Why Not You? Get Busy Living Podcast episode 22

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why not you? Why can’t you change your life? Why can’t you achieve your dreams? Other people from all walks of life have been able to so why can’t you?

We often doubt our own abilities. We see someone with success and immediately we think that they just got lucky, we’re not that smart, or they must have a lot of money to begin with.

Most of the time that’s not the case.

Instead of thinking those beliefs that will hold us back, it’s better to think “why not us?” If they can do it, then why can’t we as well?

This blog, my podcast, and my online business are proof to me that believing “Why not me?” at least gave myself a chance to succeed. I used to have doubt that I could really create the life I wanted. Others were doing it and I was jealous of them. I just didn’t have much hope it was possible for me.

I had to change my beliefs just to give myself a fighting chance and that’s what I did. I saw others doing what I wanted to do and thought “Why not me?” If they could do it, I could do it as well.

That’s the topic of today’s podcast. I hope you enjoy it and get you to start believing in yourself even when you can’t see the finish line ahead yet.


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Get Busy Living Podcast 21

Who do you spend the most time with? Who are your conversations with on and offline most of the day? If you haven’t thought much about it, then I suggest you start to think about it because your future depends on it.

Jim Rohn said we are the average of the five people we spent he most time with. He could tell our wealth, health, and quality of our relationships just be knowing more about those five people.

We don’t pay much attention to who we spend the most time with. Sometimes it’s not our choice, but sometimes we do have a choice. Imagine hanging out with co-workers after work and everyone is talking about how much they hate their job, or how stupid the boss was today. You’re going to join in on the conversation so you won’t be left out of the group.

How will you feel afterwards? You’re going to remember how much you hate your job, how your life sucks, how you have these big dreams, but haven’t done anything with them. It’s one negative thought after another.

If you truly want to be a better version of yourself and reach those big dreams you have, you can’t be spending time with people who don’t share the same dreams as you.

Like I share to on my newsletter, you can’t be an eagle if you always hang out with chickens. Soon enough you’ll believe that you’re just a chicken.

In episode 21, I talk about the importance of choosing who you spend time with. I give advice on how to handle people you can’t remove from your life like a family member or relative.


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Get Busy Living Podcast Episode 20

We’ve all begun new goals with excitement and enthusiasm, but we find ourselves as time passes, to be less interested in it. Maybe we run into problems or feel unmotivated. This is a constant cycle and we feel like we’re unable to achieve anything in life.

After listening to today’s episode, I hope you’ll find another tool for you to overcome those obstacles that get in your way from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you have this power, you’ll run through walls to get what you want. You just might even cross a piece of wood to a burning building to save someone’s life even though seconds before you said you wouldn’t do it. I talk about that in today’s episode.

Enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think!

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Lose the Microwave Mentality. Get Busy Living Podcast

What is the microwave mentality? It’s expecting instant results. Because of technology, we expect everything to happen in our life quicker. Yes sometimes having things happen quicker is beneficial, but when it comes to achieve your dreams or change something about yourself, quicker is not better.

What happens is when we expect instant results, we get disappointed easily when it doesn’t happen. We want to lose all the weight we’ve gained in the past five years, in just five weeks. We start with zero and expect to earn $100,000 from our new online business in just three months.

We just can’t keep doing this. Stopping the microwave mentality is key to releasing the brakes that are holding you back.

In today’s episode, I talk about it, how it hurts us, and what we should be doing instead. I also share a story of the magic penny that exemplifies why being patience and consistent is the better choice.




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Get Busy Living Podcast 18

Hello again! It’s been way too long. I apologize for the month gap between episodes 17 and 18. No excuses from me except that being overseas and out of my normal routine made it tougher for me to find time to do a podcast.

Now I’m back at home and ready to get back to doing what I love, which is podcasting! Since my podcast started in January, it has been downloaded now over 100,000 times! Thank you to each and everyone one of you for listening. I appreciate the emails I get from you and that’s why I love podcasting.

Today’s episode is about my one year anniversary of quitting my job and deciding to go all in with my online business. I’ve been wanting to be my own boss since my mid 20’s, but couldn’t figure out what type of online business to start.

Even when I did start an online business developing iPhone apps, I didn’t quit right away after I tasted success. I stayed at my job for another 1.5 year after the release of Photo 365. I was waiting to see how much I would be making consistently from apps. If my income equaled or surpassed my monthly paycheck, then I would quit.

However, it never did. It was frustrating because I was so ready to quit my job. I hated going to work. I hated feeling like I was wasting my time there. Time that could be used towards something more productive. At least doing something I enjoyed more!

So last year in June, I made the decision to quit my job before I was financially ready. It was scary. I was going to live off of whatever I had in my bank accounts and hoping I could increase my online income very soon.

I talk about 2013, what I did, how I went through a low point, and how the year turned out.

I mention three pieces of advice to help you if you’re in the same situation as I was.

(Note: I just realized I mentioned saving $100 a day if you know you want to quit your job. I meant to say $100 a month. More reasonable.)

A link that I mentioned in the podcast.

My 2013 Epic Travel Hacking Trip

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I got an email from a woman who told me about her fear of rejection. It’s one of the biggest fears holding us back from a lot of things in life. She has always had a passion for writing, but fear being rejected. And her next sentence was what really stood out to me. She wanted to convince herself that her writing talents were good enough to share with the whole world.

The whole world? That’s a lot of people to please. How could I help her?

The reality is that we can’t please everyone, but sometimes we really want to. If it is not perfect and loved by all, we don’t want to do it.

We want everyone person that comes across what we do to love it. We don’t want to see any 1 star reviews. We don’t want to get a refund on a product or course we are selling.

If we write, blog, sing, act, dance, cook, or create anything, the reality is not everyone will love it. We have no idea how something we create will be received and we definitely cannot please every single person. I’ve gotten two one star reviews for this podcast. I don’t know why. I never thought it was that bad, but obviously someone really doesn’t like it. That’s okay. I can’t please everyone. It’s impossible.

Even you might see a movie you absolutely love. You tell your friends about that same movie, they go watch it, and think it’s the worst movie ever. Same exact movie. What happened?

That director makes the best movie possible. It’s impossible to please the whole world. Some will like it. Some won’t. That doesn’t stop directors from continuing to make movies.
I told her don’t convince herself her writing was great enough for the whole world. That is the wrong approach. Don’t even think about what others will think.

In today’s episode, I talk more about stop trying to make everyone happy. If you’re trying to be perfect, you’ll never finish it because perfect is elusive. When you think you’re done, you’ll find something else wrong with it.

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