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  • Debbie

    Hi Benny – First time reading your blog. Came acrossed it when googleling epic life. WOW, Love it! I am struggling now in life, at 50, single mom with two beautiful eight year olds. I clean homes and businesses for a living, not my ideal life, just making it and wanting so much more out of life and for my kiddos. I’m so very grateful for my health, life, kiddos, family, friends, my clients/ customers, and my God. I don’t know what my passion is or even what steps to take to figure it out. My brain seriously hurts trying to figure it out. An EPIC Life sounds so exciting and challenging it a wonderful way. I will continue to read your other post and pray for direction. Any thoughts or words of advise would be appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  • Mohinder Saluja

    Hey Benny !! It feels so awesome to read your blog. Some of the posts are just very awesome. I too have created my own blog just couple of days back. Wanted some inspiration so came across your blog. Keep posting and yes I have downloaded your ebook. Will read soon. Great Work.

    • Benny

      Thank you Mohinder!

  • Jarkko Helenius

    Hi Benny! Just wanted to say I have known your blog for a while but only lately have started to really pay more attention to it. Your stuff is good and it’s very useful especially in my own journey where I’m going about improving myself via very similar processes. In essence, I’ve been “getting busy living” since early 2012 and since then my life just has gotten more and more awesome. I’m sure reading your blog will keep me inspired to keep putting effort on my path.


    • Benny

      Thanks for that Jarkko. Congrats on being more intentional about living a more awesome life. That’s the best way to enjoy life. :)

  • Bethany

    Hey Benny,

    Your blog is exactly what I needed to find today. I’m just beginning to figure out what excites me about life. I’m starting out on that path. Thanks for your words, for giving out this killer inspiration.

    All the best.

    • Benny

      Hey Bethany!

      Glad you found my blog! Look forward to helping you on this new path of change and a more fulfilling life.

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  • Hitchens

    I just stumbled upon your blog Benny and I’m glad I did seen as I’ve just turned 30 and I’m nowhere near where I want to be in my life. I am going to take on board a lot of the things you said and see if I can make some big changes. I’ve tried before but gave up too easy. You’ve said,
    To me it means taking control of our lives, instead of waiting for something to happen. That really got to me because it seems that’s what i’ve been doing.You’re a very inspirational guy Benny and your blog is a very important one that can do a lot of good for people. One quote i’ve always liked and think goes well with this blog is from Samuel Beckett and it goes, Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
    All the best Benny.