanted to say how nice and reafreshing to find a genuine (funny in places) post. Am totally with you on no.20 too, i too love airports, travelling is such fun, it always get the blood pumping around my veins wheni book to jet off somewhere

    • Thank you Lenin. It’s nice to meet you. Happy to hear someone else loves airports. It’s a shame that some people find something to always complain about at the airport. It’s a cool place to be! Thanks for your first comment here.

  25. Hey Benny,

    I just wanted to let you know that your initial iPhone app post inspired me to actually start developing apps. This is something I had always wanted to do, but wasn’t sure if it was feasible for someone like me. After a some delays, my app was released yesterday in the app store. It has hit #28 in finance already, and I’m super excited about it. I have four more apps in development which i think have much bigger potential than this app. (They are a little more on the fun side) Here is the app if you want to check it out, thanks for the inspiration!

    • That’s really great. Thanks for letting me know! That is a great looking app as well and a really interesting idea. If your other ideas have bigger potential than this, then that’s fantastic! Did you outsource it as well? Would love to hear a bit more behind the development of this app. Could you email me at bennyhsu at gmail dot com? Thanks!

  26. Hey Benny. I think you can tell pretty quickly if you like someone online (if they are writing truthfully). I knew you were cool straight away. This list just confirms who you are – funny that there are lots of similarities to me!! Now 3 things about me:
    1. I met my husband online – we were playing backgammon!!
    2. I too want to have loads of money – imagine how much good could be done with extra cash! Not sure I’d be on that space flight though!!
    3. I want to wear rocks star clothes!! You know – sparkles and fringes!! Probably not the best look for a 40 year old at the supermarket but I can dream!!
    Thanks for opening up to all of us!!

    • Hey Tracey. Thanks for sharing some things about you! That’s so cool you met your husband while playing backgammon. Who won? Probably you. 🙂

  27. Allyson Stewart July 29, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Hey, Benny ~ Thanks so much for sharing all the interesting things about you. I even laughed through some of them. You and I are alike in many ways. Wow! Okay, three things about me that you or others may not know.

    1. I was extremely shy in school, and for the most part, feel that I’m still very shy. Thankfully, I grown out of some of it. So, you won’t catch me giving a speech or anything like that. However, I took an oral presentation class in college (because it was a requirement for graduation). I once also had to speak in front of a hundred or so students/faculty/parents, and almost died, but surprisingly, made it through.

    2. Home is where I feel most secure. After a few hours out socializing or whatever, I can’t wait to return. Some of my friends think it’s strange, but I can’t explain it. Just love it!

    3. I am a perfectionist, and hate to see things out of place. I’m working on this though, but it sometimes gets in the way. I know that mistakes do happen, and I’m not perfect, but I’d rather not deliver a project until it’s done right. Sad, I know, but true.

    Okay, I think that’s it for now.

    Thanks again for the wonderful post, and take care.


    • Happy to hear my list got you to laugh a bit! I took a oral presentation class as well in college. Very nervous like you, but I enjoyed it. Glad someone agrees with me that home is the place to be. Thanks for sharing Allyson!

  28. Hello, you are happy one with your wife. So funny about “draw”.

    P.S. I also like soccer. I was in Kiev, Ukraine during the final Spain vs. Italy. What a great show, what a great country. Recommend to visit in summer.

    • I had to laugh when she said “draw”. I bet it was fun just being in that city during that time. We’ll keep that in mind for next summer. Maybe a European vacation for us. Thanks!

  29. I just finished the best of GBL and then I read this post. I am ticklish, too!

    I have been more focused since I have been learning tips from you. I DEFINITELY do not want to be a LOSER 50 ways anymore. I won’t even settle for one.

    Congratulations on your achievements. I am getting busy working on mine!

    You rock!

    • Thank you Lorraine!

      My wife uses my tickling weakness against me. It’s not fair cause she’s totally not.

      You definitely rock for making a stand to improve your life!

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