The Secret to Growing a Massive Audience Quickly

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Note: At the end of the post, be sure to sign up for valuable free webinar with a special guest, Danny Iny. He’s going to share how he grew his blog from 140 monthly readers to 14,000 in less than a year, how he writes amazing 1,000+ word blog posts in less than an hour, and more. 


I wrote about 9 ways you can build a blog that matters and 10 reasons to start a blog today. I love to talk blogging so I was happy to get great feedback about it.

If you’re still waiting to start your blog, let me share a cool opportunity that came from having a blog.

My friend Annie Andre has a great blog called Practical Adventure-olgy. A couple months ago she got contacted by a certain cable network to film an episode of one their shows. How did they find her blog? Through Google! Luckily she has a video that explains what her blog is about. She’s under contract now and can’t reveal more details and I promised I wouldn’t either. Still I’m so excited for her.

Okay back to the topic today…

So you have started a blog now and you want more than your mom and dad to read it. Maybe you’re stuck at ten visitors a day.

We would all love to get more traffic, readers, subscribers, and customers sooner than later.

What if I said you grow your blog massively through one strategy.

Would that be something you’d be interested in?

What’s the #1 thing to do? Get more Twitter followers? No. Facebook Likes? No. Work on your SEO? No. Get Tim Ferris to retweet your post? No, but that would be awesome.

The #1 way to get your blog seen, get more traffic, and turn them into customers is to write guest posts.

What’s guest posting?

If you don’t know, it’s writing content for another blogger to use. It benefits both sides. They get high quality content for their readers without much work. You get featured and bring in new visitors to your blog.

It could be zero visitors to even thousands depending the size of their blog, how related your post is with their audience, and if you gave them enough reason to WANT to check out your blog.

Here is a great infographic about it.

That’s the potential from one guest post. Imagine multiplying that 10 guest posts. Not bad right?

What about doing 80+ guest posts? Imagine that effect it would have. Don’t need to imagine because Danny Iny from did that last year.

Here are 7 benefits from guest posting

1) Traffic – Who doesn’t want more traffic? We all do. You’re not just getting random traffic either. You’re getting targeted traffic. They just read a great post and click on your link to learn more.

It’s better to get 100 targeted readers that will come back than 1000 random ones that found you on Google and never come back.

2) More sales – If you have a brand new course, ebook, or coaching program, you can coordinate a huge promotion by doing multiple guest posts. You write something of value for their readers and at the end, you plug whatever you’re selling.

3) Relationship building – When you offer a high quality post to another blogger and they publish it, they’ll remember you. You’re helping them out. If it’s an A list blogger, you just got your foot in the door. You don’t become a random blogger anymore. That could turn into many great opportunities further down the line.

Danny Iny turned his guest posts into relationships and produced a book called Engagement from Scratch!

4) Get a good quality link – When you write a guest post, typically you’re allowed a link or two back to your blog. If that blog has a great Google Page rank, that gives your anchor text more authority in the eyes of Google searches. If I want to improve my rankings for “Get Busy Living”, I make that my anchor text.

5) Gain more subscribers – One single guest post can bring upwards of hundreds of new subscribers. That’s why it’s important to have a way to capture email addresses. An free ebook is a great offer.

They’ve given you permission to email them in the future. Vital if you want to really connect even more with your community.

6) Socia proof – When you have your post published on a bigger blog, you are free to display “Featured on _____”. How does featured on Forbes sounds? Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

My friend Noch Noch wrote a guest post on Forbes. Now on her blog she can mention it with their logo. How much social proof is that? Massive. When new readers come and they see the Forbes logo, they’ll think twice about hitting that back button quickly.

Also you could use it to your advantage when wanting to guest post for someone by mentioning where your posts have been featured.

7) You grow your authority – The more you write about your area of expertise around to different blogs, the more you can grow your authority. You could become the go to person on your topic. Again, you’re bringing them back to your blog where you can further educated them.

Convinced enough on the importance of guest posting? I hope so.

You’ll Need to Write Epic Shit For Yourself Too

In addition to doing top notch guest posts, you’re going to have to write your own epic posts for your own blog.

If you’re inviting people over to your house, you want to make sure you’re prepared.

Sounds like a lot of commitment right? It can be.

What if you don’t have time to guest post AND write for your own blog?

What if you’re not a great writer?

How can you write more guest posts, in addition to producing content for your own blog?

Find a great system.

The Freddy Kruger of Blogging

I know someone who has absolutely crushed writing guest posts.

Last year I got to know Danny Iny. I did an interview about Photo 365 for him.

Danny is a writing machine. I think of him as the Terminator.

In less than a year, he grew a no-name blog into one of the leading blogs in the industry, and even co-authored a book with some of the biggest names in the audience-building world, like Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, and many others.

He did this by writing.

Not just writing a little bit, but a TON.

In addition to running a business, writing 40+ posts on his own blog, writing two books and planning a wedding, he wrote more than 80+ guest posts! That’s unreal.

I’m not talking about on blogs that no one sees either. His post appeared on Copyblogger, Problogger, Think Traffic, Daily Blog Tips, and Freelance Switch to name a few.

Someone called him the Freddy Kruger of blogging. Why? Because no matter what blog you went to last year, his guest post was there!

I wasn’t the only one amazed. So many people were emailing Danny for his secret.

So he finally created a course to share his system with others.

It’s called Write Like Freddy (aff link).

In his pre-launch to just his audience, he sold out in just four hours. Now he’s ready to enroll more students.

It will help you write great posts, get them published anywhere you want, get traffic, recognition, and more sales, even if you aren’t a great writer.

The “Write Like Freddy” training program includes four training modules that will teach you how to quickly and easily write kick-ass blog posts that people will want to read and share.

He won’t just teach you how to write – He will take you step by step through every stage of the process, from choosing a target blog, to coming up with an idea, to writing an epic post, to getting the most possible mileage out of it, from beginning to end.

I know of another writing course that costs $500. Danny’s course is far more affordable. Get in early while the price is still low.

If you know me, I don’t promote fluff around here. I only promote products from people I trust and know you will get tremendous value from it.

Get started writing kick-ass blog posts that people love. 

Special Webinar on Wed March 28th, 12pm EST

On Wednesday, Danny will doing a special free webinar just for the Get Busy Living readers. I couldn’t be more excited cause it’s going to be full of value.

He’s going to share:

  • How he grew his blog from 140 monthly readers to 14,000 in less than a year (that’s x100 growth!)
  • How he writes amazing 1,000+ word blog posts in less than an hour
  • How to write kick-ass headlines and posts (without having to be a great writer)
  • And lots more…

You’ll walk away with so much you can do right away. It’s completely free to attend. Just sign up below.

Sign up for the webinar now

The number of people allowed in is limited, so don’t wait.



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72 responses to The Secret to Growing a Massive Audience Quickly

  1. Guest post rocks a lot. It made one of my guy here in Nigeria, Onibalusi Bamidele to make his blog viral and talk of the writing world.

    I am currently planning to write lot of guest post this year but that will be after i’ve written epic posts on my blog.


    • Yes Onibalusi rocks! I learned about him when I first started my blog. Hope you can make it to the webinar. Will help you with your writing.

      • Webinar? I’ll surely try my best and hope my internet works when the webinar is on.

        Thanks Benny!


        • Yes Sheyi! I hope so too. Just be sure to sign up for the reminder. If you can’t make it, there might be a recording you can listen to.

  2. Traffic, my ever omnipresent Achilles heel..

    Danny’s a mentor of mine, can’t wait to learn more from him 🙂


    • We all want more traffic and if we have it, we still want more. Danny is definitely an inspiration. Hope you can attend then webinar!

  3. Awesome recommendation, Benny. Will check it out. I’ve been doing guest posting strategy this year, but I can do more, and I’m sure that gaining a new focus will be so helpful as well.

    Thanks for writing about this great opportunity.

    • You and me both Steve. I know I need some real focus to amp up my guest posting this year. Definitely sign up for the webinar. I know I”ll be taking notes for myself.

  4. Great post, Benny. I have been a fan of Danny for a while now and he is definitely the Freddy Krueger of blogging. I know guest blogging works because that’s how I was turned on to your blog when you posted for Pat Flynn. I’m really glad you did that. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Dwayne! I was completely blown away by his success last year. I couldn’t believe where he guest posted. It definitely does work. I’ve gotten so many visitors just from Pat’s blog. Glad you found me there. Keep working hard!

  5. Benny – I love all the info and would like to do the webinar but like you I’m stuck at my J.O.B. and would like to know if the webcast will be available after the show so that those of us who can’t make it will be able to check it out.

    • Hey Paul, the webinar SHOULD be recorded. I’ll double check with Danny. Go ahead and sign up. If there is a recording, it’ll be mentioned to those who signed up or if you’re on my email list, I’ll send it there. If not, I’ll email you. I don’t want you to miss out on great tips.

  6. thanks for this post, Benny! I keep hearing about guest posting. Of course it’s nothing new but that info graphic added a whole new level for me as to its significance! I haven’t seriously tried popularizing my blog but I am going to step it up this year for sure!!

    • Hi Janet, it’s a really great way to get more traffic to your blog. Not only that but you’ll gain so many more benefits. The pic is great isn’t it? I found it and knew I had to share it. Hope you step up your guest posting!

  7. Brilliant post. I know about Danny, he also ran a marathon on top of all that activity. It is called get to work and make it happen. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

  8. Guest posting is a win-win situation. The guest bloggers gets a chance to expand his online exposure and gain new subscribers/followers. In return, blog owners gets a good quality content for free. Both blogs will generate traffic in both sides.

    Spatch Merlin
    More Web Site Traffic Guide

  9. Nicely done Benny, again! Good info and definitely something I need to start concentrating on. I’m already a fan of Danny Iny and yes, Freddy Kruger he is 😉

    A post worth sharing my man… consider it done!

    • Thanks Mickey! Danny is everywhere and his success is well deserved! He’s put in massive work. Hope you’ll join us on the webinar!

  10. Benny,

    I too am so impressed with what Danny has done! Some people are particularly prolific but we can all learn to up our game. Sounds like a great opportunity.

    • Danny has done a great job and it’s made me rethink my guest posting strategy! Thanks for reading and great to hear from you.

  11. Hey Benny,

    very cool post. I’ve heard many times that guest posting can take your business to a whole different level and I agree 100% with it.
    Moreover, I also often land on other sites because I check authors of various posts:)
    BTW: What’s your source of images for your blog? You include really nice pictures in your posts and I wonder how do you get them – are they free or do you buy them? Thanks!

  12. Hey Benny,
    thanks for sharing this! Only recently I’ve started doing guest posts and I have noticed guest posters are becoming subscribed readers! One of the things I’ve been trying to do is stir up conversation – something that’s stagnant! But I look forward to reading your posts for inspiration!

  13. Thanks for this reminder! I tend to have a hard time with guest posting because I feel bad giving up my best stuff. If I write a totally epic post, I want to keep it for my own site. Any tips to get over it? Maybe an archive of your best guest posts someplace on your site?

    I’ll have to miss the webinar because of my job, but I hope to catch a recording later.

    • Hey Elan,

      Trust me I know how you feel 100%! Yes I would definitely suggest an archive page of your guest posts. You can say “Featured” or something like that. That way users can see your posts on your site. You just have to think if you want to really reach more people. Imagine if you had a great epic post and you got it on a blog that had 10,000 readers a day. Wouldn’t that be worth giving it up? Even 100 visitors a day might be good, especially if you’re just starting out. I see you have a new blog and it looks great! Great start. Now you want more people to know about it. You can have slow growth by just focusing on writing great posts on your blog or start guest posting to use someone’s built in audience to learn about you and your blog. Hope that helps.

      There should be a recording. Go ahead and sign up to my email list or the webinar to get notified about a recording.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed comment! One more question: Do you submit the whole finished post when you’re emailing another blogger or do you just pitch it in the first email?

        • You’re welcome! It depends. If they have a page on their blog that tells your their guest posting guidelines and says to send the whole post, then do that. If you’re not sure what their rules are, then send them an email. But make sure you have some ideas. Don’t ask them what they want you to write about. Give them some great ideas and then go from there. Let me know if I can help you further.

          • Thank you so much! I never want to bombard busy bloggers with long emails, but I was worried that by sending a summary, they’d think “Anyone can write a summary” and want the whole thing.

            I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, and thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! It really means a lot.

          • I’m always happy to give back in anyway I can. Busy bloggers love short emails. I don’t mind longer ones cause I don’t get that many, but some get hundreds a day. Short and to the point is welcomed.

  14. Hi Benny

    huge THANKS for the compliments. I’m most flattered!!!! 😀
    I feel more pressure now to write epic sh!t hahaha

    Guest posting has another advantage – you make new friends with the host of the websites and eventually throw ideas off each other. And everyone is so encouraging too! For me, the personal relationship I gain from writing for other people is what I find most meaningful!

    Thanks again!
    Take care
    Noch Noch

    • My pleasure! I’m glad you took my advice and put the Forbes logo on your website. Lots of social proof! Yes you definitely can form relationships through guest posting. That’s a huge benefit of it.

  15. How about if we reach out to another blog within our niche, and ask them what type of topics are they interested in? Do you think that approach would work as well? Or should we write something up, AND then offer it to them?

    • Naeem,

      It depends. If you see a blog and it doesn’t have a guest posting guideline, then it would be smart to email them first and ask if they’d be interested in a guest post. I would suggest you come up with a few ideas to give to them. You should be doing research on where you want to guest post and know what kind of posts do well on their blog.

      Some bigger blogs will require you to submit your completed guest post to them. They may reply or may not.

      So if you’re starting out with a smaller blog, contact that person first with a few ideas that you have for their audience.

  16. Hi Benny,

    Well organized post with informative tips and advice that will certainly help in order to get to the next level. This post has certainly stimulated my awareness and anxiety to immediately invoke some of your recommendations.

  17. This is great advice and hope I can post enough to make myself an authority on travel in my area. Do you suggest starting to guest blog small and work up from there? Does a simple search find who some of the bigger names in blogging are for a persons genre?

    • Find out what blogs you want to write for. See if they have run some guest posts. I wouldn’t suggest starting small. If you have something valuable to say, a bigger blog would love to share it with their audience. Find a blog that you want to really be featured on. Do a search to find out other blogs in your niche. I know there are lots of travel blogs. I’m sure you could find some that do accept guest posts.

  18. Hi Benny,

    Great post. I’d like to find out if it’s as good to get others to guest post on our sites as it is to guest post on the sites of others. I’d like to make sure both happen.

    I love your blog. Been a while since I visited. I was reading this post and loving every word and then I saw your section titled, “You Have to Write Epic …” That kind of took the positive vibes I had in me and smothered them… of course temporarily.

    Anyone can tell your intelligent, but negative words like cursing, unless used totally for shock value, seem to be unnecessary.

    It’s your blog, and I don’t know how you’ll take my criticism, which is meant to be constructive, so write how you like and not how others would prefer. I’ve thought your blog is perfect for young kids to read simply because of your positive “you can do anything” attitude.

    Keep up the great positive posts. I will always come back to read them. You’re a great guy and really pump me up. Today’s post simply had that hiccup in it and now I’m all better. Just had to release my thoughts : )


    P.S. Just read about your amazing app weekend. Brilliant!

    • Hey Brian, first of all guest posts on your blog would help but I believe guest posting for other blogs would be more beneficial.

      Sorry about the cursing. I write in my voice and sometimes a curse word will come out. It’s great if kids read my blog, but I try to target my blog to an older crowd than that so I figure one or two words won’t be too bad. So what I’ve learned about blogging is to pretend that I’m talking to a friend and teaching him something.

      Sorry it offended you this time, but I’m going to continue to write how I speak. If a curse word comes out, then it does. But if you look at the majority of my posts, I think I’ve used a cursed word less than five times for sure. So I don’t just throw it out there for fun.

      Thanks for your comment though and I understand what you’re saying.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        I like your honesty and maybe if I used a few cuss words from time to time, my blood pressure wouldn’t be so high.

        Thanks again for writing back. Some bloggers would have just ignored my post or deleted. That’s what makes you and your blog better.

  19. came across Danny a while ago, he`s brill, thanks for the great tips and help here, need to get some guest blogging strategies sorted!!

    • Danny is a great guy. He deserves all the rewards of writing so many guests post! Glad he’s now sharing his strategy with others.

  20. hello benny yeah guest posting,i have try this tips in several y friends bog and do you accept guest ost for a visitor thanks

  21. Mahendra Yadav March 29, 2012 at 2:11 am

    Guest Posting is the best way to get good visits to the blog, I have been following Blog Commenting and Guest Posting as the good way to build backlinks for your blog other than getting traffic from it. But you need to follow some ways that will get you good traffic by Guest Posting.

  22. To know your customer is the one major component in building a successful blog and community—that is why it is so important to blog about what you are passionate about. You are a good example of what a prospective customer is all about and what they are looking for, what their needs are, etc.

  23. I wish your friend luck with her movie deal

  24. Thank for this article this should help me in future 🙂

  25. Hi Benny. Great read. There’s been so much talk about Guest Posting. I think that Guest Posts are very valuable to a blog. They bring new content, which can attract new readers. It also brings a breath a fresh air to the site. It’s beneficial to the writers as well, as the guest get’s more exposure and the in-house writer get’s exposed to a different writing style.

  26. Great to learn some valuable secrets about massive traffic to your blog in no time. Guest Posting is really a best way to get some good result in very quick time.

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    “Kami harus berjuang selama kami punya peluang untuk memenangi titel. Kami juga membutuhkan sedikit keberuntungan ,dua rival kami harus kehilangan poin,” ujar Adriano Correia di situs resmi klub.

    “Kami yakin titel masih mungkin. Kami harus memenangi sisa pertandingan kami dan menunggu,” kata Xavi Hernandez.

    Barca kini mengumpulkan 81 poin, tertinggal empat poin dari Atletico Madrid yang berkuasa di puncak.


  36. Barca Akan Terus Buru Titel demi Harga Diri

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Barca sempat berada di bawah tekanan saat tertinggal 0-1 dari Bilbao pada laga di Camp Nou, Senin 21/4/2014 dinihari tadi.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Tapi anak asuh Gerardo Martino mampu bangkit. Pedro Rodriguez dan Lionel Messi memastikan mereka tetap punya harapan juara.

    Bek Barca Javier Mascherano menegaskan tekad Barca adalah melalui sisa musim sebaik mungkin dan menjaga mimpi juara tetap membara.

    Sebagai juara bertahan, mereka bakal berupaya keras mempertahankan titel.

    “Kami tidak bisa mengubah cara pandang kami. Kami selalu punya harga diri dan kami harus tetap menjaga itu hingga akhir musim,” ucap pemain asal argentina ini.


  37. Real Madrid ingin menyapu semua sisa laga dengan kemenangan
    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Real Madrid memetik hasil positif di laga lanjutan Liga Spanyol saat menjamu Osasuna. El Real pun berniat memenangi sisa empat laga di Liga Spanyol musim ini.

    Saat melakoni pertandingan melawan Osasuna di Santiago Bernabeu, Minggu (27/4/2014) dinihari WIB, Madrid menang 4-0. Cristiano Ronaldo tampil gemilang dengan mencetak dua gol. Sementara dua gol lainnya dilesakkan oleh Sergio Ramos dan Daniel Carvajal.

    Kemenangan atas Osasuna ini tercatat sebagai empat kemenangan beruntun Madrid di La Liga. Tak sekadar menang, Los Blancos juga menang dengan catatan clean sheet dan tampil sangat produktif dengan mencetak 13 gol dalam empat laga itu.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Bek Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos punya satu keinginan yang hendak diraih bersama Madrid di sisa musim ini. Mereka ingin menyapu bersih empat laga sisa di Liga Spanyol saat bertemu dengan Valencia, Real Valladolid, Celta Vigo, dan Espanyol.

    “Kami mempunyai empat laga final lagi di La Liga dan kami ingin memenangi itu semua. Malam ini kamu sangat percaya diri dengan diri kami. Kami bakal menikmati kemenangan malam ini lali kami akan berpikir mengenai laga kami melawan Bayern dan apa yang dipertaruhkan,” jelas Ramos.

  38. Dzeko Kecewa Keputusan Wasit
    Agen Bola terpercaya melaporkan, Kekalahan 1-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina dari Nigeria membuat mereka harus merelakan mimpi mereka maju ke babak 16 besar Piala Dunia 2014. Penyerang Bosnia-Herzegovina Edin Dzeko pun melimpahkan kekecewaannya kepada kinerja wasit yang dinilainya sangat buruk.

    “Anda ingin tahu apa yang terjadi? Yang terjadi adalah keputusan wasit.”

    “Saya rasa kami akan pulang dan kami sedih karena hal itu. Namun wasit tersebut juga harus pulang karena dia telah merubah hasil pertandingan, merubah jalannya pertandingan, dan karena itu lah kami kalah.” Tambahnya.

    Wasit Peter O’Leary memang sempat menganulir gol Dzeko di babak pertama. Keputusan wasit asal Selandia Baru itu pun dinilai bintang Manchester United tersebut telah merubah nasib Bosnia-Herzegovina di Piala Dunia pertama mereka.

  39. World Cup 2014: USA Striker Altidore Ruled out of Portugal Clash
    Sunderland forward Jozy Altidore will not feature in the USA’s World Cup encounter with Portugal this Sunday due to hamstring injury, the U.S. Soccer Federation confirmed.
    This news is a huge blow for the entire squad as they are looking to advance to the knockout phase.
    “He’s a big player for us,” American midfielder Kyle Beckerman said, as quoted by reliable Agen Bola
    “We’re extremely bummed for him and for the team, but we bring 23 players, and it’s just a chance for somebody to step up. Hopefully the injury’s not too bad and we can see Jozy later in the tournament.”
    And Altidore’s teammate Jermaine Jones added: “It’s bad news, but I think the team will handle this. We have to handle that.”

  40. World Cup 2014: Hazard Disagrees With Belgium Boss Rating Him as One among Best
    Chelsea and Belgium playmaker Eden Hazard insists he is not yet on a par with World’s best players despite being rated so by national team boss Marc Wilmots.
    “Well, I never like to talk about myself in that way because, to be honest, I don’t think I deserve it at the moment,” Hazard said, as highlighted by trustworthy Agen Bola
    “To be thought of as one of the best five in the world, I would need to score more goals for a start. I would really need to score almost every game because that that is what the best players in the world – like Messi and Ronaldo – do every season. These are the guys everyone else has to aim for. It’s nice of the coach to say such things, but I wouldn’t say the same.”

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