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Hello and welcome!

Benny Hsu here. I run this blog. If you were unaware most big blogs out there are have NO Follow links, which means no outside links will get any page rank from their page to your blog. I don’t like that so I’ve made this blog a DO Follow blog.

So I wanted to create a place where friends and visitors have a place to promote yourself, your blog, and your businesses. (while getting a nice link back to your site that for the search engines).

So I created this page to tell us more about you.

Feel free to:

  • introduce yourself
  • tell us more about what you do
  • what drives you
  • whether you need/offer help with anything
  • promote yourself, in other words.
  • Tell us what you’re passionate about

I enjoy meeting people and especially other bloggers and being here gets you noticed by other bloggers.

Meeting new people and networking is a huge part of having an online presence. The more people know about you the more you will thrive online!

You should also join me and others on my new Get Busy Living Facebook Fan Page!

I would love for you to look around my blog and leave some comments on my posts. This is truly a win-win situation: you get links to your website, and I gain a repeat visitors (hopefully!)

By the way, when you leave comments on my blog, I always do the same.

Yes, this is a way for me to promote this blog, but as long as everybody wins, i.e. my readers benefit from it, I am cool with that.

Here’s an idea on how you can get some exposure on Twitter: as soon as your comment is done, come back to this page, and click on “Tweet” button at the bottom of the page.

All your followers (and mine if you add me @Benny_Hsu) will read about you, your company or blog – free advertising.

What Can You Do to Help Me?

Yes, there is one thing you can do for me: SPREAD THE WORD!

I really want to grow this blog into a community where people can come together who don’t want the 9-5 lifestyle but instead work on what they’re passionate about while having free time to do the things they LOVE.

Read my other posts – I promise they will help you or your 100% money back.
Leave me comments on my other posts – it helps me tremendously to know what people think!
Let others know about my blog – share some Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Refer your friends and let me know what you think, in other words.

All of it will be GREATLY appreciated.



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3 responses to Promote Yourself: More About You

  1. What I do!
    I help people control their reputations online with

    I wrote a book about fundraising called “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising” and have a blog about it too!

    I also teach art classes at

    What drives me!
    Helping leave a legacy for others through my books. Being a teacher and showing through my own life how to give the most of oneself.

    I help people
    with fundraising workshops and webinars, digital marketing workshops, webinars, and one-on-one training, learning encaustic art, poetry, nonprofit job searches, first time author building a platform, and more.

    Here’s more of a scoop:

    I’m passionate about helping people and businesses succeed, even in this economic climate.

    How about you?

  2. Hi from Canada,

    My name is Bruce, and I run a blog at:

    I primarily do affiliate marketing, mainly with review type sites, but recently resurrected Rocket Rider as a place to collect some thoughts, then quickly found it’s kind of fun to, as you “meet” some pretty cool people from all over, & I find I’m always picking up new ideas from those relationships.

    I’m also on Twitter @therocketrider

    Reach out, I always respond.