003: Cleaning Your Brain of Dirty Water

Glass of water

This is your brain….

The dominant thoughts in our mind controls what we eventually do or do not do. If the filter is dirty and full of negativity, everything that comes out is going to be dirty and negative. We’re going to be worried, pessimistic, and stressed out.

How can we expect to be motivated, think positive, and feel happy if our dominant thoughts make us feel like that?

How does this filter get so dirty? It comes from what we consume daily. It’s the information that we allow into our brains. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of what we’re giving attention to.

We can reverse this. We can clean our minds and fill it with fresh clean water. This will flush out all that disgusting water.

In this podcast episode, I talk about the importance of feeding our minds with clean water. I share what I did to cut out the dirty water, and how I filled my mind with clean water instead.

Changing this made a huge difference because it changed the way I thought. It changed the dominant thoughts in my mind. I felt less worried and stressed and felt more optimistic and relaxed.

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Pat Flynn @ smartpassiveincome.com

iPhone developers forum

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2 responses to 003: Cleaning Your Brain of Dirty Water

  1. Kari Kopidlansky Gormley February 12, 2014 at 5:36 am

    Great podcast Benny! I really enjoyed your tips of being careful of what you listen to, who you listen/read, and who you spend time with. Your analogy of dirty water and clean water really hit home. Congratulations on everything you’re achieving and the lives you’re changing with your can do spirit! Keep on keeping on. 🙂