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Jacob Sokol

Today I’m really excited to bring you one of the best and brightest bloggers committed to living an extraordinary life and inspiring others to do the same. His name is Jacob Sokol and he writes at

I didn’t know much about Jacob until I heard his interview on Blogcast FM earlier this year. After that interview, I became an instant fan. He’s got such a positive message and is lives by it.

Today his first guide, Living on Purpose, which he spent the last 6 months pouring his heart into, is available and I asked Jacob to do an interview for us so you can learn how he turned his life around.


I’ve listened to your interview on Blogcast FM in my car many times because I love your story and energy! 

For those who aren’t familiar with your story, could you tell us what you were doing before you started

Many times?! DUDE!!! I’m honored and thrilled to have resonated with you so much – thanks for sharing that. As far as life before Sensophy, MAN, I was doing what most people do.

I was doing the “right” things that I was “supposed” to do. These are the things that society subtly suggests we ought to do. I had the “good” job, to pay the bills, to buy more junk, and never have time to enjoy it. I was too busy repeating this vicious cycle.

I was working for a small IT company in the heart of Times Square NYC – awesome job but horrible lifestyle. I didn’t understand what the hell was wrong with me. I had money and a social life but I still felt miserable half the time. Deep inside I knew there had to be more to life than that.

You had a turning point and realized you wanted to change your life from the direction it was heading. Could you tell us what made you realize you had to make changes? 

It got to the point where I had to do something, ANYTHING. So I took some time off and went to Europe. Being alone in countries I had never been before did some things for me.

One, it woke me up!!! I felt alive again – very different than the feeling when I was waking up back at home. Two, it made me have a couple of realizations:

  1. I didn’t like my lifestyle at home and I don’t have to work 60 hours in a job that’s making me miserable to make enough money to live an enjoyable life.
  2. I’m not “my role.” By always being around the same people in life, we unconsciously accept different roles. It makes changing ourselves very hard because people are always affirming who we are. Being with new people in new circumstances allowed me to express myself authentically.
  3. I’m not my thoughts. I had always identified my thoughts with who I was but that trip made me realize that thoughts are just HABITS (of our mind). It’s a cool concept to write about right now, but actually experiencing it blew my mind! This was ridiculously empowering because it let me know that I had the power to change how I thought, and ultimately, change my life.

Here’s a quote from the movie A Map For Saturday which perfectly articulates part of my feeling:

“What I realized—not just about myself but about the world—is that time and money are commodities with an inverse relationship; to get one you need to spend the other. And I realized, for me, time is a more valuable commodity than money, so I’d rather hoard free time than extra money. Most travelers end up feeling the same way and its one reason why they find the return home so difficult, our society is built on the premise we should want more money so we can have more things, even if we don’t really have the free time to use those things.” -Brook Silva Braga


Why did you start and how did you come up with the name? 

I started Sensophy because of the transformations that took place in my life. It was my way of “giving back.” Giving back what, you ask? I just wanted people to know a better life was possible. I wanted people to feel the feeling I felt of metamorphosizing those feelings of emptiness and depression into living a life you love.

Sensophy comes from two root words – Sense + Sophy. Sense means “feeling” and Sophy means “wisdom.” Knowledge is overrated. Sensophy is about applied wisdom and what that actually feels like.


There’s a great post called How Tim Ferris took me to a Jets Game with Gary Vaynerchuk. Those are some heavy hitters in that title!

For those who haven’t read it, could you tell us what great things you learned about life from that amazing experience? 

Hahaha! Yeah dude. I realized that realism is subjective. It doesn’t actually exist. It’s an opinion. But somehow we let other people set limitations on us by accepting their view of what’s realistic.

I learned the power of listening to your heart FIRST. Then, and only then, figuring out how to integrate diligent strategy and hustle into making what you want happen. I learned the power of being patient when things don’t work out ideally, but continuing to be persistent anyway. Patience and persistence is a powerful punch combo.

I also learned the power of staying playful. The person who tells you what’s “realistic” is the same person who will tell you that life’s supposed to be serious. It’s easy to fall into the “heaviness trap” but being playful is clutch!

When doing these kind of soulful things (like getting Gary Vaynerchuck to take me to a Jets game to show the world that “unrealistic” dreams can come true), mindset it key. One of my favorite mindsets is this:

“I am on a journey that most will never take. I am going to learn things that most will never know. That will require me to fail a lot and look dumb. But who i am is bigger than the need to protect my ego. And at the end of the day i get stronger and further down the path at things that most will never do.”


You have a product coming out called “Living on Purpose”, which looks awesome, by the way.

Tell us who would benefit from your product?

Thanx dude! Living On Purpose is for anyone who isn’t completely fulfilled in life. It’s for the person who’s doing what they “should” do and doesn’t love their life. It’s for the dude or chick who knows deep down inside that there’s GOTTA be more to life than what they’re currently doing. It’s for the person who thinks they’re ready to create an extraordinary life.


If someone buys your product, what is your goal for them when they finish the course?

The purpose of Living On Purpose is to help people raise their everyday quality of life in the long run. We do that by creating a life of meaning – a life of excitement – and a life of contribution. In other words, a life that kicks ass!


What’s one thing someone can take away right now in order to start living an extraordinary life? 

Awesome question. Three years ago – when I was unfulfilled, confused, and “stuck” – a mentor told me something that slowly started to change my life forever. He told me to “make it your purpose to find you purpose.” I’d suggest the same for anyone who isn’t completely fulfilled and excited about their life.


Finally, what’s next for you in this extraordinary life you’re living now?

The remarkable thing about that question is that I’m not too sure. The day after I release Living On Purpose I’m gonna head to Hawaii for a month. I’m not sure where I’ll stay or what I’ll do there because I’ve been too focused pouring myself into Living On Purpose to pay attention to that.

I’ve become a lot more comfortable with the “unknown” – a place that used to scare me silly – because in order to create an extraordinary life, you’re gonna have to trust that the path exists, even when you can’t see the whole thing clearly.

Thanx for the opportunity to share dude. If your readers have any questions, they can always email me at and if they prefer to speak on the phone, they can call me at (347)-398-2814.

Living on Purpose Guide Available Today

Jacob is launching today his most ambitious product that he’s worked so hard on called Living on Purpose. I’m so happy to help him spread the word cause I know he put his heart into this!

When he did a small launch a month ago, he left his phone number, address, and every other possible way to contact him with any questions about it. That’s really being available! Not many would be so confident enough to do that.

For the readers of Get Busy Living, he’s got some awesome stuff for you. First he’s got the first chapter free to read.

Chapter One – Living on Purpose (right-click to save)

As for what you’ll get with the whole guide, Jacob has really over delivered. This is what he said is included:

    • The Living On Purpose guide. 150 pages with specific steps to help you find, live, and rock your life’s purpose.
    • 35+ *finding your purpose exercises.* These are purposefully positioned in the guide to elicit (i feel) the most important information that you’ll need to Live On Purpose.
    • The *audio* version of Living On Purpose. This is gonna be FUN! Listen to the mp3 during your daily commute or on your iPod at the gym. It’ll be read by yours truly with the same enthusiasm as my videos.
    • The *video* version of Living On Purpose. One video for every part of the guide which is about 40 videos. Expect some extra information in the videos that isn’t in the guide.
    • Bonus: 10 *video and audio interviews with People On Purpose.* I’m going out and interviewing 10 of the most On Purpose people i can find to see how they can help you Live On Purpose. This will be a couple hours of video interviews in total, speaking about how these people found and live their purpose.
All that for $97. Think about how much you spend on things that don’t help you live a better life every month? It’s time to start thinking about spending more on yourself.

Invest In Yourself

Do you invest in yourself? Do you spend money to always be learning?

You may not think you need to buy anything. If you want to change your life, you have to first invest in yourself.

Don’t spend money on eating out, partying, or on useless things you don’t need. That will temporarily make you happy but the next day, your life will go back to being the same.

If I didn’t invest in myself first, I will say 100% my life would not be the way it is now in 2011. I have a thriving blog. I have so many new friends. I have an iPhone app that sold $4,000+ in a weekend (huge update coming!). I have found my passion. All cause I started to invested in myself first.

I bought and read books. I followed the exercises. I’m a member of the Hustle Project to help me build my online business. I get to listen twice a month to two guys, Corbett Barr and Adam Baker, talk about how they have built their online empires.

When you purchase Living on Purpose, you will get a 25% discount if you use the promo code: GetBusyLiving

He has a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. Try it out risk free. If your life hasn’t changed after reading the guide, watching the videos and doing the exercises, get your money back. All the risk is on him.

Invest in yourself, and try it out risk free.

The worst that will happen is you get your money back. The best that will happen is you change your life, have the courage to take action and create an extraordinary life.

Finally, thanks to Jacob for the great interview!

Learn More about Living on Purpose Now

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  1. DUDE! So damn cool. Thanks for all of your support. -=)

  2. Benny thanks for the interview. Hi Jacob, this is a great post. You have so many takeaways that we can put into action. I especially like this “make it your purpose to find you purpose.” just awesome, I’m going to have to share that. If I might add, here’s a quote that I also love that will align with what you are saying “spend your money on experiences not stuff.” Sure we all like stuff but experiences are really what stay with us. Thanks for sharing Jacob.

  3. Hey Benny,

    I just learned about Jacob from Steve Roy the other day. He’s pretty excited about this product as well.

    I appreciate this interview and sharing with us more about Jacob and what he’s created. Sounds like a very cool product and I have no doubt, one he’s extremely proud of. Guess I’m just going to have to read that chapter now.

    Awesome post Benny, thanks for this interview and introducing us to Jacob and Living on Purpose.


  4. > I’m not “my role.”
    Beautiful insight and so true.

  5. Excellent interview! You have some majorly cool stuff going on, Jacob. I wish you the best of luck. Congratulations!

  6. Just reading what you’ve written about your product has me all roweled up! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Yes! Listening to your heart first is sooooo key. If you don’t let your heart have its say before the mind gets involved the mind will usually shut it down. The mind usually thinks that what ever the heart wants is impossible. But listen to your heart first and your mind will go to work on how to make it happen. Thanks for the great interview.