Get Busy Living podcast 13

We’re going to have a lot of average things in our life, but love shouldn’t be one of them.

Just because we get along with someone so well doesn’t mean they are the best for us. Sometimes true love isn’t simple, but in many ways, it’s always worth it. I know it’s hard to do most times, because when there’s nothing really wrong with our relationship there’s no reason to break up, but there is.

If your heart has been telling you something else for awhile, then maybe it’s time to listen to it.

Because we need to and deserve love that leaves us feeling thankful everyday.

If that’s what you want, don’t settle till you have it.

I’m lucky I found extraordinary love, but it wasn’t easy. To meet my wife, I had to go through tough times and uncertainty. I didn’t just meet my wife and knew immediately I was going to marry her. I wish it was that easy. I had to break someone’s heart first, trust my gut, and then take risks I’ve never taken before.

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What to do with your life when you have no idea

You’re ready to change your life. You’re motivated. You’re willing to work so hard to succeed, but there is one problem.

You have no idea what you want to do.

I completely understand. I’ve been in that situation and you’re not alone.

The topic came from a question that I got in an email from a podcast listener. Her question is very common. It’s something I experienced so I know there are others who feel the same way.

She asked me what she should do if she has no idea what to do. She wants to take action, but doesn’t know what to take action towards. She still doesn’t know what she wants, and even what she is good at.

She can’t figure out any action plan. She wants to do something and change the way things are now. She lacks a dream.

It is frustrating to be in a current life situation that you don’t want to be in. You want more and do more but just don’t know what. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job, or you’re unemployed. Either way you want a change. You feel that if you just knew what you wanted to do in life, you’d focus all your attention on it and work so hard at it.

But what is it?

In this episode, I talk about how I overcome the wall of being unable to find out that one thing I was meant to do.

Some topics I cover:

  • Why I felt like I wasted my 20’s
  • The different jobs that I thought I possibly wanted to do
  • When I decided to take massive action and change my life, what the first thing I focused on
  • The five things that I did to help me find my answers
  • and more…


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(This is part 2 of my story. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, do that first so you’ll know what’s going on.)

I told you about my decision to finally quit my job. I first want to address some points that weren’t so clear. It was brought on by comments by Sam, who runs a blog called Financial Samurai.

Quitting my job was harder because it was a family business. While my mom would have welcomed me back anytime if I wanted a job again, I still felt bad to quit. She relied on me a lot to oversee the restaurant when she was off or out of town. There was no one else she could trust. So my guilt made me stay longer than I wanted. I felt my mom has given me so much so I should help her out. However, that was at the expense of my health and happiness.

Looking back, I wish I would have taken the leap to go on my own sooner. I didn’t though. I was scared. I got too comfortable getting that paycheck.

Yes I could have quit, tried to make more money online, and if it didn’t work go back to work in six months. I would have a job and my old salary in a second, but I didn’t want that at all.

When I did decide to quit the restaurant, I didn’t want to look back. I didn’t want to have that safety net of being able to go back to the restaurant if needed. If I had that mindset of “I could always go back”, I wouldn’t be so determined to make it on my own.

In 2013, I finally felt that way. Enough was enough for me.

May 2013

We just got back from a four month overseas trip. It wasn’t all pleasure while we were away. I had to think how I was going to earn more money this year.

Now I had all this free time. At first, it felt strange. I’m never home on a Friday or Saturday night. It felt nice, but strange.

I’ve often repeated this advice because it helped me so much at the beginning. If the results I’m getting aren’t what I want, then I’ve got to try something different, or else I’m going to keep getting the same results. 

My app sales seemed to want to stay about $60-$100 a day on average for all of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

No matter how much money I was spending into updates or new apps, it remained the same.

In 2013, I could not keep doing the same thing. I had to try something different.

My plan to make more money in 2013

One goal of my mine was to create a product for this blog. I had been working on one since 2012. I released Get Busy Living in 30 while we were in Hong Kong in March 2013. I hoped for a January release, but it wasn’t ready. Finally in March I had to get it out there and stop trying to make it perfect. I imagined if I could sell one a day at $49 that would be a great monthly addition to my income.

However, it hasn’t done what I hoped.

Maybe cause it’s I don’t market it that much. I just have it advertised in my sidebar and it’s mention when you subscribed to my list. That’s it. Maybe I should do more marketing for it.

The most important thing though is I know it’s not because of the content. I’ve gotten feedback from many people who said the course has truly helped them. Some call it life changing. That’s the best thing I can hear.

I wasn’t going to be financially independent from just this course so I had to try something else.

In 2012, I learned about re-skinning games. The idea behind that is taking an already created game that is sold by the owner as a license. It means I don’t own the game. I just own a license to sell the game and change it however I want. Usually just changing the grahpics is enough. The game play is the same. The games are monetized by ads and in-app purchases.

Games are a huge market. That’s where all the money is made in the App Store.

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Stop Your Limiting Beliefs - Get Busy Living Blog

In Oxford, England, 25-year-old medical student Roger Bannister cracks track and field’s most notorious barrier: the four-minute mile. Bannister won the mile race with a time of 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

For years, so many athletes had tried and failed to run a mile in less than four minutes that people made it out to be a physical impossibility. The world record for a mile was 4 minutes and 1.3 seconds, set by Gunder Hagg of Sweden in 1945. Nine years later Roger finally broke it. Within a year, 30 runner ran a mile under four minutes. The year after that 300 did.

What was the difference? The power of beliefs.

Before runners believed it was impossible. They tried and they failed. After it had proven it could be done, hundreds of runners were able to do it. Physically they were the same runner. What changed was their beliefs.

I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now talking with you, if I didn’t believe that I was truly going to turn my life around. I tried many times before, but I always lacked belief that it was possible for me. I just hoped that it was, but hope wasn’t enough.

What was different this time was my unwavering belief that I was going to change. No matter what. I was willing to do what it took. Even when that initial excitement wore off, I was still determined. It was that determination that changed my life and has led me to this point. Even when I felt down and had doubts, belief that I was going to make it, lifted me up and kept me moving forward.

If we are going to be successful in achieving our goals , we have to believe that we are capable of making it happen. we have to believe we’ve got what it takes, and that we are able to pull it off. We have to believe in ourself.

Where do our beliefs come from? Do they come from what we watch on TV? Do they come from the conversations we hear all day long? They can. They can also come from our parents and the people we spend the most time with. If we want to succeed, we have to start to choose our beliefs wisely rather than being a sponge and just soaking up whatever belief comes our way.

What I cover in this episode:
  • What feeling stuck really means
  • What happens when you start off with the mindset of failure
  • The story of Steve Jobs and the first iPod
  • How lifting a car changed a grandmother’s beliefs
  • Four sources where our beliefs come from
  • How to shape our beliefs deliberatly
  • An unbelievable story about not knowing something is impossible

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Change Your Life Change Your Morning Routine - Get Busy Living Podcast

What time did you wake up today? What did you do in the first hour you woke up? Was it productive and empowering or was it the same old routine you’ve done for a long time?

If you check your email, Facebook, and turn on your TV first thing every morning, you’re not maximizing that very first hour of the day that you have.

It’s not secret that many high level people and CEOs have a morning routine. They know their day will be busy, but they find the time in the morning to focus on improving themselves.

I came across the benefits of a morning routine when I began to turn my life around. I had never had a morning routine. I realized I should try to have a routine because the results I had gotten so far were not the results I wanted. Therefore, I had to try something different.

My morning routine consisted of visualization, affirmations, reading, writing in my gratitude journal, and exercise all before I checked my email and turned on my computer.

I have no doubt that by having a morning routine with behaviors that increased my health and my mind were crucial in changing my life. No matter what happened during the day, I always set aside time in the morning for my own personal development.

In today’s episode, I talk to Hal Elrod, who wrote a book called “The Miracle Morning: The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8am).  I read his book about a year ago and loved it. He went into so much detail about the benefits of a morning routine and how it changed his life. He’s shares what six things he does every morning that has changed his life and the lives of the people he teaches.

Besides an author, he’s a professional speaker, and success coach. What’s even more inspiring is how he overcome two events that sank him to rock bottom. One time actually killing him. You will love his story.

Other topics in this episode:

  • Life S.A.V.E.R.S – the foundation of his morning routine.
  • What actor Will Smith said is the single most influence thing to his success.
  • What helped Hal get out of a depression.
  • The 6 minute Miracle Morning routine for busy people.
  • The clarity components – What do you want? Why do you want it? What’s preventing you from getting it or what will get in your way? What do you need to do each day that will virtually guarantee your success? Who’s going to hold you accountable?
  • Two simple questions to answer in your daily journal that will make you feel great and make progress on your goals.
  • How to get that feeling of Christmas morning back.
  • How to become a morning person, when you’re not.
  • Being hit by a drunk driver, clinical dead for 6 minutes, in a coma, and being told he’d never walk again.
  • What he did after waking up from his coma that doctor’s thought wasn’t normal.
  • The 5 minute rule.
  • Why going into debt was worse than dying.
  • The one thing that changed everything for him.
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Going All In - Get Busy Living

I don’t want you to believe that my life is perfect. I’m not a fan of people online only show and write about the great things going on in life. Especially from people who write about personal development or how to make money online. They choose only to publicize what’s awesome about their life.

That can create a false sense of reality for all of us. It’s easy to leave out the struggles and only show the good stuff. It makes it seem like life should be one easy ride to the top. That doesn’t help us at all.

I like real people. People who will tell you how they failed before but also what they are doing about it.

Success isn’t just about the results you get. It’s about how many times you get your ass knocked down, but get back up.

I can do more to inspire you to take the action needed in your life by sharing what’s not perfect about my life and what I’m doing about it.

I’m no one special. I am not immune to problems, failures, worry, stress, and most of all fear. I just do my best to improve myself so that I can handle it. It’s not always easy, but the other choice is to let it get the best of me.

I have come a long way in three years when I decided that I was going to seriously turn my life around. I am proud of that, and my life has had many great moments. It’s also had its failures. I’ve screwed up. I’ve made dumb mistakes. I’ve sat on my couch cause I have so much on my mind and wondering when it’ll all get better.

About a year ago, I had to make a huge decision. One one hand, the decision would fulfill a dream. One I’ve been putting off for years. On the other hand, it would leave me with an uncertain future.

It’s been almost a year and I’ve kept my story silent because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I’m finally ready to open up and share what this past year has been like.

2011 – Life Changing

Many of you know my story that two years ago I released my first iPhone app, Photo 365 in August 2011. It came at a time in my life when I finally decided to take control of my life.

One year before that, in October 2010, on a drive home from work, I decided I was sick of the person I had become. I hated my job working in the restaurant business. I hated myself. Why was I unhappy? How in the world did it get to this point?

I made a decision to stop all the shitty excuses and laziness that night. I wrote a letter to myself and taped it on my wall. Fast forward to the following year and the app came out. I was just so happy that I actually started and finish something. If I didn’t make one dollar, the whole process was a great learning experience.

Then I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. My app got featured by Apple, not one week, not two weeks, but three weeks in a row.  It reach rockstar status when it was App of the Week.

I earned about $30,0000 that first month. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I had struggled to find ways to make money online for many years and now I had a way.

That money didn’t go in my pocket. I ask my parent’s accountant what should I do so I wouldn’t have a huge tax bill next year and he said create a LLC. That’s what I did and I officially had a business.

I remember someone online asking me if I was going to quit my job. That was the ultimate goal. I had been wanting to do that since 2005. Quitting my job right away didn’t cross my mind though.

If I had won millions of dollars I would have, but I knew realistically that I wasn’t going to be earning an average of $1,000 a day forever. So I was going to wait until my sales continued to do well enough that it could cover my living (mortgage, insurance, all that stuff) and have money left to invest back into apps.

That was the ideal situation. Be able to pay myself every month, and have enough to spend on my apps.

How long would I wait? I wasn’t sure. Not too much loner I hoped. I wanted to see how Photo 365 would do.

So I kept working in the restaurant business. The job I hated. The one I’ve been trying to leave. The one that made me feel sick to my stomach driving to when I had to work. The one where I worked nights, weekends and holidays. How bad did it get? I grew to hate Christmas. It used to be my favorite holiday, but when it was Christmas I knew I had to work and it would be busy.

Despite having that app, this blog, and a new attitude about life, my frustrations about work remained the same. Not having a definite date when I could quit made it worse.

I did not want to quit yet because the security of a paycheck. It was my worst enemy! It was so hard to give up. With a paycheck, I knew how I was going to pay my bills every month. Without it, I wasn’t sure.

2012 – Waiting is the hardest part

Life wasn’t all bad though. I got married in October 2011. In 2012, I wanted to travel more since we were married. My wife and I drove up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco and went zip lining and white water rafting in Costa Rica. We took short trips to Atlanta and Orlando.

The job I hated did have one benefit and that was taking multiple vacations. I always hated coming back home, because the next day I’d have to go right back to work.

Photo 365 was consistently earing $50-100 per day. Doing some quick math, it seems good, but not enough to quit my job. The money I did earn mostly was going back into new features. One that would hopefully increase sales.

I started seeing other apps similar to mine enter the market so I had to try and stay on top.

I turned my focus into making more apps. I thought with more apps, I could have more revenue every month. I spent money on new apps like Gratitude 365, Bucket List, and Life Quotes.

It all didn’t turn out so well.

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