We all complain about things in our lives. Some complain more than others. But have you ever thought about what you are complaining about? Why you are complaining about it?

Did you know that you don’t complain about circumstances where you believe that a better solution is available?

In this episode, I dive into the topic of complaining.

You will leave with a better understanding of why you complain and what you can do about it.


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Last weekend, I spoke in front of about forty attendees at a conference for solo entrepreneurs. It was my first time speaking in public. Doing anything for the first time isn’t easy and scary.

In today’s episode I talk about the preparation for it and how I faced my fears and overcame them.


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People get caught up in making massive transformations in a short period of time. Soon, however, they give up because they haven’t gotten the results they hoped for. They quit running after a week because they’re still overweight. They stop learning a new skill after three months because they aren’t an expert yet.

What they fail to realize is that working hard for a short period of time isn’t the answer.

The way to get huge rewards is from a series of small, smart choices. Even though the results are massive, the steps, don’t feel that significant. They’re like taking baby steps.

These small changes offer little or no immediate results, no big win, no big payoff right away. So why even bother?

Because it works.

People look for the most complex answer when it comes to making changes in their life. They dig into more books. They seek professional help. They refuse to believe something simple every day, done over an extended period of time, can create massive results.

Today’s episode goes over the power of small and smart choices.


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“How are you feeling today? Are you ready to go and tackle the day? Are you ready to do what you need to get closer to your goals? Are you pumped up? Great then let’s do this!”

This is what motivating people is typically like. It’s getting them in that mood where they’re ready to do anything, even if that means running through brick walls.

When we feel motivated we feel great. We’re able to focus better on our work. We have more energy. We get things done.

Motivation, however, is like a drug high. It only lasts for a short period of time. Then we’re back to being lazy and spend our time searching for that next thing that will motivate us again to take action.

I tried motivating myself to change my life. Each time I’d feel great for a day ready to make the changes I wanted, but the next morning I would wake up back to my old self.

Where I am in life now, is not because I’ve been extremely motivated every day to put in the work. I don’t wake up every morning seeking out inspirational messages, listen to speeches, or finding quotes hoping it’ll motivate me.

Motivation is overrated. If you’re always saying to yourself that you don’t feel motivated to do anything, then this episode will help you out.

  • I talk about why motivation is overrated
  • I go over how take action even when motivation isn’t there

Book I recommend for this episode

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

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To get from where you are now, to where you want to be, there will have to be sacrifices that you must make.

Making sacrifices is something we all wish we didn’t have to do. Can’t we get six pack abs and still eat anything we want every day? Can’t we have a successful online business that allows us to quit our job without giving up watching TV four hours every night after work?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Despite how badly many people want change in their life, they’re unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to get it.

Achieving goals does not come without making sacrifices. Making positive changes in your life doesn’t come without giving up something.

Let’s go over some of the sacrifices you will have to make if you want to achieve your goals and make changes in your life.

Comfort Zone

This is an important one so I’m going to mention it first.

You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. For too long, you’ve lived in your comfort zone, and that’s why you now feel stuck in life. You’re not growing. You’ve stopped learning. You have the same habits and thoughts. They’re slowly killing you on the inside.

You’re afraid the unknown. You’re afraid to fail. You’re afraid to make mistakes. You’re afraid you will look stupid.

You have to stop feeling safe because being where you are right now isn’t brining you what you want in life.


The average person watches 4 hours of TV a day. That’s 28 hours a week. In a 65 year life, that person will have spent 9 years watching TV.

Yet the average person complains about not having time to do anything else.

If this is you, you need to cut back on watching TV. I’m not suggesting you give it up completely, but figure out what you want to watch and record it. That way when you watch it later, you can fast forward through the commercials further saving you more time.

The biggest problem is when you mindlessly watch TV. You’re channel surfing to find something remotely interesting to watch.

Those hours watching TV means no time to start that business, write that book, spend time with family, or go to the gym.

At the end of your life are you going to wish you had watched less mindless TV? Yes you will. You will wished you had done something productive with all that time you had.

The Internet

It’s a powerful resource, but it’s also a rabbit hole. You can spend a couple hours easily going from one link to the next. You’re doing anything to distract yourself. You’re just wasting time.

Don’t complain that you aren’t happy with your life, but spend hours every day on the internet.

The internet can be a great resource. Reading articles like this one that benefit you is great. Reading interviews about successful people inspires you. There are articles on any topic you want to learn more about.

You’ll have to give up mindlessly clicking from link to link, watching endless Youtube videos, and being a zombie just staring at your screen.


If you want more time in the day, then you might have to sacrifice an extra hour or two of sleep.

The mornings are the best time to get things done. You’re awake before anyone else in your house is. It’s quiet and free from distractions. You can use that time to go through your morning routine, go exercise, or work on your side business.

Need help getting up early and not hitting the snooze button all morning? Sleep earlier, make sure your bedroom is at a cool temperature, no electronic devices an hour before bed, and no caffeine after 2pm.


You have to know that everyone who is successful now were beginners at one point. They went through growing pains and made stupid mistakes. They likely failed on their first, second, and third attempt.

It won’t be a smooth ride. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to have doubts along the way.

If you’re waiting to learn as much as you can so that everything will go perfectly, then you will never start and you will never finish. Because I guarantee it won’t go as planned and when you encounter your first obstacle, you will easily give up because you expected everything to go perfectly.

Give up being perfect.

How to not make any sacrifices

You can do so by staying the way you are. You don’t do anything different. Everything in your life is comfortable. But with comfort comes a feeling of unhappiness, restlessness, disappointment, and frustration. You have a desire to do more in life. You badly want to turn your life around.

It’s not happening because you haven’t been willing to make the sacrifices needed.

Nothing comes easy.

Nothing comes without making sacrifices in your life.

When was the last time you set goals? Have you ever tried to set goals only to see them fail?

If you’re not seeing progress in your life, then I would strongly advise setting goals. I never set goals in life, except for the weak attempts at making New Year’s resolutions. In 2010, I needed to try a new strategy to change my life and I incorporated goal setting for the first time.

A year later I had achieved more than I could have imagined.

Setting goals isn’t just thinking about what you want to do and then that’s it. You will get easily distracted because other things will come into your life. You have no plan and no idea if you’re on the right track or not.

Can you imagine driving to a new city and not see any roadsigns? Also you don’t have navigation to guide you. You would get really lost really quick. Not too long after starting, you’ll turn back around and go back the way you came.

The same happens when you have tried to set goals in the past.

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of the right way to set goals that will be more likely to be achieved.


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